June 11, 2021
Presbytery Office Reopening!

The Presbytery office has reopened to visitors! We do ask that you continue to observe the appropriate protocols when visiting (i.e., sanitize your hands, wear a mask, socially distance, etc.) and to please stay home if you are not feeling well.

The safety, health and wellness of everyone is first and foremost in our minds, so we are taking this step cautiously and will re-evaluate this change per the CDC and state government officials' guidance if needed.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Seiler Installed at Unity Presbyterian
Reverend Dana Seiler was installed as Associate Pastor for Youth, Mission and Pastoral Care at Unity Presbyterian Church in Denver, NC on Sunday, June 6th. Below are some pictures shared from her installation. You can watch Dana's installation by clicking here and downloading the video.
Stated Clerk Cam Murchison served as Moderator.
General Presbyter Byron Wade propounded the constitutional questions.
Nate Combs propounded questions to the congregation.
David Bonnema preached the sermon.
Newly installed!
The full commission who participated in Dana's installation.
New Logo for PWNC

We are still in the process of searching for a new logo! Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing some newly designed logos in our publications. Feel free to tell us what you think by emailing Byron or Tonya at the Presbytery office.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Byron is available to meet in person or via Zoom for lunch.
Schedule early to get your preferred time!
Workshop Offered
Unity Presbyterian Church in Denver, NC is hosting a series of workshops titled, "Walking in Their Shoes. This series is aimed at helping others to think about and imagine what life is like in someone else's shoes. Someone who might be vastly different from you. This series will help it's audience to explore what life is like for more vulnerable and oppressed populations. Our hope is that these workshops will help us to listen to other people's stories and increase our awareness and empathy as we learn more about their story.

Opportunity for Safe Gatherings Training for Congregations in PWNC

Some churches have asked whether Presbytery might help in providing training for their volunteers who work with children, youth and vulnerable adults. In addition to the policy that was adopted by PWNC last year on child and youth protection, we have made arrangement with the Safe Gatherings organization to allow any congregation of the Presbytery to have their volunteers access online training that may help ensure safety in their ministries.

Here is a brief description of the course that is available:

·        Safe Gatherings Training Course is a comprehensive training empowering leaders to protect children, youth and vulnerable adults through greater awareness of:
o  Sexual predators and their habits •
o  Types of abuse •
o   Signs of abuse •
o  How to respond to disclosure of abuse •
o  Mandatory reporting •
o   and more!

To begin the registration process, click here This takes you to the home page. To register for the Safe Gatherings Training Course, click the red button at the top of the page labelled “Get Started.”

The next page will ask you to establish your own account, working your way through several pull-down menus. After you choose “Church or Faith Based Organization,” then “Presbyterian” as the denomination, you are asked to indicate your specific organization. Begin typing “western” and the option for the Presbytery of Western North Carolina will appear. Next you will enter your personal information to establish your account with a password. This will take you to the next screen where you enter additional details and agree to terms of service. On the following screen you are asked to pay $24.00 for your course online with a credit card. Churches may work out arrangements with their members for reimbursement as needed. When you take the final quiz for your course, presbytery will receive a notification that you have completed it. On request, the Presbytery office can certify whether a particular individual has completed the course.
If you encounter any difficulties in this process, please be in touch with Cam Murchison (; 404-556-8041) or with Tonya Williams (; 828-438-4217). Thanks for joining us in exploring new ways to ensure healthy and sacred boundaries in PWNC.
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic
Assembly Highlights

The Synod of the Mid-Atlantic thanks you for your continued support. Provided here are highlights of the March 247th Synod Assembly. Please feel free to share this summary with your membership.
You and yours remain in our prayers and please keep us in yours.
Dear Youth Leaders and Colleagues,

I have attached a list of the current campus ministries in NC and these clergy would love to hear from you if you have any youth attending one of the 20 plus colleges/universities represented. 

Please take a moment to review the document and at minimum email the campus minister the name and contact information of any of your youth going to their school. We want our youth to continue in their faith journey in college and this is an easy connection that could shape their lives. 

An introductory email to both the campus minister and the youth would be great to foster the connection, passing your hard earned credibility on to the campus minister.


Beth Gunn
Associate for Youth, PWNC
First Presbyterian Church of Waynesville is giving away free resources! Click HERE to see what is available.

