January 2021 E-Newsletter - Week 4
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More Blanket Love Donations

We've been busy making items for others!
In December, we donated 8 pet blankets to the DeKalb County Animal Shelter and in
January, we donated 16 blankets, 14 hats and 4 pairs of mittens to Mercy Care.
Both organizations are very appreciative of the donations: Nicole from Mercy Care put it best when she said the blankets warm not just the bodies but the hearts of the people who receive them.

Our thanks to Maria Cano, Jim Kotaska, Diana Quinn, Fred Quinn, Bonnie Stringfield and Karen Zeliff who donated their time, talent, and love to craft the donated items.

Click here for more about Mercy Care, the Blanket Love Project, and one of our donors.
Annual Meeting/Board Elections

Everyone is encouraged to join us for our Annual Meeting on Friday, February 19th at 6 pm. We'll be gathering virtually this year which will mean no traffic! Click here to join the meeting or email for the meeting ID and password.

This will be a short and sweet event that will include the presentation of our Annual Report and our Volunteer of the year award and an open discussion of your SEFAA-related questions.

SEFAA members are also encouraged to vote for our 2021-2023 Board of Director's candidates. Your vote is very important! It directly affects the operations and future of SEFAA, since the Board handles both day-to-day operations and long-term planning for our organization. Also, at least ten (10) percent of eligible voters must cast ballots for the election to be valid. Information will be emailed to you this week, and you can vote anytime until 6.45 pm on February 19th.
Bargains, Bargains, Bargains!

What’s new? Basketry supplies, hand-spun yarn, saris, scarves, silk fabric, a wonderful wooden thread case, and much more! Of course, there is also fabric (fashion and home decor), yarn (weaving and knitting), needles and notions, books and magazines, equipment, supplies, and kits for your creative projects. You’ll find a wide selection and low prices, so go wild and indulge a whim or two while stocking up on essentials.

Getting Creative

The kimonos we have were donated with the stipulation that they be used to make art. So, let's use some of the fabric to make entries for our upcoming Square Foot Fiber Art Pin Up Show! We've put together packages with five small pieces of kimono fabrics and they'll be available on a first-come, first-serve basis to anyone who wants to use them to create a Sq. Ft. entry. Packages will be available for pick up during the Pop Up Shop open hours or can be mailed to you for a small fee. Click here to claim your package and get creative!
fiberartsalliance.org - 678.235.4328