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September 18 - September 28, 2019

 We aspire to be a beacon
of liberal religion, strong community,
and transformative service.

We aspire to be a Beacon of…..
 … Liberal Religion
Sunday September 22
But What Can I Do?
In the second of our series Cherishing the Earth and Ourselves , Pamela Barz will reflect on the powerlessness we often feel and what we can do. On this first Sunday of autumn, the Choir will sing
Turn, Turn, Turn, ( to Everything there is a Season).

Sunday September 29
Communion with Ourselves
Educator and activist Parker J. Palmer wrote,“ only as we are in communion with ourselves can we find community with others.” Today in our series "Cherishing the Earth and Ourselves" we focus on how cherishing ourselves can help us cherish the Earth. Pamela Barz preaching. We will hold our annual celebration of Apple Communion. Our offering today will support World Central Kitchen which cooks meals for people following natural disasters. They are providing meals in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian, and so far have provided over 225,000 meals. The choir will sing For the
Earth Forever Turning.
From the Music Director

Thank you so much for the beautiful new red curtain around the organ loft!
Thank you to the flutist, for adding music for our postlude last week.
Choir is open to anyone in 7th grade or older. Please join us for rehearsals Sunday mornings at 9:00 . We will sing an anthem most weeks.
Here are some of our upcoming anthems:
9/22:  Turn, Turn, Turn ( to Everything there is a Season) by Pete Seeger    
9/29 : For the Earth Forever Turning  by Kim Oler
10/6:   Seasons of Love ( from “ Rent ”) by Jonathan Larsen
We have chosen music to enhance our theme Cherish the Earth and Ourselves. We’ve added drumming to our opening song Gathered Here, and will continue singing this in a round each week.  Breathe In Breathe Out is our new prayer hymn. The choir will add harmony. Alicia Key’s song We are Here reminds us of community, and our final song The Trees of the Field will send you out with joy! Clap your hands with the trees!
 Saturday November 2nd-
 Organist Peter Krasinski returns to accompany the old silent movie
The Hunchback of Notre Dame     7:00 P.M. in our Sanctuary.
Looking ahead: I invite student musicians 6th grade and older to share your talents with us.
Hope to see you Sunday September 22nd at 9:00 ready to warm up and sing!
Beth Dubuisson
Religious Education
We had a great start to Religious Education last week with 30 children attending 5 classes. The ages ranged from 3years old to high school. The classes are structured to receive children who cannot attend every week so if you missed the first week your child or children are very welcome this week.

I attended a Unitarian Universalist Youth Leader seminar last week at the UU national headquarters in Boston. The building had more than 20 local churches attending with over 50 contributing on line. It was a five hour event and it was the first time that it had participants around the country and Canada.

It would be impossible to sum up all the material so I will touch on a few things. Youth participation in worship service is one goal many churches talked about. To that end you may have noticed that we now have a youth not only lighting candles to begin worship but also coming back up to light the chalice. We spent a lot of time discussing “Identity Formation” for youth at the seminar. “Our Whole Lives (OWL)” and “Coming of Age” youth programs are two vital programs we at First Parish offer to our youth which came up often as very good identity formation learning plans.

Finally, under the title of “Beloved Community” it was suggested to have programs which include the greater community. We will be participating in the “Scituate Community Christmas-Veterans Project” with other Scituate Churches. The goal is to hand make cards for veterans and select seniors in our community for Veterans Day. We will have more information shortly on this worthwhile community project.

-Bill Ketchum, Religious Education Director
Mark Kiyimba to speak about the struggle for LGBT Rights in Uganda Sunday, Sept 22, 2019, at 12 PM
First Parish of Norwell UU Church 24 River Street, Norwell

The Rev. Mr. Mark Kiyimba is the founder and senior minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Kampala, Uganda. The congregation run a school for 650 children who have lost parents to HIV and AIDS and an orphanage for 22 children infected with the virus. preaches the acceptance of all people which has led to persecution in Uganda. His talk is free and open to the community.
... Strong Community
Minister's Community Office Hours
Have an idea to share? A question to explore? Join the Minister and other members of the congregation for conversation and connection at the Lucky Finn in Scituate Harbor, Saturday September 21, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
Finance Committee Meeting this Sunday, September 22, 2019
The Finance Committee will meet after church Sunday at 11:45 am in the Sanctuary. It’s our first meeting of this year and anyone interested in how the church raises money to operate is invited to attend and learn what we do. It’s the group that runs the Annual Stewardship Canvass, and makes sure that all our other fundraising events have people to organize and run them. The meeting will be brief, but if you are interested, please plan to talk with me further after the meeting or some other time.
Transformative Service
Planning Our 4th Sunday Offering
Once a month, usually on the 4th Sunday, we give our offering to an organization working in the community or the larger world whose work reflects our values. Some of these are set: every year we donate to the Scituate Food Pantry, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry. Others, like this month's offering to World Central Kitchen, respond to disasters. 
The Blue Boat is Back: Singing for Peace!
On Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 6:00-9:00 pm , the Blue Boat Coffeehouse is teaming up with the national Concert Across America to End Gun Violence. