Greetings! The leaves have mostly dropped and the mornings are frosty. For many NEK residents, the passing of fall foliage time gives way to the excitement of hunting season! If you are curious about hunting in Vermont, or need a refresher, read on for links to the state’s Fish and Wildlife Department with information on licensing and regulations. Though many of the ‘property hunters’ were successful this summer, if you're dreaming of some remote acreage to sit on, a rustic lodge to retire to or the best of both worlds, there are plenty of listings available. If you're not a hunter, these properties are also perfectly suited for wildlife watching and outdoor recreation all year long!
5.3 acres
VT Department of Fish & Wildlife

The mission of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is the conservation of all species of fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the people of Vermont.

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We Want to Know! Will you hunt this year?
Listen for loons on nearby Newark Pond or take a nature walk through the 150-tap sugar woods.
103 acres | conserved forest land
There is a lot of confusion regarding Current Use and Land Trust designations on properties. Consult the Vermont Department of Taxes for the most up to date laws and regulations. also has a very helpful online guide that explains it well.
Bird Watching
Northeast Kingdom Birding Spots
Four of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources 10 Best Birding Hotspots are right here in the Northeast. The Wenlock Wildlife Management Area in Ferdinand, Eagle Point in Derby, West Mountain in Maidstone, and Pine Mountain in the Groton/Ryegate area. Linked YouTube Videos from the Wild Destinations series, VT PBS Outdoor Journal
Vermont Bird Reports

Welcome to our Vermont birding reports. Wildlife biologist and nongame bird project leader Doug Morin will be offering bi-weekly reports featuring the latest in what's happening in Vermont's bird world. From local bird sightings to species...

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A Northeast Log home on 44+ private acres with berry bushes and bountiful wildlife.
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