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Featured Items 
Sunset Beach
by Mary Kay Andrews

Drue Campbell's life has recently been derailed. The only thing she has left is the house her mother left her: a beach bungalow with a missing roof in the once-sleepy town of Sunset Beach, which is rapidly becoming a hot spot for the rich and well-heeled. When Drue's father unexpectedly turns up at her mother's funeral and offers her a job at his law firm, Drue doesn't know whether to be grateful or resentful that he has suddenly reappeared. She grudgingly accepts the job sifting through cold callers and shysters looking to get rich quick. But when her attention is caught by a suspicious murder case, Drue finds herself entangled in a decades-old mystery - one that may have dire consequences for Drue and the people she loves.
Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting
by Anna Quindlen

Before mommy blogs were invented, Anna Quindlen became a go-to writer on the joys and challenges of motherhood in her nationally syndicated column. Now she's taking the next step and going full Nana in the pages of this book about her grandchildren, her children, and her new and remarkable role.
Storm Cursed
by Patricia Briggs

My name is Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman. I am a car mechanic. And a coyote shapeshifter. Even so, none of that would have gotten me into trouble if I hadn't stood upon a bridge and taken responsibility for the safety of the citizens who lived in our territory. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. It should have only involved hunting down killer goblins, zombie goats, and an occasional troll. Instead, our home was viewed as neutral ground, a place where humans would feel safe to come and treat with the fae. The reality is that nothing and no one is safe. As generals and politicians face off with the Gray Lords of the fae, a storm is coming and her name is Death. But we are pack, and we have given our word. We will die to keep it.
The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life
by David Brooks

Every so often, you meet people who radiate joy--who seem to know why they were put on this earth, who glow with a kind of inner light. Life, for these people, has often followed what we might think of as a two-mountain shape. They get out of school, they start a career, and they begin climbing the mountain they thought they were meant to climb. Their goals on this first mountain are the ones our culture endorses: to be a success, to make your mark, to experience personal happiness. But when they get to the top of that mountain, they are not satisfied. They realize: This wasn't my mountain after all. There's another, bigger mountain out there. On the second mountain, life moves from self-centered to other-centered. 
Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee
by Casey N. Cep
The stunning true story of an Alabama serial killer, and the case that obsessed the author of To Kill a Mockingbird in the years after the publication of her classic novel--a complicated and difficult time in Harper Lee's life that, until now, has been largely neglected.

The Tale Teller
by Anne Hillerman
Joe Leaphorn may have retired from the Tribal Police, but he finds himself knee-deep in a perplexing case involving a priceless artifact. Joe's been hired to find a missing biil, a traditional dress that had been donated to the Navajo Nation. His investigation takes a sinister turn when the leading suspect dies under mysterious circumstances and Leaphorn himself receives anonymous warnings to beware. While the veteran detective is working to untangle his strange case, his former colleague Jim Chee and Officer Bernie Manuelito are collecting evidence they hope will lead to a cunning criminal behind a rash of burglaries. Their case takes a complicated turn when Bernie finds a body near a popular running trail. The situation grows more complicated when the death is ruled a homicide, and the Tribal cops are thrust into a turf battle because the murder involves the FBI. As Leaphorn, Chee, and Bernie draw closer to solving these crimes, their parallel investigations begin to merge and offer an unexpected opportunity that opens a new chapter in Bernie's life 

The Guest Book
by Sarah Blake
In 1935, Kitty and Ogden Milton appear to have everything. After a tragedy befalls them, Ogden tries to bring Kitty back to life by purchasing an island and home in Maine.  And it is there that Kitty issues a refusal that will haunt her till the day she dies. In 1959 a young Jewish man, Len Levy, will get a job in Ogden's bank and earn the admiration of Ogden and one of his daughters, but the scorn of everyone else. Len's best friend, Reg Pauling, has always been the only black man in the room-at Harvard, at work, and at the Miltons' island in Maine. An island that, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, this last generation doesn't have the money to keep. 
Normal People
by Sally Rooney
The unconventional secret childhood bond between popular Connell and lonely, intensely private Marianne is tested by character reversals in their first year at a Dublin college that render Connell introspective and Marianne social, but self-destructive.
The Pioneers
by David McCullough
In 1788 the first band of pioneers set out from New England for the Northwest Territory under the leadership of Revolutionary War veteran General Rufus Putnam. They settled in what is now Marietta on the banks of the Ohio River.
McCullough tells the story through five major characters: Cutler and Putnam; Cutler's son Ephraim; and two other men, one a carpenter turned architect, and the other a physician who became a prominent pioneer in American science. They and their families created a town in a primeval wilderness, while coping with such frontier realities as floods, fires, wolves and bears, no roads or bridges, no guarantees of any sort, all the while negotiating a contentious and sometimes hostile relationship with the native people. Drawn in great part from a rare and all-but-unknown collection of diaries and letters by the key figures, The Pioneers is a uniquely American story of people whose ambition and courage led them to remarkable accomplishments. 

