Your Weekly E-Newsletter -- Thursday, October 20, 2022

This Week's Pondering from Pastor Ken

“The time of my departure has come…”      II Timothy 4:6b (NIV)

The Bible does not have many “departure stories” – but the ones they have are quite endearing.  

Before I discuss some of them, I wish to emphasize that I do consider the story of our Lord’s death on the cross “endearing” – even if as Luke 23:46 says, "Jesus died utterly trusting in His Father, saying “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”, at which he “breathed his last". The manner of our Lord’s death – praising God and not cursing death or his executioners - is why in Luke 23:47 it says the centurion who witnessed this “praised God and said, 'surely this was a righteous man.'”    

The other stories of dying – what I’ll call “departure stories” - include Jacob (Israel) who blessed his sons, gave a few burial instructions, and then “drew up his feet into his bed and breathed his last.”  Moses was allowed to see the distant valleys and hills of Canaan, the “promised land” but not allowed to enter it, dying instead in Moab.  

Deuteronomy 34:7 says, however, that “his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone” (no small feat for a man 120 years old who’d just climbed a mountain!).  

David’s departure is a bit more complex, much as his life was complex and conflicted.  I Kings 2 reports that while he gave his son Solomon and heir to the throne some governing wisdom, he also instructed him to take revenge on some of his political enemies - NOT endearing, to be honest!  There are others, but I cite these because the characters are well known, as is of course, Paul.  His “departure story” is a mix of Moses and David, giving instructions to his successor Timothy and praising many of his faithful companions in the ministry as Moses did.  But he was sounding a note of caution, even condemnation, upon a few who’d betrayed him (Demas, listed in II Timothy 4:9 being one example). 

In concluding my (our) short series of sermons on II Timothy, I will focus my thoughts this week on “departures” – on how we as Christians ought to prepare to die.  Paul is preparing to die by centering his thoughts on those who would follow him in the faith – Timothy most prominently.  Who will emulate your faith … to whom and how might you pass on what you have believed?  Have you written down, or told anyone of your trust in the Lord?  Have you considered how your accumulated resources, to the extent they exist, might become a gospel proclamation in addition to making provision for family members? Have you ever considered writing a letter of departure - something more than a last will and testament which is a legal document -- a statement of your faith and the content of your prayers for your family as you approach death? 

Of course, Paul could have died many times prior to having written this last will and testament to Timothy.  He could have perished very early in his ministry long before he wrote his very first known letter, I Thessalonians, in about 55 AD.  So, I don’t want to make too much of this section of II Timothy as a written commendation of the faith. Death visits when and where it wills and not always after we’ve made the preparations we otherwise might make.  But Paul had that opportunity and made good use of it – II Timothy chapter 4 is the result.    

Paul was not bitter, Paul was not afraid, Paul was not regretful even if contrite before the Lord.  Paul was not ignorant of what death is – he likened it to “being poured out like a drink offering”, the connotation being we are not in control of it – we are what’s “poured out”.   But that phrase in Paul’s time also signified an act in traditional Jewish worship. In ceremonies,  wine was often poured on an altar as a sacrifice to God and when done it was said to be “pleasing to God.”  Paul looked upon his life, even as it inched closer to its conclusion, as a sacrifice to God.  

I long ago visited with a woman who was not in good health anymore, and she was concerned that her kids and grandkids may not have not followed in the faith.  She wondered what she could do.  I told her to pray for them, and added this: You have one more opportunity. Show them how a Christian dies!   I suggested as long as she had life and breath and ability, she should serve the Lord, she could invoke his name more often, talk in front of them about how death did not make her afraid, and provide for the ones outside of her family whom Jesus once called “his family” with whatever time and resources she could offer.  She could do what Paul told Timothy he’d done – fight the good fight of faith.

And then the crown of righteousness comes.  What a day that will be! 

I hope this finds you dwelling in His peace.

Pastor Ken Nelson    

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This Week's Reflection from Martin Luther

If you want to abolish sin, you not only wrong sin, but you also want to trespass on the office of Christ and say: I want to be Christ. ... This is the sin supreme! Let Christ be Christ; let Him keep His office. We have enough other sins to answer for.

- Martin Luther

Easter Sermon,

April 17, 1530

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What is a Calvary Deacon?

Our Calvary Board of Deacons is a unique ministry among Lutheran churches. This important group of 11 individuals cares for the spiritual welfare of our congregation by praying for them, assisting with distribution of Holy Communion, being available to the members of their "alpha group" for prayers, support or other information about Calvary, and encouraging a strong spiritual life among our Calvary family.

