God is moving around the world!


I want to quickly update you on the news of what is happening with the ministry. The Lord is moving in the nations with great love and power!
Earlier this month came back from a ministry trip in Norway, Sweden, and Finland where we saw many saved, healed, and delivered by the power of God! It was quite awesome to see God moving in places many people consider it hard and cold. In some meetings we had people from many different nations responding to receive Christ and being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Several were healed! Some have written to us sharing testimonies of how they experienced salvation and are walking with the Lord! Pictures above are from the meetings in Europe!

*Conference in Stockholm, Sweden

Several people are connected with our message weekly through our podcast!

We are currently working on several projects in which you can pray and give!

On February 5th, we started broadcasting our TV show also on TBN Russia every single week! This goes to Russia + 186 nations in the world!
It's such a faith-building tool in which we share the gospel along with testimonies of what happens in the nations with many miracles! Many are being touched by the broadcast!

Revival Explosion in the Holy Land!

Israel Project!

In the month of March we will be going to Israel for a week where we will be doing a LIVE broadcast straight from Jerusalem at the TBN Russia studio 3 days in a row! We're also filming a New TV series where we will do several programs from different biblical spots! That will be amazing!
Me, my wife, and my parents will be present on this trip!

This is an awesome ministry project and we want to encourage all our friends and partners to stand with us in prayer and giving ! Your support is very important so these projects can take place!

Monthly Support to Orphanage in Brazil!
As most of you know, compassion to the poor has been a big part of our mission endeavors every year! We're expanding that! Now, we're supporting an orphanage right outside Brasilia, Brazil on a monthly basis! That includes food for the children as well as covering some needs of renovation in their building!

Come with us on a Miracle Mission in October!
Mission Opportunities & Media Expansion
You can join us in the Mission Field in Brazil from October 23-31 coming from anywhere in the world! You must sign up for the trip ! There will be a crusade among the poor, outreaches, work with children, evangelism, powerful move of God!

Early bird goes up to June 10th!!! Hurry and get your spot!

Consider becoming a monthly partner with us!

We need you on board!

In His service

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