Life will be the Death of Me
 by Chelsea Handler
In the fall of 2016, Chelsea Handler daydreams about what life will be like with a woman in the White House. And then, Donald Trump happens. In a torpor of despair, she decides that she's had enough of the privileged bubble she's lived in and that it's time to make some changes. At home, she embarks on a 'Year of Self-Sufficiency'. She also enters into therapy, prepared to do the heavy lifting required to look within and make sense of a childhood marked by love and loss and to figure out why people are afraid of her. She becomes politically active as an advocate for change. This is a thrillingly honest, insightful, and funny memoir that is the perfect read for this moment in time.

The Moment of Lift
 by Melinda Gates
A debut from Forbes' third most powerful woman in the world, Melinda Gates, a timely and necessary call to action for women's empowerment.
The Darkest Year: The American Home Front 1941-1942
 by William Klingaman
For Americans on the home front, the twelve months following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor comprised the darkest year of World War II. It was clear that the nation had suffered a nearly unbroken string of military setbacks in the Pacific; by the autumn of 1942, government officials were openly acknowledging the possibility that the United States might lose the war. The Darkest Year focuses on Americans' state of mind not only through what they said, but in the day-to-day details of their behavior. Klingaman blends these psychological effects with the changes the war wrought in American society and culture.
Last Tango in Cyberspace
 by Steven Kotler
Hard to say when the human species fractured exactly. Harder to say when this new talent arrived. But Lion Zorn is the first of his kind--an empathy tracker, an emotional soothsayer, with a felt sense for the future of the we. In simpler terms, he can spot cultural shifts and trends before they happen. It's a useful skill for a certain kind of company. Arctic Pharmaceuticals is that kind of company. But when a routine em-tracking job leads to the discovery of a gruesome murder, Lion finds himself in a world of eco-assassins, soul hackers and consciousness terrorists. But what the man really needs is a nap.

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Summer Reading Program 2019

Without access to books over the summer, students can fall behind on their reading skills. Libraries are a great place to reduce the "summer slide" by providing books and a variety of engaging, educational programs that encourage discovery. This year's Summer Reading theme is A Universe of Stories. A Northwest Regional Library System library card allows you to check out 20 items for 3 weeks at a time, which includes books, audiobooks, eBooks, ukuleles, dulcimers, and cake pans. Soon telescopes will be available to borrow to be able to search for constellations in your backyard! 

A Universe of Stories Summer Reading Program has an exciting line up this year. Space crafts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs will be held at most of the Northwest Regional Library System branches. AND the best part is that these educational and culturally enriching programs are free to attend!

Bay County Public Library
The Dash the Robot classes are designed for children 7 - 10 years of age. No previous coding or robotics experience is needed. Children will work in teams to learn the basics of coding using the Blockly programming language. The teams will learn how to plan, code, and operate a Dash robot to successfully complete a variety of challenges. 

Students are welcome to attend some or all of the sessions. The classes are limited to 20 students per session. To register for the classes, visit the Youth Services Department or call 850-522-2118.

Meet the Amazing Dash
Monday, June 3rd @ 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Learn the basics of Blockly coding and program Dash to make his way through a maze.

Dash Fashion Show
Monday, June 10th @ 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Use LEGOs and other accessories to decorate Dash the Robot and then add sounds, lights, and movements to perform an exciting runway routine.

Dash Launcher Challenge
Monday, June 17th @ 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Use Blockly coding to make Dash the Robot successfully launch a ball into a cup. It's not as easy as you might think!

Dash Obstacle Course Challenge
Monday, June 24th @ 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Four teams will build their own obstacle course for Dash. A course will be randomly selected for each team to conquer.