Deacons serve a three-year term and we will have four openings in 2023. If you are interested in serving in this capacity next year to fill one of these vacancies, please reach out to Diane Grundman, Ernie Kretschmann or Judy Kestly. It is truly a rewarding experience and makes a significant difference to those we serve.

Trunk or Treat RSVP

Trunk or Treat

Sunday, October 30

South Parking Lot

11:45 a.m.

We invite EVERYONE to join us for our annual "Trunk or Treat" on Sunday, October 30 in our east parking lot. (In the event of inclement weather, we will move the event to the classrooms and hallways of the church.)  The Brookfield Fire Department will have one of their emergency vehicles here for the kids to see.  

Costumes are not required (but they do add an element of fun!). An online sign up has been created so that we will know how many treats to pack in your trunk for our little trick-or-treaters.

To RSVP, please click the orange button or there is a sign-up sheet sign up on the OPPORTUNITIES kiosk in the Narthex.


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Join us for special music at the 9 a.m. worship.  We will be joined by the Brass Ensemble from the Wisconsin Wind Orchestra, our Psallite Choir and the Celebration Ringers

Don't forget to wear RED on Reformation Sunday!

Sunday, November 13 - Peter Thomas, cellist will be joining our 9 a.m. worship.  He is a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Sunday, November 20 - Gela Ashcroft will return to share her musical talent with us on Christ the King Sunday at the 9 a.m. worship.

Sunday, November 27 - The Gutekunst Flute Ensemble will be returning to perform during  our first Sunday of Advent service at 9 a.m.

November 6, 2022

All Saints Sunday

9:00 a.m. worship

All Saints Day will be celebrated with a variety of gospel and blues music at the 9 a.m. worship.  

Joining our service will be Michael Prusinsky and Thomas Pibal (saxophone and keyboard musicians).  

About our Guest Musicians 

Michael Prusinsky is a celebrated vocalist and saxophone player with a career in live music and music education spanning 30+ years. Michael’s soulful energy reaches his audience with a positive and warm vibe. Michael remains true to his rural roots and claims that his 25 years teaching music to young people brings him the most joy of his career.

Thomas Pibal began his musical journey at age six at the piano and his first piano teacher, Kathy Fee, She told his mother that he was one of the fastest-learning students she had ever taught. After several years of piano lessons, Thomas decided he wanted to quit studying music. Fortunately his frustration with method books swiftly led him to discover the music of Scott Joplin and soon after learning pieces like "The Entertainer" and the "Maple Leaf Rag" around the age of thirteen, Thomas realized music was a part of his life that he couldn't live without.

Twentieth Sunday

After Pentecost

October 22-23, 2022




  • Saturday: Ernie Kretschmann
  • Sunday:   Linda Thorpe, Diane Grundman, Terry Bzdusek


  • Kyle Gall and Ellie Sayas


  • Tom and Mary Ellen Thiede


  • Lenny and Bill Graffin
  • Maxine Weisbrodt
  • Linda Thorpe


  • Bill Graffin


  • Lizzy Dudzik


  • Jan Lukasik

MUSICIANS: Nicole Moritz


  • Dean Schmelzer


  • Carol Roe in memory of Dean


  • Saturday:  Jeanette Kalupa
  • Sunday: Sue Rowe


  • Kyle Jones

Faith Formation

On Thursday, October 20th, the Men’s Ministry Group will gather to watch a wonderful 70-minute film about English author and Christian Apologist C.S. Lewis, writer of such great works as “Mere Christianity”, and “The Case For Christianity”, as well as the popular “Narnia” series of books – the most famous of which was “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”    Lewis was born into a Christian home but left the faith in his teen years owing to the tragic death of his beloved mother and his own considerable intellectual development, which led him to question the rationality of faith and the very existence of God.    

Our film, “The Most Reluctant Convert”, chronicles the story of Mr. Lewis' departure from and return to the faith as a young professor at Oxford University in England. It also focuses on the many influences, including other professors who mentored and debated with him, that aided his return to faith.   It’s a fascinating story, and a compelling film adaptation of C.S Lewis, the man and Christian intellectual. Afterward we’ll have some guided discussion of Lewis’ life story, faith story, and its relation to our own walk of faith. 

We invite all the women and men of Calvary to this event and encourage you to invite others. We will gather at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall for dinner. The film will be shown in the Sanctuary starting at 6:30 p.m., with discussion slated to conclude by or before 8:30 p.m..

Adult Bible Study - Lutheran Next Steps

A new Adult Bible Study class - THE LUTHERAN NEXT STEPS meets on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.  This eight-week course meets in the Media Room at 10:30 a.m. and will be facilitated by Pastor Ken Nelson. This course was created a few years ago when Pastor Ken was engaged in the “Life to Life Discipleship” initiative of the Navigators and the NALC.   

