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What's Happening Wednesday
Mark Your Calendars - May 1st 10am - 2pm
This will be a Fundraiser for North Elementary school also, Charge will be $5 a car donation to North Elementary
Sponsors Needed!!!
10k pounds gets shredded when we do these events. 250 + vehicles come through
$700 gets you all the recognition. this just covers the cost of the truck!!

Drawing is scheduled for March 30, 2021
M&P 15 Sport II
Thank you to our friends at Dances Sporting Goods for helping us to make this happen.
The Chamber is an independent nonprofit organization that represents the businesses of our community. In 2020 our chamber had to do business a little differently as so many businesses did to survive the pandemic.  There were no stimulus packages given to the chamber to be able to continue doing what we do for the businesses and the community. Cut backs were made and we have so far been able to survive the storm. We rely on events like our Annual Dinner, Reverse Raffle, Turkey Trot, and other fundraisers to maintain our budget. Last year we were unable to hold a Annual Dinner, or do a Full blown Turkey Trot or Full Reverse Raffle. We had also planned an International Trip that was not able to happen due to the pandemic. We had scheduled a Golf Tournament that was not able to happen. Unfortunately the pandemic made it hard for many organizations including ours to offer scholarships. Students were the ones who suffered.
Our chamber is competing for funds in these unprecedented times. We as a chamber see the importance to invest in our future leaders and we have committed to giving $3000 worth of scholarships this year to deserving graduating seniors. This money has to come from somewhere and we are holding a RAFFLE for a item that is a Hot Commodity in this day in time due to our 2nd amendment rights being challenged at the state and federal levels. This RAFFLE meets all of the guidelines set forth by the Virginia Gaming Commission. The regulations are set forth on the RAFFLE that the person has to be 21 or over, A resident of Virginia and can pass a Firearms background check from Dances Sporting Goods. The item never meets the hands of the Chamber. Once a winner is drawn they will be given a gift card for Dances Sporting Goods( a chamber business) that has secured the purchase of the item, they will undergo all of the same background checks that is required to purchase any firearm in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the right to own a firearm given to us in the Constitution.
Back to the reason this RAFFLE is being done. Scholarships to deserving graduating seniors. The total amount raised in this RAFFLE goes to our Fund that gives out these scholarships. The process that the Senior has to go through to get the scholarship is as follows. The senior will fill out a application, and write a essay. We will schedule a interview with all applicants whether it be in person or by zoom during the pandemic. We will score the applicant based on their punctuality, professional appearance, interviewing skills, need and academics. These are vital skills that they will need when they are plunged into the workforce. When all is said and done the real winners are the deserving seniors that receive help to fund their education, books, housing, and transportation.  If you are interested in just making a donation to be earmarked for scholarships, please contact John at the Colonial Heights Chamber at 804-526-5872 or you can mail in donations to P.O. Box 411 Colonial Heights VA 23834.
If you are interested in donating to the scholarship fund and not interested in the raffle please send your donation to :
P.O. Box 411 Colonial Heights Va 23834
Make sure to put Scholarship fund on the Check or Call John at 804-526-5872 and he will be glad to run a donation on your card.
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week,
April 11-17, 2021
1 spot left

Hello we are going to bless the Emergency Communications Workers "The Dispatchers" These are the unsung heroes of the front line workers. Signups start now to make sure they have breakfast Lunch and Dinner for the week of April 11-17. Click the link and choose the date and meal you wish to provide. Insert the organization or name and what you are bringing.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to fill in the meal you want to provide.

John Brandt
Todays Resources
Make sure to catch The Colonial Heights Chamber every Mon on, On The MIC With MIKE as we highlight our members, share events and inform you of all the great things happening in the CH business community.
I would like to offer Chamber members 20% off advertising during "On The MIC With MIKE RVA"
I will also reduce our Broadcasting remote visit advertising package which is $650 to $450 with $100 going to the Chamber. That includes the broadcast which is a 30 minute interview with them and 20 shows where their advertisement is played daily.
Mike King
The Partnership Guru
New Members
Barbara A. Rinker
Volunteer Services

22 West Washington Street
Petersburg, VA 23803
(804) 733-5711
Melinda Anderson
3503 Boulevard
Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834
(804) 446-3359
Daffodil Boutique LLC
  • Retail Jewelry Specialty Boutiques

Nicole Pegram
2306 Boulevard
Suite D
Colonial Heights , Va 23834
(804) 916-9228
Revintage has a new Owner
Christy Neglia
2229 Boulevard, Colonial Heights 23834
Boot Barn
2600 Conduit Road
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Horace Mann
Kevin McCarthy
Exclusive Agent
Phone: (804) 452-7808
Flowers with Style
1001 Boulevard
Suite B
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
(804) 526-9890
L.M. Tosh
Offers and Events from Our Members
I, Shyamal Patel, am writing this email pleasingly to you representing Colonial Heights Pharmacy. We are a local independently owned retail pharmacy in Colonial Heights and we offer free delivery 7 days a week and free multi-dose pill packaging. We serve patients from Tri-cities and I am reaching out to you to introduce myself and let you know about the services we offer at our pharmacy.

With over 15 years of experience, we feel pride in what we have given to our community. Our team of registered pharmacists, technicians and delivery drivers strive to deliver finest service to the community, general public and institutional clients offering everyday products and services that help our clients live healthier and happier lives.

Our Multi Dose Pill Packaging has resulted in thousands of success stories in the state of PA and FL and in order to maintain this flourishing momentum we need to secure a solid foundation of support from your facility here in VA.

I would like to request a meeting with you to discuss the services that I provide and how we can serve as a helping hand to your facility.