The Dash the Robot program been funded (in part) under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Florida Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services, and by the Friends of the Bay County Public Libraries, the Bay County Public Library Foundation, and Kiwanis of Panama City.

Youth  Classes @ Your Library

Bay County Public Library

Read, Rock, & Rhyme Time (Ages 3 - 5) 
Thursday, June 13th @ 10:30 a.m.    Sign Language
Thursday, June 20th @ 10:30 a.m.   Blast Off Space Stories

Break the Sound Barrier with The Wabi Sabis
Thursday, June 13th @ 2:00 p.m.
Join The Wabi Sabis for an out-of-this-world, family  friendly concert to kickoff A Universe of Stories. It  will be a stellar performance! 

Galaxy Rocks 
Thursday, June 20th @ 2:00 p.m.
Come design and paint space themed rocks with  Alex and Rachael. Rocks and paint will be provided. Program for school age children.

Emerald Coast Planetarium
Thursday, June 27th @ 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The Planetarium is a state-of-the-art, inflatable dome that shares select Hubble images. Craft projects will be provided while you wait to go in. Fifteen people can be in the Planetarium at a time. Program for school age children.

Baby Sign Language (0 - 5 years with families) 
Friday, June 28th @ 10:00 a.m.
Rhonda Eernisse will introduce Baby Sign Language to little ones and their families. Sign Language interpreter will be provided. 

Panama City Beach Public Library 

Book Babies (0 - 3 years with caregiver) 
Tuesdays @ 10:00 a.m.

Code Club for Kids (Ages 8 - 14)
Thursdays @ 3:30 p.m. 
Learn how to make apps, games, and websites while gaining skills needed for college and career readiness and life success. This program is made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the North Dakota State Library in partnership with Prenda and the Association of Rural and Small Libraries.

Out of this World Kickoff Party
Wednesday, June 19th @ 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Celebrate A Universe of Stories by dropping in for games,
crafts, a scavenger hunt, and giveaways! Program funded by the Panama City Beach Library Foundation.

Star Wars: The Library Episode
Wednesday, June 26th @ 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Drop in for Jedi Training, games, crafts, and lots of fun!  Wear your costume for a library parade at 1:00 p.m. Program funded by the Panama City Beach Library Foundation.

Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Public Library in Port St. Joe
Li'l FLYP (Ages 3 - 5)
Mondays in June from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. EST
June 3rd Take Me to your Reader
June 10th A Sky Full of Stories
June 17th Shoot for the Moon
June 24th Trekking Across the Universe

FLYP (Ages 6 - 10)
Tuesdays in June from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EST
June 4th Take Me to your Reader
June 11th A Sky Full of Stories
June 18th Shoot for the Moon
June 25th Trekking Across the Universe

Charles Whitehead Public Library in Wewahitchka 

Summer programming will take place in July!

Jimmy Weaver Memorial Library in Hosford

Saturdays @ 10:30 a.m. EST
Break the Sound Barrier with The Wabi Sabis

Bay County Public Library
Thursday, June 13th @ 2:00 p.m.

Join The Wabi Sabis for an out-of-this-world, family friendly concert to kickoff A Universe of Stories Summer Reading Program. It will be a stellar performance. This program is geared for school age children and their families. Snacks provided by the Woman's Club of Panama City. 
Sidewalk Stargazing at Your Library

Harrell Memorial Public Library in Bristol
Thursday, June 20th @ 9:00 p.m. 

Can you find and name the constellations above the Harrell Memorial Public Library? Join us to learn how to observe the night skies with the naked eye. Please feel free to bring a telescope, binoculars, and small flashlight. All ages are welcome. Check the Liberty County Public Libraries Facebook event page for up-to-date information.

This is an outdoor event. Dress accordingly. In the event of poor weather conditions, the event will be canceled.
Bay County Public Library
Teen Programming 
For preteens and teens ages 11 and up.

Planet Pillows
Tuesday, June 11th @ 2:00 p.m.
Learn how to hand sew small planet pillows while also learning fun facts about our solar system!

Galaxy Slime
Tuesday, June 18th @ 2:00 p.m.
Make cool galaxy slime while learning about real galaxies!

Constellation Party
Tuesday, June 25th @ 2:00 p.m.
Join us for an afternoon party where we learn about
constellations, the Greek mythology that inspired them, and enjoy snacks! 