The course is a solid, basic overview of the Christian faith. It encourages participants to increase their Bible reading, includes some memorization of key passages, and will culminate in the opportunity to create and share (in groups of 2 or 3) a personal “faith story” (or what some traditions called “testimonies”). The goal of this study is to present the Christian faith in a straight-forward, Biblically sound way to deepen our knowledge of those beliefs. This will equip participants for those moments when they may be presented an opportunity to witness to someone about our faith and the Lord Jesus. 

Pastor Ken's Weekly Bible Study

Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall

Pastor Ken's weekly Bible study is held each Wednesday from 12:30 -1:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. He will lead discussion around the Scripture lessons that will be read in worship the following weekend.

Please bring your Bibles - other materials will be provided. Copies of the text study sheets will be available on the table in the Narthex if you can't attend the Bible study, but would like to refer to it for the weekend worship.

NALC Mission District Convocation

Calvary is pleased to host the annual Convocation of your NALC Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Mission District on Saturday, October 29 and we invite you to join us!  Let us come together in faith and unity seeking the goodness and glory of the Lord as brothers and sisters united in the waters of baptism.

This year we are also pleased to host Mary Bates, Head of NALC disaster relief, who will be conducting a disaster relief training for local churches and organizations on Friday, October 28 from noon - 4 p.m.  All are invited to attend this training and the registration link is below.

General Secretary Pastor Amy Little and Assistant to the Bishop, Pastor Jess Abbott will be addressing us on Saturday, beginning at 8:30 a.m. Most importantly we will come together for times of worship and fellowship so as to better know the Lord and each other. 

More information can be obtained through the links below. (Registration is required to attend both the Disaster Relief Training and the Convocation.)  

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Mark Knappe, Pastor Ken Nelson or Marcella Nelson. 

Convocation Information
Disaster Relief Training Information
Disaster Relief Training Registration

Community Outreach 

Operation Christmas Child delivers great joy and the Good News of Jesus Christ to children in need around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes.

Each box packed full of quality toys, school supplies, and personal care items becomes a tangible expression of God's immense love for the child. For many, it is their first gift ever!  Shoebox gifts provide an opportunity to present the Gospel to boys and girls in a clear, child-friendly way.

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child boxes are available in the church Narthex beginning this Sunday.  They must be returned no later than November 13th to the narthex.

Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned business, has advertised that they have great gifts for this purpose. Look for Operation Christmas Child signs throughout the store for appropriate gifts.

Brochures with suggested items to put in the box are available on the table in the narthex. The "boy/girl stickers" are inside each box for your convenience.

Job's Daughters Shoe Collection

Congregation member Lizzy Dudzik is participating in a shoe drive fundraiser for Job's Daughters, to help cover costs associated with travel to leadership events. 

Job’s Daughters International® is a premier organization for young women that provides a wholesome environment based on the foundation of high morals, love of country, love of family and friends and respect for others throughout the world. It is a living organization dedicated to meeting the needs of young women today and their challenges of tomorrow. It is a quality organization that fosters a sense of pride in achievement for each and all members as they prepare to become the adult leaders of the future. "

Now is a great time to clean out your closet and donate those shoes to a good cause. New and gently-used shoes of all types and sizes are needed (men's, women's, children's). Any questions can be directed to Jessica or Lizzy Dudzik.  Please bring your gently used or new shoes to church by this Sunday, October 23rd.

Winter Clothing Collection

Cleaning out your closet as we transition to winter? Calvary's Mission and Outreach Committee is collecting winter coats, sweatshirts and sweaters, caps, gloves and scarves for all ages. Please put your items in the tub in the narthex.  Items can be new or gently-used condition.

Thanks for helping those who are without winter clothing. 

Hurricane Ian was a large, deadly and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that caused widespread damage across western Cuba and the southeast United States, especially the states of Florida and South Carolina. 

There are several ways you can help the victims of Hurricane Ian:

  1. Provide a FLOOD BUCKET (sample and supply list are in the Narthex)
  2. Provide a HEALTH CARE KIT (sample and supply list list are in the Narthex)
  3. Make a MONETARY DONATION to support relief efforts through NALC Disaster Relief. Please use this link to make that donation.  

Please continue to keep the residents impacted by this storm in your prayers

as they recover and rebuild.

