MARCH 2017 NEWSLETTER - In This Issue:
It is with gratitude and joy that we launch into our 29 th year of guiding families on their sacred journeys of transforming family relationships while creating sustainable businesses, aligned shareholders, and effective boards. Whether through our Consulting Practices, our Leadership Labs, or our Educational Events, I delight in contributing to flourishing families and organizations which impacts the common good.

As we continue to deepen and expand our competencies and 5 Mountain™ processes to better serve business families, I am pleased to share a few DVFBC team updates. Scott and I invited Jared Byas to join our Partner Team given his contributions over the years, Scott Hackman will be facilitating a Virtual Leadership Lab, Henry Landes (our founder) continues to consult part-time during his Next Chapter, Brenda Bishop is now serving as Client Support, and Beth Goshow as our Member Support.

Mark your calendars
for another exceptional year of learning beginning with our March 24 Mini-Conference featuring Sheetz, Inc., and ending with our November 26 Dinner featuring the makers of Purell. You will learn about our 2017 Theme, Navigating Change, from successful multi-generational families who share their journeys & governance practices, as well as thought leaders.  And after 2 decades, it's gratifying to welcome next generation members who learn in a safe, welcoming environment. Members liken our Educational Events to Thanksgiving Dinner as deep connections form over many years; relationships & learning are enhanced when new members join us "around the tables." Indeed we continue to create meaningful Connections: 
Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment (Brene Brown).

I look forward to seeing you at the March 24 Mini-Conference if not before.  Remember to contact Beth to schedule your Family Business Consult and register for upcoming programs!

Sally Derstine, Managing Partner, Senior Family Business Advisor
Mark Your Calendars!

As stated above, we will kick off 2017 with a
Family Business Mini-Conference  on March 24th, with Keynote Speaker, Travis Sheetz. In addition to Travis, we will have 2 Breakout Sessions to address many of the challenges facing family businesses today!

In addition, we are pleased to offer these Educational Events  (click each 
hyperlink for more details): 

April 27 Best Practice Event:  5 Common HR Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

June 14 Best Practice Event:  Keeping Your Best Employees Engaged
Sept. 14 Best Practice Event:  An Introduction to Family Councils
Welcome to TD Bank!

Our Team of Educational Partners bring a diverse range of professional competencies along with an  understanding of family values and dynamics. In addition to the 6 Educational Partners listed below, we are happy to welcome TD Bank as an Educational Parter! Click here to learn more. 

OUR MISSION:  Flourishing Families & Enterprises 

Since 1988, it's been our privilege to guide multi-generation business families through their complex, unique journeys. We have served over 600 business families across the nation with our customized, intergenerational, team-building process. We chart the path, teach the principles, develop the people and guide the process that provides the direction, confidence and tools to overcome the dangers, beat the odds, and reach the summit for each family member & their enterprises!  
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