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June 4th, 2020
New This Week at Christ the King
State of the Church

Greetings Members of Christ the King!

We hope this finds you well. If you were unable to attend the State of the Church webinar last Wednesday night, May 27th, we recorded it and have attached it below.

During the State of the Church Webinar, Pastor Nate, Pastor Dara, and two council members gave updates on how things are going at Christ the King during our time apart. They offered some updates on our financial position, and what staff have been working on. They also gave some insight into our initial plans for re-entry
once it is activated.

God’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate & Pastor Dara
Joint Statement On Reopening from the Appleton Conference

Please watch this important message from the pastors and deacons of the Appleton Conference of ELCA churches.
A Huge Thank You from Samaritan

We received a letter expressing gratitude for our latest contribution from Samaritan Counseling Center. Samaritan helps children, adults and families thrive. With your help, they have made homes more loving. Schools, workplaces and faith communities more productive. Communities stronger. Because of us, Samaritan will make a positive impact on more than 20,000 people in 2020! Thank you for your generosity CtK!
Opportunity to Provide Dinner for Pillars on Tuesday, July 14th
Changes have been happening at Pillars Adult & Family Center. To allow social distancing they have moved 100 residents to a local hotel, and there are now only 30 residents at the Division Street location where we usually provide and serve a meal. We’d still like to provide them with dinners during this Covid-19 time. We are looking for volunteers to make meals in their homes to be delivered using disposable pans. Judy Ruhl will pick the meals up from your home and deliver them to Pillars. Our next serving date is July 14th, and we are looking for people to provide either all or part of the meal. If you are willing to make lasagna, green beans, frozen garlic bread, or desserts, please contact Judy Ruhl either by email or calling 920-858-3059 after 4:00pm to make arrangements. Please put "Pillars" in the subject line of your email.. Thank you for your generosity.
A Heartfelt Thank You & Best Wishes in Retirement
We are sad to announce that Shirley Foote will be retiring as our Volunteer Coordinator on June 15th. Shirley has worked at Christ the King as our Volunteer Coordinator & Bulletin Publications Office Assistant for the past 4 years. Shirley has been meticulous in producing the bulletin and would stay late to make sure it got done! She has been a consistent, dedicated hard worker with a heart for God. We appreciate all that you have done to welcome people and their gifts to serve God! We celebrate with you as you enter into your new chapter of retired life. Please join us in wishing Shirley the best in her retirement. Thank you Shirley!
Scrip Available

Scrip is available during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact Maureen by email or phone to let her know what you would like by Tuesday. Scrip that we have on hand will be ready for you to pick up on Thursday. If we do not have it on hand, it will be available the following week. We will order and let you know when it comes in. Pickup time is on Thursdays between 10:30am-11:30pm. Please bring exact amount as we will not have change on hand. Here is the Scrip on hand:
Scrip $/Vendor Available

$10.00 Burger King
$10.00 Chipotle
$25.00 Festival Foods
$50.00 Festival Foods
$100.00 Festival Foods
$10.00 Hardee's
$10.00 Noodles & Co.
$25.00 Piggly Wiggly (WI Only)
$50.00 Piggly Wiggly (WI Only)
$100.00 Piggly Wiggly (WI Only)
$25.00 Pizza Hut
$25.00 Mariano's (Pick'N'Save & Metro)
$50.00 Mariano's (Pick'N'Save & Metro)
$100.00 Mariano's (Pick'N'Save & Metro)
$25.00 Sally's Beauty Supply
$25.00 Shell Gas
$50.00 Shell Gas
$100.00 Shell Gas
$25.00 Shiny Car
$10.00 Subway
$10.00 Taco Bell
$50.00 Target
$50.00 VISA (5% Back)
$100.00 VISA (5% Back)
$25.00 Walmart/Sam's Club
$50.00 Walmart/Sam's Club
$100.00 Walmart/Sam's Club
$10.00 Kwik Trip
$20.00 Kwik Trip
$25.00 Kwik Trip
$50.00 Kwik Trip
$100.00 Kwik Trip
In Case You Missed It...
Looking for Bloggers!
We'd like to invite YOU to be part of the CtK blog! We're curious to hear how you are seeing God's love coming to life from your homes. Are you seeing it through worship? Or maybe your kids did something that reminded you of God's love. Or maybe...your mail carrier or a grocery store worker or a nurse you know?

We like to have one blog post every week, that's usually 300-500 words in length. Pictures and videos are welcome too! If you'd be interested in submitting a blog post, please send an email to Maureen , who will get you on the schedule.

So are YOU seeing God's love coming to life?

Many members have been asking about how they can continue to give their offerings. There are many opportunities to give. First, you can either mail in your offering as we have staff picking up the mail. Secondly, see the link below for additional ways to give electronically. This link will take you to our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 788-6492 as messages are being checked as often as we can. Thank you for your continued stewardship.
Miss Weekly Worship Services or Sunday School?

Did you miss a service and want to get caught up? The rec ordings can be found under Virtual Church on our website. Please see the link below:

Note From our Council President
The council would like to recognize all of the hard work that is going on behind the scenes of each of our worship services and many other events that support Christ the King. Pastor Dara’s family members have taken on many roles in the production of online worship. Diane & Dean Doersch, Pastor’s mom and stepdad have been offering technical support and have been in charge of taking care of Miriam and the family dogs. As an invaluable teammate, Pastor Dara’s husband, Adam has been orchestrating the video and audio components. In fact, I witnessed (remotely) just a small part of this orchestration as we were preparing for the “State of the Christ the King” webinar. Recently, Adam also donated many hours of his time helping Christ the King in a project helping with data migration resulting in a savings of $4500 in labor costs! Please join the council to recognize our immense gratitude to Adam and Pastor Dara’s family for their service to our church!

Respectfully submitted,

Karrie Been
CtK Council President