Sunday Morning Worship
May 31, 2020

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5/28 - 5-6 pm Happy Hour Bible Study
5/29 - 7 am Story Telling Friday
6/1 - 7 am Musical Monday
6/2 - 7 am - Story Time Tuesdays
6/4 - Noon Thursday EBlast
Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 31st at 11 AM

Join FCCGE leaders and other members for our annual meeting via ZOOM on
Sunday May 31st at 11 am at

It's Almost Time!
As most of you know, Pastors Kendra and Dan are expecting their first child in later June. Click the image above to read about
Pastor Kendra's leave.
Take a Peek at FCC
You're probably imagining our beautiful historic building is dark and quiet day after day in these odd times. It may be comforting to know that there is still vibrancy behind our old wooden doors and outside in our gardens. Sanctuary renovations are coming along nicely, our Temple of Light has been insulated and beautified for the comfort of our little ones and the sounds of drills and hammers ring through our halls. Thursdays are alive with familiar faces here to perform and record the weekly services you are enjoying online. We are adhering strictly to government guidelines of distancing, sanitizing, washing and masking, so no worries. Wanna peek? Well, of course you do! See below. And did we say we can't wait to see all of your friendly faces when the quarantine is lifted?
Behind the Scenes at Worship

FCCGE Spring Gardens

Hear Us!

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No Virtual Coffee Hour
Sunday May 31st due to Annual Meeting

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Fireside Chats
Weekly Musing from
Pastor Seth

Every Wednesday, Pastor Seth will share his latest Fireside Chat from, well, eh, his "fireside". These short and entertaining videos will update you on FCCGE happenings and simply be a weekly check-in on all of you.  Click here to access the full library of Fireside Chats.
Take a Moment to Laugh!
Church Deploys Drones To Make Sure Worshipers Sit, Stand, Raise Hands When Instructed

VALLEY VIEW, WA—Grace Church of the Foothills released a fleet of surveillance drones Sunday morning to make sure families worshiping at home were sitting, standing, and raising hands when they were instructed to.
Pastors and worship leaders are still telling their congregations worshiping remotely to stand, sit, raise their hands, clap their hands, and greet their neighbors. But they had no way to verify that: a problem now addressed by this innovative congregation. The church also found that they were able to verify that everyone was both wearing their Sunday best and taking attentive sermon notes.
"Let's all raise our hands together, church!" shouted worship leader Jim "Headbang" Mollison. Then, the tech team checked the footage coming back from the drones to make sure everyone was doing it.
"Looks like the Johnsons aren't raising their hands in Sector 4," tech guy Wayne Peterson muttered. "Deploy countermeasures." The drone then fired a warning shot into the air, causing the Johnsons to scramble to raise their hands as instructed. "That's right. Dance, monkeys, dance!"
Catholic churches in particular may benefit from this new method as they tell you to stand and sit an average of 4,273 times per service.

Babylon Bee, April 27, 2020
Uniting Together-Helping Others
New Bridge Family Needs Our Help!

Great news! We have a new Bridge family that has moved into the Bridge apartment. Dana, a single mom with her 2 teenage children, a boy and a girl. Our team of mentors is excited to be working with the family. Our family is in need of some assistance in regards to furniture. They could use the following items: a couch or sofa, living room chairs, a kitchen or dining room table and chairs, a TV, a queen size box spring and mattress, queen size bed linens, even bean bag chairs for the kids would be appreciated. We will continue to update this list as items are found. Thank you for helping where you are able.  Please contact Leslie Dodge (630) 248-4335 .

Be the Church Campaign Update

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in our Be the Church annual fund drive. At this time, we have collected 225 pledges and $891,916  towards our $1,000,000 goal. This will help us to support staff and ministries that make a real impact in our community. If you have not sent in your pledge yet, please consider doing so soon through one of the means you can read about to the right of this article.
Thank you for helping us to Be the Church. 
Flowers needed for Sunday Morning Altar

While much has changed, one thing that hasn't is the need to dress our Sunday morning altar with flower arrangements. We need donations for the following dates: 7/19, 26, 8/9,
10/18, 11/22, 12/13. Contact Jennifer Darnall (708) 712-3712 ) if you'd like to contribute. Thank you in advance!
Giving During the Interim

We have a number of options for you to give during this interim period of At-Home Church:
Families, Youth and Children
We Celebrate Our 8th Grade Confirmands!
May 17, 2020

Sunday May 17th was to be the day our 8th graders would have participated in their Confirmation ritual in church. We are with them in spirit and prayer and rejoice with their families. Please watch the short video to celebrate.
Show Some Love to Our Graduating Seniors
In an effort to show our congregation's love for this year's graduating seniors, we want to put together a video slideshow of them to be played during worship on June 7th. If you would like to include your senior in these celebrations, please fill out this form. Any questions, please contact Danny .
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