Our Church Family

Sandra Sanchez, 10/20

Deb Wolf, 10/20

Herb Grospitz, 10/21

David Kretschmann, 10/21

Natalie Anderson, 10/22

Vivian Peters, 10/25

David Cason, 10/26

Connor Morris, 10/29

Erik Zipp, 10/29

Lisa Grossman, 10/30

Nicole Kalupa, 10/30

Erik and Erica Zipp, 10/20 (15 years)

Lesly and Roger Evert, 10/22 (11 years)

Matt and Hannah Ware, 10/26 (3 years)

Mark and Sheila Kershek, 10/27 (27 years)

Bob and Diana Streicher, 10/28 (33 years)

New prayer requests:  Jonni Roush; Torrie and her unborn daughter (cousin's daughter of Lisa Grossman)

Ongoing short-term prayer requests:  Sue Rowe; Tom Bruns (brother of Carol Rooney); John Gregory (friend of Scott and Lisa Grossman);  Elizabeth Stem (niece of Evelyn Ceci); Dennis Heimdahl (son-in-law of Marilyn Hermann); Joe Giuliani and Cathy Pitel (brother and twin sister of Chuck Giuliani); Julie Niederbaumer (friend of many Calvary members); Sarah Green (sister of Andy Schatz); Laura Lynn (friend of Pastor Jerry and Nancy Wittmus); Gerry Fosdal (friend of Linda Thorpe)

Serving in the Military: Dan Berger (serving in the U.S. Marines); Kevin Butler (son of Heidi Powers, serving in the U.S. Army); Ben DeYoung (son-in-law of George and Kay Sedivec, serving in the U.S. Air Force); Alex Olson (U.S. Air Force, grandchild of Ardath Olson); Kyle Pierce (son of Karen and Keith Pierce, serving in the U.S. Army); Karmen Thomas (friend of Tony and Krista Dentice serving in the U.S. Army); Nicole Wahlgren (serving in the U.S. Army National Guard); all military chaplains; and all veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


For All Men and Women Serving: Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT's; Health Care workers and First Responders.   

Serving in the mission field: Our NALC missionaries and missionaries everywhere bringing the gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Long-term prayer list:

Calvary members:  Pat Corcoran; Ron Foster; Don Heyen; Tom Kurtz; Beverly Lawson; Shirley Mahn; Myrna Mavroff; Donna Polizzi; Donna Schroeder; Nadine Schuelke; Gloria Strei; Pat Treutelaar; Ruth Young; Janet Zastrow

Non-membersLauren (granddaughter of Scott and Peggy Langelin); Isabelle George (wife of Judy Sayas' cousin); Joe Dentice (father of Tony Dentice); Mike Andrae (husband of former Calvary member Luisa Andrae); Nicole Sayas (daughter in law of Judy Sayas); Dennis Reich (friend of John and Mary Lau); Curt (friend of Larry Bonier); Pastor Mark Gehrke (son of Lois Gehrke); Barb Anderson (friend of Lisa Grossman); Gareth George (cousin of Judy Sayas); Joseph Franko (friend of Judy Sayas); Nancy Myers (friend of Judy Sayas); Rose Luther (friend of Nicole Moritz); Judy Grospitz; Monica Barchus (niece of Ernie Kretschmann); Michael Rossa (Lucy Dallman's son); Karen (friend of Lydia Trudell); John Nielson (brother of Judy Kestly); Susan Petropoulos (sister of Wayne Johnson); Tom Dallman (husband of Lucy Dallman); Delores Seel (mother of Keith Pierce)

If you have any new prayer requests, please contact the church office at 262.786.4010 or via email to [email protected].

Worship Attendance October 15-16, 2022

Women's Book Group

Tuesday, November 14

Brookfield Public Library

Harnischfeger Activity Room

12:30 - 2pm

GARLIC AND SAPPHIRES is Ruth Reichl's riotous account of the many disguises she employs to dine anonymously. There is her stint as Molly Hollis, a frumpy blond with manicured nails and an off-beige Armani suit that Ruth takes on when reviewing Le Cirque. The result: her famous double review of the restaurant - first she ate there as Molly; and then as she was coddled and pampered on her visit there as Ruth, New York Times food critic.

What is even more remarkable about Reichl's spy games is that as she takes on these various disguises, she finds herself changed not just superficially, but in character as well. She gives a remarkable account of how one's outer appearance can very much influence one's inner character, expectations, and appetites.

October Mission of the Month

Broom Tree Ministries and Shepherd's Canyon Retreat

October's Mission of the Month supports two ministries focused on providing pastoral retreat ministries. To support this important Mission of the Month, you may include it in your weekly offering envelope or designate the donation as "Mission of the Month" in your online giving.

