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October 2017
Check Fraud is Growing - Are You Protected?
by John Miller, President

I just returned from visiting a company that owns and operates a group of fast food stores. The president of the company told my sales person and I about some significant check fraud experiences that they have had. Their response has been to change their payroll account and order new checks periodically. Also, they now send a list of payroll checks to the bank to use in their positive pay service.

In case you do not know about positive pay, it is a service offered by most banks whereby they verify checks presented for payment against a list of checks you have issued. The list may be printed, or a data file that is transmitted to the bank and imported into their system to screen the check number, date issued, payee and dollar amount. If a check is presented that does not match, it is held pending investigation. There is usually a charge for this service the bank provides, at least in my experience.

Positive Pay is one way to protect your company from check fraud, but there are others.

ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House, refers to electronic funds transfer of payments or charges through the banking network. Payroll direct deposit and accounts payable may both be paid via ACH. In this method, your payroll or AP software creates a data file of the "checks" you wish to issue and you upload that data file through your bank's electronic banking portal. The money is transferred on the date you specify and you do not have to print and send out paper checks. This system has been around a long time and works very well.  In addition, pay stubs or AP remittance advice documents may be encrypted and emailed to the employees or the vendors.

One additional option for payroll that is becoming more popular is to use the ACH file to deposit net pay into a debit card account. If the employee does not have a bank account with debit card capability, an account may be able to be set up by the employer.

At Passport Software, are always looking to enhance our software to better protect the financial assets of the companies who trust us to provide stable and secure accounting systems to run their business. 
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CashPoint™ Version 12.05 is Here!

There are several new features and improvements to the NCR Counterpoint to CashPoint v12.05 interface. The new Table to Table interface for Payables and Distributions when running PBS SQL is huge!

See what's new and talk to your Passport Partner about downloading the newest version. Not sure who to call? Please contact Marti Walt - 800.969.7900 x103.
Passport Query Builder
Passport™ Query Builder Now Available 

Query Builder, our newest 12.05 add-on module, allows access to ALL PBS files for creating customized reports. This Passport Query Builder link provides a quick look at the ease of designing, creating and maintaining professional-quality reports.

For PBS Vision 12.05 customers, Query Builder is limited to a single workstation, with MS SQL Express, SSRS and AcuXDBC all required. For this reason we highly recommend Vision customers migrate to PBS SQL, allowing you to move to newer technology, and simply purchase Query Builder for one or more seats.

PBS Vision users who move up to PBS SQL will receive a free single-user copy of Query Builder.

Important info:  PDQ no longer works with PBS Version 12.05. The move to Query Builder offers the opportunity to expand reporting capabilities. Passport is providing one hour of free consultation to PDQ customers to explore your options of working with Query Builder. Please contact your Passport Partner for discounted PDQ to Query Builder pricing and schedule your consultation.  

Please note that Query Builder is not yet available for Unix/Linux installations.
PBS Version 12.05.02 
Release 2

The PBS v12.05.02 - Release 2 update is now available.

Included in 12.05.02, are features added during the v12.05.01 full install, as well as the v12.05.01 update:

Based on both PSI Partner and PBS customer surveys the top-rated new feature in 12.05 is the ability to email pay stub info and direct deposit remittances. It takes only a minute to check it out here:  Securely Email Your Pay Stubs to Employees

If you missed the PBS Version 12.05 Webinar, or want to view it again a recording is now available.

Check out the major field expansions in AP and PR (additional modules are in the works), which includes entry screens, look-ups, forms printing and reports. You will also see enhancements to credit card processing covering tokenization, emailing of employee pay-stubs for Payroll processing, PBS Mobile App, Inventory Control graphical screens, PBS Manufacturing enhancements and much more!

PBS Version 12.05 is available for customers who are PUP-current with a PUP expiration license dated beyond June 1, 2017. PBS Version 12.05 requires a fresh install using EZ Convert, as well as a new XDBC data catalog download. There is no SQL database in-place install.

TimeClick Import Enhancement
TimeClick is an employee time card software. A TimeClick import is provided with the v12.05.01 update. There is now an option to import employee hours directly into Payroll Time worked (Enter). More information about TimeClick may be found at
PBS Administration Doc for 12.05

Please note that PBS Version 12.05 for Unix/Linux is under construction. 
Year-End Update News

PBS 2017 Year-End Changes 
Will be available for PBS v12.03, v12.04 and v12.05 for W-2s

 W-2 Forms and W-2 Magnetic Media

New box 12 Code FF. A new box 12 Code FF has been added to report the total amount of permitted benefits under a qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement (QSEHRA). These new QSEHRAs allow eligible employers to pay or reimburse medical care expenses of eligible employees after the employees provide proof of coverage. The maximum reimbursement for an eligible employee under a QSEHRA is $4,950 ($10,000 if it also provides reimbursements for family members), before indexing for inflation. For more information, see the 21st Century Cures Act, Public Law 114-255, Division C, Section 18001.

The Enter W-2 information screen and Print W-2 information report have both been updated.

1099 Magnetic Media
When producing 1099 Mag Media, PBS now verifies there is data in the vendor address, city and zip code fields as these fields are required.  If there is no data in any of those fields, an exception report prints identifying the missing data.  

