Hello Spring!
Do you get embarrassed when guests leave your home covered in dog hair? Are you running the sweeper daily and appears as though you haven’t swept in a month? At My Dog’s Care Center we understand the frustration!

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Canine Fitness Month

Dog's need both mental and physical exercise to stay happy & healthy. Daycare is the perfect place for both!
Playtime is the best time of the day! Our daycare pups play in a safe group environment that best suits their individual personality and play style.
Just in time for Spring & Easter!

We now offer fun colored cutie marks, bling gems, & feather or ribbon extensions. We are also able to add a splash of semi-permanent or temporary dog safe color to ears, tails, or body to add that little something extra. All products used in our Creative Accents line are dog safe & non-toxic.

Call today to ask how we can add a little extra pizzazz to your pooch!
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