I know that you might already have a primary pharmacy that is currently servicing your facility, but it will not hurt to invite us and see our services :). You can use us a secondary or back up pharmacy for your facility or if any patients who do not have a pharmacy set up with your primary pharmacy, we could work with them and deliver the medications at the doorstep.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, if I can provide any additional information or be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on my cell phone 7327668690.


Dr. Shyamal Patel, RPh, PharmD, MS Informatics
Clinical Assistant Professor, VCU
Pharmacy Manager, Colonial Heights Pharmacy
(804) 424-4949
Crater Community Hospice and Legacy Roasting Company have collaborated on a custom coffee blend to raise funds for patients and families facing terminal illness. 

The “Celebrating Life Every Day” blend is available beginning in January and will be ongoing. The blend uses high-quality Arabica beans to develop tasting notes of dark chocolate and spice with a sweet finish. One dollar from each sale will be donated to Crater Community Hospice.  

Coffee can be ordered on-line using the link below
Or purchased at the shop if you call ahead 

Have a coffee break and enjoy a cup of our new brew!
SAVE THE DATE - Sun. May 16 @ 4:00 pm
This FREE community concert is being sponsored by the City of Hopewell and will take place at the Beacon Theatre! The PSO String Quartet & Woodwind Quintet and the Bonefire Trombone Choir will entertain you with a variety of music. More details about this concert and tickets will be available in April, but mark your calendars now!
Support the PSO and keep the music playing by making an online donation (click here) - or mail a check by using our newsletter/donation form (click here).  Follow us on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, too!  
March 24th @ 10am-11:30am - Community Caregiver Support Group: Central & Western VA - Register here

March 24th @ 11am-12pm - Community Caregiver Support Group: Greater Richmond - Register here

March 30th @ 12:30pm-1:30pm - What's Going On With My Loved One? - Know the 10 Signs
Upcoming Meetings and Events
  Marketing: Over the next couple of weeks, you will start seeing ads on TV, radio, FB, emails, website and other sources that will begin advertising not only the Home show, but also Sponsors & vendors. Our Home and Garden Show Committee want to ensure that the businesses that join as a sponsor or as a vendor get maximum exposure.

 Goals: Our goal for this 1st ever Home & Garden Show is to get between 2,000 - 2,500 participants May 21 & 22 . All of our vendors will gain access to this list of participants as we will have them registered before entering the venue. We are also working with VSU to put together video footage of each of our vendors and sponsors so they can be shown for next year's Home and Garden Show as well.

 COVID-19: We are taking a lot of precautions to protect our sponsors, vendors, and patrons. We will follow all CDC Guidelines and will have ample sanitization stations as well as other COVID and Public Safety Stations.

 Currently, we have 30+ vendors signed up and most of the major sponsorships already sold. Our goal is for 100 vendors and we would like you help if you can participate. There are still a few sponsorship opportunities for your business. Contact John Brandt (804) 526-5872 at the Colonial Heights Chamber to see what is still available.

Just a few of the things to consider:
  • There are also 30 minute presentations slots available for the businesses that would like to take part in this.
  • We would like for each Sponsor and Vendor to consider giving away a prize and we will be picking out the lucky customer as a group of people are standing around your booth.
  • We are also scheduling an Ice Breaker event on Thursday May 20th for the Sponsors / Vendors and Colonial Heights Chamber members. More details will follow.
  • We are inviting Sponsors and Vendors to the Sears Building in the Southpark Mall at 3PM on Tuesday April 6th to get a walk-thru of the site and where your booth will be located - Please join us even if you are still just considering becoming a vendor or sponsor - ask plenty of questions
  • If you need to order signage, giveaway SWAG (Shirts, pens, other giveaways) or other items for this event, I would highly order them soon if you can - Josh at Off Duty Graphics (804-721-0924) is a great source for some of these items.
If you would like to become a vendor, currently the price is $650 for a 10' x 10' booth with pipe and drape, electric, a table and 2 chairs supplied by Rent-E-Quip. After April 1st, these 10' x 10' booths go up by $100 to $750. You can book your spot up until a couple weeks prior to the event if needed and we can work a payment plan if needed...

The overall goal from this event is to bring this community back together and help reconnect local businesses and local customers. The majority of the profits from the event will be donated to local nonprofit organizations that need help now.

Tri Cities Home and Garden Show
May 21 & 22
Exhibitors and Sponsors wanted - Click on the picture to right to get a copy of Exhibitor/Sponsorship Flyer

Register as Patron for Free at www.tricitieshomeandgardenshow.com

Any Questions contact us at :

In the News
Virginias Largest Vaccination Site at VSU
No Matter What Phase you are in Get Registered
New phases will announce and they will start pulling from registrations first
Need help with registering for a COVID – 19 vaccine? The Colonial Heights Public Library staff is ready to help residents pre-register with the Virginia Department of Health for a free COVID – 19 vaccine.
Visit the library anytime during regular operating hours (Monday – Wed 9 am – 7pm; Thursday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm, and Saturday 10 am – 4 pm), and a staff member will gladly guide you through the process.

When Can I Get Vaccinated?
Find out which phase of the vaccination campaign you fall in.
While the vaccine supply is limited, COVID-19 vaccine will be offered in phases. People who are more likely to have severe COVID-19 illness and workers that are essential to the functioning of society will be offered the vaccine in the earlier phases.
We need the Tri-Cities help!! Without host families, we won't be able to house our star athletes, coming from top collegiate baseball programs across the country. Direct all your questions to Brent Ellenburg, or Steve Taggart, about the duties, responsibilities, and perks to becoming a Chili Pepper Host Family!

Brent: (804)-896-2877
Steve: (804)-221-9855
Upcoming Workshops
Building the Foundation for Your
New Business
SBDC advisors are prepared to assist your businesses during this emergency.
We are assisting clients by phone, email and web conferencing.
Please visit our website for details at: