Your Weekly E-Newsletter -- Thursday, December 1, 2022


Thursday, December 1 at 7 p.m.

You're invited to join us for a free Holiday Concert featuring Peter Thomas, MSO cellist. He's not your ordinary cellist. He will play holiday tunes on his electric cello. 

If you'd like a preview of Peter's performance on his electric cello, click HERE!

You don't want to miss this one to get you in the holiday spirit! Bring a friend.

This Week's Pondering from Ben Blobaum, Intern

Learning Waiting from the Jews


The liturgical season of Advent, which commences four Sundays prior to Christmas Day, is an annual time of preparation and waiting in the church. On the one hand, the church’s Advent waiting is commemorative, as we look backward and prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus – the long-awaited arrival of God’s promised Messiah. On the other hand, the church’s waiting is anticipatory, as we look forward and prepare for Jesus’ promised return – the Messiah’s second and final coming.


With respect to the latter, the New Testament says much about the End of Days, the time of waiting between the first and second coming of Messiah. However, very little of the discourse pertains to when the End will come, for God has not disclosed to man the precise time. Instead, the New Testament is preeminently concerned with the character of the “last days,” and thus with how the Christian is to live, that he might persevere in faith to the End and not lose hope. Throughout the New Testament, references to Christ’s return are accompanied by warnings, such as, beware, stay alert, be ready, and, repeatedly, watch! Indeed, the Bible offers such warnings because “the Day of the Lord,” when Christ returns for judgment, “will come like a thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:2; cf. Mat. 24:43).


In these “last days,” then, the Christian is to learn the proper way to prepare and wait for the second advent (“coming”) of Messiah. Given the proneness of the sinful heart to wander, and the unknowability of the precise time of the Bridegroom’s return, the Christian properly prepares himself and awaits the coming Day of the Lord chiefly through prayer, watchfulness, and a holy life. Moreover, the church can learn much from ancient Israel about preparing and waiting for the coming of the Lord.


Abraham and his descendants had been awaiting the arrival of God’s promised One for roughly 2,000 years – about the same duration that the church has now been expectantly awaiting his return. God had not kept Israel in the dark about what Messiah would accomplish nor about the signs by which they would recognize the inauguration of the Messianic Age. Indeed, since the very call of Abraham (ca. 2000 B.C.), not only the law, but the gospel with it, had been preached throughout the history of Israel (Gal. 3:8; cf. John 5:39). In other words, God had been proclaiming to Israel the coming of Jesus of Nazareth from the beginning, even if his name was not revealed until Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary.


And yet, despite Jesus being voluminously foretold to Israel in the law, the prophets, and the psalms, when the long-awaited Messiah finally did come, “his own people received him not” (John 1:11), a calamitous outcome to millennia of preparation and waiting. What happened? Did God mislead his people in some way, or fail to do as he said he would? No indeed, for Jesus’ life, ministry, and Passion were in accordance with, and the fulfillment of, the Scriptures of Israel.


Instead, Jesus was a stumbling block to those in Israel whose expectations of the Messiah were far too narrow and rested too much on human understanding. For example, God had promised that the coming Messiah would judge the nations and save Israel from her enemies. When it became apparent through Jesus’ ministry, however, that Israel was not to be exempted from God’s judgment of the nations, and that the enemies over whom Israel would ultimately be vindicated were not, as many had assumed, the oppressive Romans, but the powers of sin and death that ruled in the heart, many were scandalized and took offense at him. For those in Israel who trusted chiefly in their lineage and their own righteousness, and who were eager for God to smite the Gentiles and make heads roll, God’s generosity and mercy in Jesus Christ to Jew and Gentile alike was a bridge too far.


Just so, Jesus was a stumbling block in Israel not because he failed to be and do what God had promised, but precisely because he perfectly and superabundantly fulfilled the Messianic vocation. For, from the beginning, it was promised to Abraham that, through him and his offspring (singular), God would bless all the nations of the earth. Jesus is the promised offspring of Abraham, and, so, in the sending of his only-begotten Son, God accomplished to the letter all that he had foretold to Israel. But he did so in a way that defied man’s small, this-worldly expectations, and thus in a way that was altogether surprising.


There is a lesson and a warning to the church from ancient Israel here. For just as the first advent of Messiah contained surprises, even for God’s people awaiting his coming, so also will his final return. The Christian is thus exhorted to pray for humility, to prepare room in the heart for the God whose ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than ours and therefore always surprising!


Finally, it should be observed that the church and the Jews await together the coming of Christ. The difference is, whereas Jews who disbelieve that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah are awaiting Messiah’s first coming, the church awaits his second coming. Nevertheless, Jews and Christians alike are waiting for the same thing: the coming Day of the Lord. We ought to pray for ways to strengthen and encourage one another in our shared watching and waiting, that together we might be found awake and ready when the Bridegroom comes.


A blessed Advent to you,


Ben Blobaum

Pastoral Intern

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This Week's Reflection from Martin Luther

And as it went with John, so it still goes, from the beginning of the world until the end. For such conceited piety will not be told that it must first and foremost prepare the way of the Lord, imagining itself to sit in God’s lap.

- Martin Luther -

Online Resources
Note: If you give online to the Mission of the Month, your funds will be applied to the MOM recipient at the time of your gift.

See the monthly calendar by clicking on the image below.


If you haven't had a chance to return your 2023 Pledge card, please return it to the office as soon as possible. You can drop the card in the offering basket, church office or return via mail in the envelope that was provided. Lost your materials? Extra copies are available on the table in the Narthex. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Rooks at or (262) 786-4010.

Christmas Poinsettia Orders

We invite you to help us decorate our altar this Christmas with the purchase of a poinsettia or two. Thankfully the price has remained the same as last year - $25 for a 7-1/2" pot with two plants - available in red, white or "jingle bell" (a mix of red/white with gold speckles).

Order forms can be found on the Opportunities Kiosk in the narthex. Forms are due to the church office no later than Sunday, December 11.

You can also access and print a form HERE.


Holden Evening Prayer

Midweek Worship

Please join us for our Wednesday night Advent services

at 7:00 p.m. on the following dates.

December 7, December 14, December 21

 Light refreshments will be available in Fellowship Hall following the service.

We invite you to bring treats for this fellowship time - a tray of cookies, cheese and crackers, etc. Pastor Ken and Marcella will provide the beverages. The sign-up sheet is on the OPPORTUNITIES kiosk in the narthex. There are two open spots for each week.

Advent Devotional Materials Are Available

The NALC offers an online Advent devotional that can be accessed HERE.

Several Advent Devotionals are available this season Two of the devotionals are in paper format - The Promised One and Hark the Glad Sound - and are available on the table in the narthex. The third option - And He Shall Reign - is an online devotional compiled by the NALC and can be accessed using the link above.

Lessons & Carols

December 3-4, 2022




  • Saturday: Ernie Kretschmann
  • Sunday:  Larry Bonier, Diane Grundman, Sue Rowe


  • Kyle and Jackson Gall


  • Scott and Lisa Grossman


  • George and Kay Sedivec, Bob and Donna Siderits

LECTORS (Sunday):

  • Ben Blobaum, William Dudzik, Scott and Peggy Langelin


  • Lizzy Dudzik


  • Norene Giuliani

MUSICIANS: Psallite Choir, Celebration Ringers, Brass Ensemble, Chris, Jessica and Lizzy Dudzik


  • George and Kay Sedivec


  • Kalupa Family in honor of Gabriele Muth


  • Saturday:  Cindy Rooks
  • Sunday:  Sue Rowe


  • Sam Sayas


Harpist Janelle Lake to play on

Christmas Eve at the 10pm service

Janelle Lake plays harp professionally throughout Chicagoland and the United States. Her days are filled performing, teaching, and traveling. Performances include her positions as principal harpist of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra since 2005 and the Southwest Symphony Orchestra since 2007 working under many batons including Dr. Alltop, David Crane, Jay Friedman, Ricardo Muti, and Cliff Colnot (Civic Orchestra). 