PBS version 12.05

W-2 Forms
Due to the increased length of the name and address fields, the W-2 printing has been expanded to take advantage of these new lengths.  With longer names and addresses, the font is printed in compressed mode, allowing for longer names on the single form (two per page). The double laser form, which is already compressed, will also print more characters as space allows. 

W-2 Magnetic Media (electronic file)
Employee First, Last and Middle name now print as 15, 15 and 20 characters respectively.  In previous PBS versions, the program provided only up to 25 characters for the entire name. The electronic filing maximums are now utilized. 

Accounts Payable and Payroll 1099 Forms
For longer names and addresses, compressed printing on the forms allows for more characters to print.

Accounts Payable and Payroll 1099 Magnetic Media (electronic file)
Expanded vendor, employee name and address fields are written to the electronic 1099 forms file. The full vendor name and payroll non-employee name, up to 50 characters, is written to the file. 

Affordable Care Act 2017 Year-End Changes 

PBS Versions 12.03, 12.04 and 12.05
  • The Section 4980H Transition Relief (Part 2, Line 22, Box C), and the related Section 4980H Transition Relief Indicator (Part 3, Column E, Lines 23-35) is now "Reserved" for Tax Year 2017.  The indicator was in the PR->Master information->Control information and is no longer available.
  • The "Worked After Termination" warning in the 1095-C exception report has been removed.
PBS Version 12.05 only
  • In the XML file, the IRS limits the first, middle and last name to a maximum of 20 characters each. With PBS v12.05 expansion of the employee name fields, the program will enforce truncation after 20 characters.
  • Enhanced Enter employee ACA info code validation and 1095-C warning/fatal exceptions for Series 1 and 2 Codes, based on other codes, employees FT/PT status, Safe harbor choices and Control information.
  • The Health Plan Start Month is now a required field in Enter ACA groups. If any changes are made to a Group and saved, the employee ACA records assigned within the group will be updated with the correct Health plan start month and any 2F/G/2H Line 16 codes will be matched to the chosen Safe Harbor method.
  • When the Enter ACA groups Safe Harbor method is changed for the current year, this causes the program to ripple through the employee ACA data and apply a correct matching 2F/2G/2H code. 
  • There is a new mass update program to alter employee ACA data.  A new menu selection accesses a program where you can filter on Group, Department, Starting/Ending employee and FT or PT status.  You may also enter the selected month through the end of that year. On the employee ACA data, the program updates Lines 14, 15, 16, the Insurance Eligible flag and the Insurance Offered flag. If using the self-insured option, the months of coverage are updated as well.
  • To increase the 1095/1094 forms flexibility by accommodating printer interruptions, you may print employees by Starting Social Security number within a PBS Company.  After the "Did the Employee/IRS Copies print OK" message displays for each company, when you select "No" there is now an option to resume printing by entering the Social Security number of the last CORRECTLY printed employee.  There is an additional question asking if you wish to print only the one bad form, or the remainder of the run for that company.
  • With ACA enabled, when a new employee is added in Employees you will be prompted to create an employee ACArecord, however it is no longer a requirement to make the entry at that time.  This allows you to use the Generate employee ACA info tool to create the ACA record later.
  • Related to the removed enforcement of creating an Enter employee ACA info immediately, the Report 1095-C/1094-C info (finalize 1094-C/1095-C report) has a fatal error in the exception report if it detects any employee who was active that year, but who does not have an Employee ACA record.
State and Local Tax Changes
While we have gathered a lot of city and state tax changes we don't have them all. If you are aware of any changes please let us know so we can better prepare for the upcoming year-end compliance reporting. Please email Adam Miller, Passport HR Compliance Manager at:

The release of the 2017 Year-End updates is targeted for the end of October 2017.
PUP Price Change Notice

PSI's Passport Update Program (PUP) ensures continued high-quality development efforts, producing in-demand products for delivery to our PBS customers.

PBS customers have enjoyed low PUP rates for many years. During that time, PSI has added many new features and functions; GUI screens, improved overall infrastructure, enhanced reporting, printing, MSSQL and much, much more.

Effective immediately, the Passport Update Program calculation for PUP renewals currently at 10% increases to 15% and PUP renewals at 15% increases to 18%.

PUP for new orders or add-ons remains at 18% of combined modular full retail price, including system managers.

For PBS and PBS Manufacturing clients expired on PUP who wish to come back on board, the fee is based on 18% of combined modular full retail.
ACA Reporting is Still Mandatory

With all the confusion regarding the Affordable Care Act now resolved, it is important that you understand that the ACA Employer mandate and the requirement to report is still the law. 

We believe Passport Software has the best ACA solution on the market for ACA compliance reporting, including all the electronic reporting. Check us out at Capterra Reviews. We have been helping hundreds of companies meet their reporting obligations since 2015.

We offer everything from a one-time software license fee if you wish to run your ACA reports in-house, to a complete turnkey service with us filing all your reports. All at a very affordable cost, much less than the penalties the IRS is likely to impose.

Filing deadline reminder:
Standard ACA filing deadlines apply for Tax Year 2017. There are no automatic extensions for late filing.

                Employee 1095-C copies                        January 31st, 2018
                1095-C/1094-C paper filing                     February 28th, 2018
                1095-C/1094-C electronic filing               March 31st, 2018

With the deadline for employee copies not extended as it was in 2017, this means all ACA data needs to be completed and accurate by the end of January 2018.

For more information contact your Passport Partner.  Or learn more about our ACA Software or contact us  - We are here to help.
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