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9/6 - 9 am Sunday Morning Online Worship with Guest
Preacher, Rev. Sally Miller!
9/6 -10 am NO Freshly Brewed Virtual Coffee Hour
9/10- Noon Thursday EBlast
What's New?
Jubilee - Celebrating Hope
New Sermon Series
Begins Rally Day
Sept. 13th-Oct.4th 

In ancient Israel, the festival of Jubilee was celebrated once every fifty years. It was a rare occurrence, when slaves would be freed, debts forgiven, and the fields would lie fallow for an entire year. It was, in essence, a time for society to begin again with a clean slate. It marked the closing of a chapter, and the beginning of a new one.
As we continue to experience a troubling and unprecedented season in our world, we begin a new season in the life of our church. And we have chosen to celebrate Jubilee this year as our guiding principle, one that calls us towards renewal, forgiveness, and liberation. In a world that often feels so black and white, we celebrate every color of the rainbow. And in a world that struggles to go on, we dare to declare a Jubilee, a year of the Lord's favor.
Exciting Things Coming on
Rally Day!
Rally Day is FCC's traditional kick-off day for the new program year. We typically have large gatherings with music, food and a formal welcome back . Even though we can't all gather together physically, we do have some exciting things in store for you that even involve coming to the church building. One of the events we are most thankful for is that the Rally Day Worship Service, that you'll receive in your computer inboxes Sunday September 13th at 9 am, will be recorded in our newly renovated sanctuary! Watch this coming week for more on what's up for Rally Day!
Changing Times
Help is Near

In this time of great change, you may have challenges and feelings that you can't cope with on your own. You don't have to. The Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center has a team of professionals that can help you navigate these new waters. Click here to get a flavor of what they have to offer. What have got to lose? Sadness? Hopelessness? Read on and know that there is an answer.
A Letter from the Pastor
Daily Content Offerings

As our program year is about to begin, we’ll be reallocating our resources towards some of our regular programming. We’ll be moving away from daily video offerings next week as those resources of time and talent will be directed towards engaging you all in new ways. Read the entire letter here.
Stay at Home III
Jeff Haeger in Concert
Sept. 16, 7 pm
Pianist, Jeff Haeger (jeffhaegermusic on YouTube), will delight audiences once again in his September 16th virtual concert: "Stay at Home III". Hear a variety of tunes from this talented musician in this brand new concert featuring all original music. The event is free and we hope to raise funds for the Night Ministry in Chicago. Many more details to follow, including an opportunity to purchase a delicious picnic box from local Marché, with 20% of sales going to the Night Ministry.
Intern News
We Welcome Seminary Intern, Sarah Swindall

Hello! My name is Sarah Swindall. I live in Naperville, my hometown, and I am very excited to be joining the FCCGE community this year. I am finishing up my final year at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago and I just completed my official internship with Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Though my passion for ministry has been developing since I was just a little one singing in church choir, I heard my call to Word and Sacrament while I was working at my home congregation of Our Saviour's in Naperville as the Assistant Youth Director. I love working with kids and young adults. My close family includes my parents, their two dogs and my recently adopted rescue dog, Maze! I am looking forward to exploring congregational life and ministry more this year. I am passionate about pastoral care and exploring scripture. I'd love to chat and get to know you! Peace!

Sarah will be working with FCCGE through mid-May 2021.

A Fond Farewell to Ole

Our summer seminary intern, Ole Schenk, sadly, is at the end of his internship at First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn. So what's next? He is looking forward to settling into married life and finding a place with his husband Troy in Chicago after they move out of student housing. He's praying for Troy who is also a pastor, in his search for a first call with the Lutheran church. Meanwhile, Ole is working toward his immigration process to stay in the US, and he'll be looking for volunteering opportunities with churches in Chicago in the fall. We wish him much luck and many prayers for the next steps in his journey in becoming a pastor. Want to send Ole well-wishes? Email him at Ole
Children and Youth
Church School Kick-Off is
Rally Day
Next Sunday, September 13

 The FCCGE Youth Education Staff is excited for the possibilities that have opened up as we plan for this fall and Advent Church School. We are committed to providing faith formation for children and families as well as fellowship opportunities. Our adapted VBS activities were a great success and emphasized God’s teachings in a fun and interactive way at home. We hope to create and provide options that work well for any family’s schedule, that supply cohesive themes for children of different ages within the same family, and support parents and care-givers.

Our 2020-21 Youth Education Online Registration link is now available.

Whatcha Been Doin' All Summer?

Hey kids! We want to see your bright and shining faces and maybe your sandy footsies! Check with a grown-up in your home to see if it is okay to share a photo or video of yourself from this summer. We will share them in this slideshow as we gear up for the start of program year virtual church school on
Rally Day Sunday September 13th.

Rebuilding, Restoring, Refreshing
Even More Love and Care for Our Historic Building!
You know the crumbling wall in the front of the church? Crumbling no more! The dirty brick wall out back? Clean. Thanks to the hard work of talented masonry guys, careful planning and supervising from Andy, Wojceich and Tom and the generous contributions of wonderful peeps like all of you, our building is stronger; more beautiful, preparing for a looooong future. Click here for much much more!
Helping Others
Social Justice Group
Asks for Your Help
ICNA 's Back2School Giveaway

With outreach centers in Glendale Heights and Rogers Park, ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Relief Volunteers have been providing food and looking for alternative shelter for many of those hard hit by the COVID outbreak.  The Back2School Giveaway benefits any low-income family who is in need. The largest drive occurs in Roger’s Park, where the need is great, but DuPage County families can receive supplies too. For a list of basic items needed and a special message, click here. If you don’t want to shop, $20 buys a filled backpack. Contact Clara Hughes 630-699-6970 or go directly to ICNA's site to contribute.
Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center
Volunteer Today!

The Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center is an impactful organization designed to help children from low-income families acquire the necessary skills in academics and social interaction to move successfully through grades K-12 and into adulthood. They need your help.

What to Expect: Volunteers will be matched with a student, who they will meet via Google Meets for 30 minutes to 1 hour per session. Time together will be spent on homework, practicing literacy skills, playing virtual-friendly games, and getting to know each other!

Commitment: 1 hour (you may volunteer multiple days a week!)

Time Slots Available: Monday-Friday); 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm | 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Freshly Brewed
  Sundays at 10 am
Join FCC friends for 30 minutes of facetime and hear our featured speakers!

Sept 6 - Due to Labor Day, we're taking a break -- get out in the sunshine with a cool beverage instead!

Thanks to members of the Kitchen Chix last weekend for bringing Freshly Brewed some great picnic ideas and recipes from our very own FCCGE cookbooks--A Blessing in Every Pot, 2002 and Another Blessing in the Pot, 2015. And FCCGE cookbooks from 1911, 1966 and circa. 1972 were found and shared! Do I smell a revival cookbook idea simmering!?!

A big thank you to all of our special speakers who shared during our coffee time this summer. As we celebrate a new Church year, watch your e-Blast for details of a new offering on Sunday mornings. Until then, stay caffeinated, my friends!
Giving During the Interim

We have a number of options for you to give during this interim period of At-Home Church:
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