Memorable experiences include performing with Van Dyke Parks (song writer for the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson), playing the daily tea and demitasse at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island (audience included Rudy Guillani and Mitt Romney), and regular performances at Julius Meinl, and the Drake Hotel in Chicago (audience included President Obama).

Janelle Lake served as the Artistic Director at the Venus Harp Factory for eight years where she tested each new harp before it was sent around the world. Liz Cifani, retired Lyric Opera harpist, taught Janelle Lake at Northwestern University during her course work for Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Music Performance. Janelle recently released her first CD of French and Czech harp music titled Moonlight in a Pool.

Thank you to the Gutenkunst Flute Ensemble for providing beautiful music at the 9 a.m. service on November 27. It was a beautiful addition to our First Sunday of Advent worship service.

Faith Formation

Adult Bible Study

Hark the Glad Sound - the Songs of Luke

A new adult Bible Study continues this weekend with a course facilitated by Pastor Ken Nelson. There are two opportunities during the week to participate in this study, which is described below.

Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Dec. 4, 11, 18

Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. Dec. 7, 14 and 21

Music has always been a part of the Advent and Christmas seasons, but you may be surprised to learn that tradition goes all the way back, thousands of years before Christ was even born. The people of God were singing the praises of God long before Christ came on the scene. The Children of Israel sang when they had safely crossed the Red Sea on dry land, escaping the approaching Egyptians. King David sang songs that would become part of the Book of Psalms. But in the time right before the birth of Christ, the number of melodies increases as the chosen participants involved in the coming of Christ prepared for his arrival.

During these seasons of Advent and Christmas, you will have the opportunity to "hard the glad sound" with Zechariah, Mary, the angels and the Church. You can join with them in singing the praises of God who sent his Son to earth to save us, echoing their melodies of repentance, remembrance, rejoicing and reconciliation. Won't you join us and sing along?

December Mission of the Month

In December we raise up a vital Mission of the Month supporting the training of pastors for service in the North American Lutheran Churches. We have been blessed to have Ben Blobaum with us this year as a pastoral intern. Ben is a graduate of the North American Lutheran Seminary in Amhearst, PA.

Why is this important? The NALC is growing and the need for pastors trained for our Synod is crucial to us and congregations like ours in the NALC. Current pastors in other Synod traditions have received training in preparation for serving in NALC congregations; however, many of those pastors are nearing retirement. The NALC has grown from 17 congregations at inception to over 500. Initially there was only one seminary in Amhearst, PA; however, due to growth and demand, the Lutheran Institute of Technology (ILT) in Brookings, SD also trains pastors for the NALC. The ILT is an online institute with undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs.

Please consider supporting NALS/ILT seminaries n their godly work. Click here to be directed to their website for more information. To support this important Mission of the Month, you may include it in your weekly offering envelope or designate the donation as "Mission of the Month" in your online giving.

Mission and Outreach

The "Mitten Trees" are in the Narthex and ready for your donations of new and gently-used mittens, gloves, scarves and hats.

All donations will be distributed to our outreach partners in the Milwaukee area.

Winter Clothing Collection

Cleaning out your closet as we transition to winter? Calvary's Mission and Outreach Committee is collecting winter coats, sweatshirts and sweaters, caps, gloves and scarves for all ages. Please put your items in the tub in the narthex. Items can be new or gently-used condition.

Thanks for helping those who are without winter clothing in the Milwaukee area.

Our Church Family

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

If you haven't had a chance to listen to our livestreamed Thanksgiving Eve worship, a link is included below. Amy Blobaum (wife of our pastoral intern Ben Blobaum) gave a beautiful and inspiring Thanksgiving testimony. (You can hear her speak at the 29:25 mark in the video.)

Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service Link

Diane Grundman, 12/1

Nicole Moritz, 12/1

Shelby Rose, 12/2

John Foley, 12/5

Nadine Schuelke, 12/11

Caleb Liu, 12/14

Brian Kretschmann, 12/15

Amanda Olstinski, 12/15

Bob Smith, 12/15

Ray Chesner, 12/17

Donnie Dentice, 12/17

Elton and Joanne Juno, 12/4 (36 years)

Al and Rhonda Rodriguez, 12/23 (50 years)

Ron and Jean Holman, 12/26 (69 years)

Bob and Donna Siderits, 12/26 (62 years)

Jeremy and Nicole Nowicki, 12/28 (12 years)

Ben and Amy Blobaum, 12/29 (2 years)

Rick and Carol Treadwell, 12/29 (49 years)

Ken and Amando Olstinski, 12/31 (1 year)

Prayers of sympathy and God's grace to: the family of Donna Polizzi, who passed away on November 22. No information is available regarding a funeral service.

New prayer requests: Doug Keddie (friend of Janet Zastrow)

Ongoing short-term prayer requests:  Grace Gunnlaugsson; Jonni Roush; Susie Barnhart (friend of Megan Sayas); Pastor Tim Peterson (friend of Ken and Marcella Nelson); Torrie and her unborn daughter (cousin's daughter of Lisa Grossman); John Gregory (friend of Scott and Lisa Grossman);  Elizabeth Stem (niece of Evelyn Ceci); Dennis Heimdahl (son-in-law of Marilyn Hermann); Julie Niederbaumer (friend of many Calvary members); Sarah Green (sister of Andy Schatz); Laura Lynn (friend of Pastor Jerry and Nancy Wittmus); Gerry Fosdal (friend of Linda Thorpe)

Serving in the Military: Dan Berger (serving in the U.S. Marines); Kevin Butler (son of Heidi Powers, serving in the U.S. Army); Ben DeYoung (son-in-law of George and Kay Sedivec, serving in the U.S. Air Force); Alex Olson (U.S. Air Force, grandchild of Ardath Olson); Kyle Pierce (son of Karen and Keith Pierce, serving in the U.S. Army); Karmen Thomas (friend of Tony and Krista Dentice serving in the U.S. Army); Nicole Wahlgren (serving in the U.S. Army National Guard); all military chaplains; and all veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


For All Men and Women Serving: Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT's; Health Care workers and First Responders.   

Serving in the mission field: Our NALC missionaries and missionaries everywhere bringing the gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Long-term prayer list:

Calvary members:  Pat Corcoran; Ron Foster; Tom Kurtz; Beverly Lawson; Shirley Mahn; Myrna Mavroff; Donna Schroeder; Nadine Schuelke; Gloria Strei; Pat Treutelaar; Ruth Young; Janet Zastrow

Non-membersTom Bruns (brother of Carol Rooney); Lauren (granddaughter of Scott and Peggy Langelin); Isabelle George (wife of Judy Sayas' cousin); Joe Dentice (father of Tony Dentice); Mike Andrae (husband of former Calvary member Luisa Andrae); Nicole Sayas (daughter in law of Judy Sayas); Dennis Reich (friend of John and Mary Lau); Curt (friend of Larry Bonier); Pastor Mark Gehrke (son of Lois Gehrke); Barb Anderson (friend of Lisa Grossman); Gareth George (cousin of Judy Sayas); Joseph Franko (friend of Judy Sayas); Rose Luther (friend of Nicole Moritz); Judy Grospitz; Monica Barchus (niece of Ernie Kretschmann); Michael Rossa (Lucy Dallman's son); Karen (friend of Lydia Trudell); John Nielson (brother of Judy Kestly); Susan Petropoulos (sister of Wayne Johnson); Tom Dallman (husband of Lucy Dallman); Delores Seel (mother of Keith Pierce)

If you have any new prayer requests, please contact the church office at 262.786.4010 or via email to

Financial Update/Worship Attendance - November 23, 26-27

Women's Ministry

Women’s Christmas Open House

Saturday, December 10, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Marcella Nelson’s Home

19245 McAllister Lane Unit A, Brookfield


Come and bring your daughters or a friend

(Non-Calvary women are also welcome)

Come when you can, leave when you must

      Stop in and have some cider or coffee with our Calvary sisters.