Book Dragons
Monday, June 24th @ 2:00 p.m.
"We're not bookworms, we're book dragons!"
No assigned book! Talk about a favorite book, make crafts, and eat snacks! Also, tell us what you'd like to see happening for teens in your library and ask us how teens can earn volunteer hours with Book Dragons! 

Teen Program snacks provided by the Friends of the Bay County Public Libraries. 
Lunch & Learn: Are you prepared for a storm? 

Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Library in Port St. Joe
Thursday, June 6th @ 12:00 p.m. EST

Charles Whitehead Public Library in Wewahitchka
Thursday, June 20th @ 12:00 p.m. 

Bring your lunch and learn how to best prepare for this Hurricane season. Program taught  by UF/IFAS Gulf County Extension Agent, Ray Bodrey.
Bay County Public Library Outreach
Books provided by the Bay County Public Library Foundation.

Let's make learning FUN!  Heather had a blast at Waller Elementary School's Literacy & STEM night! Edible Engineering and FREE books for everyone. We enjoyed a semester of special projects at Parker Elementary, including Planets, Deep Sea Creatures, and Multi-Media Book Reviews. Look for Bay County Public Library Outreach in the KID ZONE at Bay Pride 2019, June 8 (12 - 6 p.m.) in McKenzie Park. Join us the week of June 21st to celebrate the Longest Day, raising awareness for Alzheimer's and related dementias. 

For more information, or to organize a learning adventure in your neighborhood, contact Heather Ogilvie, or 850-522-2103. 
Classes @ Your Library

Bay County Public Library

Ukulele Social Club
Saturday, June 1st @ 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Everyone is welcome! The first part of the class is for beginner basics. The second part is for jammin'! We will have a few loaner instruments available, but you are encouraged to bring your own. 
Sun Salutation Stretches
Wednesday, June 5th @ 10:00 a.m.
Start off your day with simple stretches based on yoga. This can be on your mat or in your chair.  Bring your own mat if you have one. First come, first serve. Program led by Heather, BCPL Outreach Librarian. 

Pens & Needles
Friday, June 7th @ 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
First Fridays of the month. Learn to knit, bring projects you're already working on, or relax and color. Coloring supplies provided, some knitting supplies available.

VR VRiday 
Friday, June 7th @ 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Experience Virtual Reality using PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. Ages 13 & under must be with a parent. Contact the Reference Desk to make a reservation or to learn about the VR experiences available, 850-522-2107. 

Introduction  to Guitar (5 week course)
June 10th, 17th, 24th and July 1st, July 8th at 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Do you want to learn how to play guitar? In this 5-week Course you'll learn the very basics and will be able to play a few songs. This course is geared towards beginners, ages 15 & up. Space is limited. Register by calling 850-522-2107.

Bonjour! Basic French Class
Monday, June 10th @ 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.
Learn basic conversational French at the library. No previous knowledge required. 

Mountain Dulcimer Class
Friday, June 21st @ 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Join us for a mountain dulcimer class. If you don't have a dulcimer, we have a few spare instruments available for class. First part is a beginner lesson; second part jam session. 

Creative Space: Craft Supply Swap
Tuesday, June 25th @ 5:30 p.m.
Clean out your craft supplies and swap your unused craft materials for something new-to-you! Can drop off unused art & craft supplies to the library earlier in the month to the front desk.

English as a Second Language Classes
For English as a Second Language and Citizenship class schedules, please visit the Bay County Public Library Front Desk or call 850-522-2100.

Beginner Ukulele & Mountain Dulcimer
Individuals or small groups wanting to learn to play the ukulele or dulcimer can schedule a one-hour session with an instrument tutor at the Bay County Public Library. Bring your own instrument or one will be provided. Learn about the instrument, how to hod it, how to strum, how to tune, and learn to play a beginner song. To book a session, contact Sarah at 850-522-2120 or 

All  Bay County Public Library  p rograms will be held in the Youth Services Programming Room unless otherwise noted.

Panama City Beach Public Library

Sea Needles
Fridays @ 10 a.m.
Bring your needlework crafts to work on at the library. Sea Needles meets every Friday at 10 a.m.