If you are interested in obtaining any of the free materials, contact Charlotte Casey, Elder for Discipleship, at 828/246-5557 or by email at
A Service Ministry, Serving in Many Ways

"How many people come to your groups?" It's a question I get all the time. I understand why. The common conception of campus ministry is that we have a large gathering once a week, multiple small groups throughout the week, lots more one-on-one appointments sprinkled in, and the requisite annual conference (at Montreat, no doubt).
UKirk WCU is a different kind of ministry and it helps to think of us as a service ministry with many ways of serving.
The key to our ministry, the road map for how we demonstrate the Gospel, live our faith, and introduce that faith to others, is that our model of serving allows us to encounter people on their own terms and through that encounter we can talk about our faith in Jesus Christ.
Our biggest service ministry is undoubtedly the non-profit, donation-based coffeehouse: Hillside Grind. In that space where hundreds of students pass in and out each week, conversations arise naturally and without pressure. Those conversations lead to the ordinary discussion of the Gospel, of grace, and of a life of faith - and they happen especially frequently with students who didn't come in looking for a ministry to join.
There are dozens of students who pay for parking in our commuter lot and with whom I get to talk about grace and about how even a parking space is part of a life of faith.
More than the paying students, I interact on a daily basis with those who are attempting to 'borrow' a space without asking. I give out little "Uh-Oh" notes when the student is already gone but much more do I prefer to talk to students right when it is happening so that we can talk not only about their illicit parking but also about grace and ministry.
No opportunity is wasted when it comes to demonstrating a whole life of faith - and that is especially true with students who are 'borrowing' parking spaces or who lean heavily on the donation-based part of the coffeehouse.
Students from the nearby apartments come to use the dog park out back (the fenced-in area which once held a church playground). And we have our own housing which we offer to students in the form of a small house next to the coffeehouse. For those four students living there, even the rental arrangement is an expression of how we are putting faith into practice.
And yes, we have a Bible Study. The students that come are grateful for it and specifically appreciate the space, the rigor, and the application that our approach to faith provides to them.
We made it through another school year and I am grateful for all the students that I've gotten to know. Those students are grateful to you as well - as you support UKirk WCU and the many services which make up our ministry.
Noah McIntee
Presbyterian Campus Ministry at Western Carolina University

Feel the excitement with this 5 minute video featuring students in selfies talking about what UKirk WCU & Hillside Grind Coffeehouse means to them. ----------->
Did You Miss It?
Did you miss the latest communication from the Task Force on Returning to Face-to-Face Gatherings in PWNC? If so, click HERE to view what was sent!
May 24, 2021

Dear Faith Leaders,
With more and more North Carolinians getting vaccinated, we are able to take significant steps and return to the people and places we love. The new guidance issued May 14 lifts many COVID-19 restrictions, including:

  • All mandatory capacity and gathering limits;
  • All social distancing requirements; and
  • Mandatory mask requirements for most indoor and outdoor settings, excluding public transportation, child care, schools, health care settings like hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes; and in other high risk settings like correctional facilities and homeless shelters

Getting vaccinated ( and is our best way out of the pandemic and to save lives. People who are NOT fully vaccinated should still wear a mask and keep their distance in all indoor public settings.

As we move beyond the 3 Ws in most settings, we are asking everyone across our state to “Vax Up or Mask Up.” Just like you helped us make the 3 Ws a state-wide slogan, we are asking for your help to ensure all North Carolinians are aware.

To help you share this new message, we have created signage and social media and web graphics for Vax Up or Mask Up. We encourage you to:

  • Post the signs on doors and in public spaces;
  • Share the graphics on your social media accounts; and
  • Make your own creative versions of “Vax Up or Mask Up.”

The Vax Up or Mask Up resources are available in English and Spanish and available for download at

Please note that under Executive Order 215, masks are still required to be worn by everyone in certain high-risk public settings and the 3 Ws signs or similar materials can continue to be used in places like child care, schools, health care settings, long-term care settings, and public transportation.

We also have new guidance for public facing businesses and a new fact sheet to help guide you through these changes.

Thank you, as always, for all you do every day to keep our communities safe and informed.

Carla West
Senior Director for Economic Security
North Carolina State Child Support Director

Help protect your family and neighbors from COVID-19.
#StayStrongNC and get the latest at
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