Broom Tree Ministries provides spiritual retreats for pastors and their spouses. The retreats are designed to provide uninterrupted time with God in rest, reflection, and beauty.  Broom Tree prioritizes good food and lots of time with spouses. Our guests consistently experience "aha" moments that bring clarity and challenge for the next season of ministry. Since 1997 we have been strengthening the church one pastor at a time.

Broom Tree retreats are held in Michigan and more information can be found at

Each Shepherd's Canyon seven-day retreat includes up to four client couples (singles are welcome), two counselors - male and female - and a retreat chaplain.

Our twelve retreat therapists have a combined 250 years of counseling experience! All counseling is Bible-based. Shepherd's Canyon Retreats are held at Standing Stones Retreat Center near Wickenburg, AZ.

 Learn more about Shepherd's Canyon at 

Wouldn't you like to help in making possible a counseling ministry for the restoration of hurting clergy couples and other professional church workers? Is there a need for such a ministry? Absolutely! Check out the facts below.

  • 20% of pastors are "in crisis" - they are just "hanging on," coping with the issues they face day-to-day
  • Among Protestant clergy, an incredible number quit the ministry every month!
  • Only 50% of pastors entering the ministry today will make it five years
  • 8O% of pastors say that the ministry has had a negative impact on their family
  • Upwards of 70% of pastors fight depression
A few reminders ....

Online giving provides options! 

While cash and checks are always welcome, the “Give Online” button on the Calvary Lutheran Church website provides another option. And, with the expansion of our vendor’s software, the options are now expanded and customized. In addition to giving to the General Operating Fund, Building Fund and Mission of the Month, you can now specify contributions for Altar Flowers, Sunday Morning Fellowship Treats, etc. 

We can also include other limited-time event payments such as the Disaster Response Training and the WI & Upper MI Mission District Convocation being held at Calvary on October 28 and 29. 

Please note that contributions to the Mission of the Month are allocated to the organization for the month in which the donation is made

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Rooks, Finance Secretary, via email at  [email protected] or (262) 786-4010.  

Online Giving Link

Hospitality Treat Sponsors

Are Needed!

We invite you to stay after worship on Sunday mornings and enjoy fellowship time and a treat/cup of coffee in Fellowship Hall.

If you'd like to provide treats (donuts, bagels, etc.) for Sunday hospitality time, there is a sheet on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. You may bring the treats (six dozen) and drop them off in the kitchen, or simply add a “P” behind your name, pay $30 to the church office and the treats will be purchased for you. 

Thank you for your support!

Weekly Men's Breakfast Wednesdays at 7 a.m.
Maxim's Restaurant
18025 W. Capitol Drive

The restaurant seating has been reconfigured in compliance with social distancing requirements.

All men are invited to attend!

Monthly Men's Gathering 

Thursday, November 17

6 p.m.

Fellowship Hall

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mark Trudell at [email protected].

Updated Church Directory Available

The Calvary Church Directory is available electronically or in paper format. If you'd like an electronic copy, please send an email to [email protected] requesting it. There are also printed copies available in the church office.

Any corrections or updates should be submitted to

Cindy Zilske at [email protected].

Facing tough times? Need a Christian Friend?
Stephen Ministry is here to help. Free, just like God's love.

Stephen Ministers are congregation members trained by Stephen Leaders to offer high-quality, one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. A Stephen Minister usually provides care to one person at a time, meeting with that person once a week for about an hour. 

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from this important ministry, please contact Scott or Peggy Langelin at 262.853.0018.

NEW!  Live Stream attendance link

If you watch our services via the Live Stream, please take a minute to let us know. There is now a link called "Online Worship Attendance" on the page where you access each week's service.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this each week. It helps us know that our Live Stream is being viewed and by whom. 

Thank you!

Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.

The link to the Live Stream  is available on the home page at

Sanctuary Flowers

We invite you to sign up for flowers to beautify our altar each weekend.

The sign-up sheet for 2023 is now posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex.

Flowers are $35 and you may take them home following the 9 a.m. worship on Sunday morning. If you'd prefer, you can leave the flowers at church to be enjoyed by the office staff.

The right side of the Sanctuary (as you face the altar) is equipped with a hearing loop system which transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field. This greatly reduces background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound.

Most hearing aids are equipped with a t-coil and connecting to this system is an easy switch on the hearing aid. If you need assistance during worship with this system, please reach out to an usher or any staff member.
The church office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The door that is closest to the office (NW corner) will be open during those hours.

Please check in with the office staff so we know you are in the building.

The office phone number is (262) 786-4010. Feel free to leave a message if you call after hours and we will contact you the next day.
Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - noon 262.786.4010
Questions or comments? Email Sue Rowe at [email protected]