If you have questions or need directions,

call Marcella at 701-833-5157


A few reminders ....

Severe Weather Announcements

With winter coming, we are reminded that weather can definitely impact traveling to church. And with that, inclement weather could necessitate the cancelling of worship.

In the event this should happen, you will receive an e-mail stating that the church is closed. We will also be sharing this with WISN-TV 12 and FOX6 so that it will be included in their scrolling list and on their website of closures.

Live Stream Attendance Link

If you watch our services via the Live Stream, please take a minute to let us know. There is now a link called "Online Worship Attendance" on the page where you access each week's service.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this each week. It helps us know that our Live Stream is being viewed and by whom. 

Thank you!

Online giving provides options! 

While cash and checks are always welcome, the “Give Online” button on the Calvary Lutheran Church website provides another option. And, with the expansion of our vendor’s software, the options are now expanded and customized. In addition to giving to the General Operating Fund, Building Fund and Mission of the Month, you can now specify contributions for Altar Flowers, Sunday Morning Fellowship Treats, etc. 

We can also include other limited-time event payments such as the Disaster Response Training and the WI & Upper MI Mission District Convocation being held at Calvary on October 28 and 29. 

Please note that contributions to the Mission of the Month are allocated to the organization for the month in which the donation is made

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Rooks, Finance Secretary, via email at or (262) 786-4010.  

Online Giving Link

Hospitality Treat Sponsors

Are Needed!

We invite you to stay after worship on Sunday mornings and enjoy fellowship time and a treat/cup of coffee in Fellowship Hall.

If you'd like to provide treats (donuts, bagels, etc.) for Sunday hospitality time, there is a sheet on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. You may bring the treats (six dozen) and drop them off in the kitchen, or simply add a “P” behind your name, pay $30 to the church office and the treats will be purchased for you. 

The sign up sheet for 2023 has been posted on the bulletin board.  Thank you for your support!

Weekly Men's Breakfast Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
Maxim's Restaurant
18025 W. Capitol Drive

The restaurant seating has been reconfigured in compliance with social distancing requirements.

All men are invited to attend!

Monthly Men's Gathering 

Thursday, December 15

6 p.m.

Fellowship Hall

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mark Trudell at

Updated Church Directory Available

The Calvary Church Directory is available electronically or in paper format. If you'd like an electronic copy, please send an email to requesting it. There are also printed copies available in the church office.

Any corrections or updates should be submitted to

Cindy Zilske at

Facing tough times? Need a Christian Friend?
Stephen Ministry is here to help. Free, just like God's love.

Stephen Ministers are congregation members trained by Stephen Leaders to offer high-quality, one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. A Stephen Minister usually provides care to one person at a time, meeting with that person once a week for about an hour. 

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this important ministry, please contact Scott or Peggy Langelin at 262.853.0018.

Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.

The link to the Live Stream is available on the home page at

If you watch the livestream service, please take a moment to log your presence via the link that is available above the livestream link.

Sanctuary Flowers

We invite you to sign up for flowers to beautify our altar each weekend.

The sign-up sheet for 2023 is now posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex.

Flowers are $35 and you may take them home following the 9 a.m. worship on Sunday morning. If you'd prefer, you can leave the flowers at church to be enjoyed by the office staff.

The right side of the Sanctuary (as you face the altar) is equipped with a hearing loop system which transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field. This greatly reduces background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound.

Most hearing aids are equipped with a t-coil and connecting to this system is an easy switch on the hearing aid. If you need assistance during worship with this system, please reach out to an usher or any staff member.
The church office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The door that is closest to the office (NW corner) will be open during those hours.

Please check in with the office staff so we know you are in the building.

The office phone number is (262) 786-4010. Feel free to leave a message if you call after hours and we will contact you the next day.
Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - noon 262.786.4010
Questions or comments? Email Sue Rowe at