Grace and Peace to you!
This past week, the Weymouth Vietnam Veterans paid tribute to four more Veterans who died of Agent Orange. It was a profoundly moving service on Agent Orange Day. It was an honor to represent our church and offer prayer there in this special Weymouth Vietnam Park. Did you know that Weymouth had 1000 people serve during the Vietnam War?

I'm proud of our church for finding ways to show support of our Veterans, through mission and outreach, during music and prayer of our worship services, and by supporting our Veterans during annual parades.

The Patriotic Rocks we collected at our church in June and July were given to bereaved families of the Vietnam Veterans memorialized during the service. Also, Veteran Frank Burke and the director of Weymouth Veterans Council George Ponte will offer these Patriotic Rocks to more Veterans during the next monthly coffee gathering.

A Weymouth high schooler played taps during the service. I close with the beautiful words that accompany Taps (below).

Blessings and God's grace,
Rev. Gretchen