English as a Second Language Classes
Mondays @ 3:00 p.m. Basic Conversation
Wednesdays @ 3:30 p.m. Intermediate Conversation
Fridays @ 1:00 p.m. Intermediate English

Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Library in Port St. Joe

Lunch and Learn: Are You Prepared for a Storm?
Thursday, June 6th @ 12:00 p.m. EST
Bring your lunch and learn how to best prepare. Program taught
by UF/IFAS Gulf County Extension Agent, Ray Bodrey.

Seaside Stitchers
Saturdays @ 12:30 p.m. EST
Bring your knit, crochet, or needlework projects!

Charles Whitehead Public Library in Wewahitchka

Lunch and Learn: Are You Prepared for a Storm?
Thursday, June 20th @ 12:00 p.m. 
Bring your lunch and learn how to best prepare. Program taught
by UF/IFAS Gulf County Extension Agent, Ray Bodrey.

Jimmy Weaver Memorial Library in Hosford

Craft Day
Thursdays @ 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Bring your favorite craft or learn something new!

Family Game Nights: Bingo
Monday, June 10th at 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. EST
Every 2nd Monday of the month we play Bingo. 

Hosford Quilting Class
Saturday, June 15th @ 12:00 p.m. EST
Learn how to quilt! 
This project was funded under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Florida's LSTA program is administered by the Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services.

Family Game Nights: Pictionary
Monday, June 24th at 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. EST
Every 2nd Monday of the month we play Bingo. 

Harrell Memorial Public Library in Bristol

Sidewalk Stargazing @ Your Library: Saturn, Jupiter,  and Constellations
Thursday, June 20th @ 9:00 p.m.
Dress appropriately for an outdoor program. Meeting  outside of the Veterans Memorial Civic Center. Bring  binoculars or a personal telescope if you can. If poor skyviewing conditions are present, the event will be canceled.  Follow the event on Liberty County Public Libraries  Facebook page.
Book & Film Clubs
Beach Book Club
Panama City Beach Public Library
Wednesday,  June 5th  @ 10:30 a.m.
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 
by Betty Smith

The Beach Book Club meets the  1st Wednesday of each month. 

BCPL Book Club
Bay County Public Library
Thursday, June 13th @ 11:30 a.m.
These is My Words by Nancy Turner

BCPL Book Club will be held in the Youth Services program room. 

Beyond the Lens: Book and Film Series
Bay County Public Library

Tuesday, June 18th @ 5:30 p.m.
Film: When We Left Earth NASA Missions: Ordinary Supermen (2008) TV-G
Book: Breaking the Chains of Gravity by Amy Shira Teitel

Beyond the Lens will be held in the Youth Services program room. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Bay County Public Libraries. 

Library Book Club
Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Public Library

Library Book Club will resume in September. 
Sign Language Classes
Bay County Public Library

Read, Rock, and Rhyme Time (3 - 5 with caretaker)
Thursday, June 13th @ 10:30 a.m.

Read, Rock and Rhyme Time has guest storytellers, Mary Therese Garcia and Rhonda Eernisse, to introduce sign language! Sign Language Interpreter will be provided.

Baby Sign Language (0- 5 with families)
Friday, June 28th @ 10:00 a.m.

Rhonda Eernisse will introduce Baby Sign Language to little ones and their families. Sign Language Interpreter will be provided. 
New E-books and Downloadable Audiobooks 

We recently added new items to our digital collection. Here are a few of our new titles: 

Courage to Soar
by Simone Biles

There is more to Simone Biles than gold medals and Olympic successes. Through years of hard work and determination, she has relied on her faith and family to stay focused and positive, while having fun competing at the highest level. Simone takes you through the events, challenges, and trials that carried her from an early childhood in foster care to a coveted spot on the 2016 Olympic team.

Where the Crawdads Sing
by Delia Owens

For years, rumors of the "Marsh Girl" have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life-until the unthinkable happens.

Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees
by Bob Klapisch and Paul Soltaroff

A riveting look at what is really said and done behind closed doors with the New York Yankees, the most famous and wealthiest sports franchise in the world.

You can check out e-books and downloadable audiobooks for free from your library. All you need is your library card number and PIN. Forgot your PIN? Just give us a call at 850-522-2100 or stop by your local branch and we'll set one up for you.

To access e-books and downloadable audiobooks, click here or:
Go to
Click on Books, Etc.
Click on eBooks & eAudio
Click on OverDrive  to find books  
Need assistance with e-books and downloadable audiobooks? Just call us at 850-522-2107 or stop by your local branch.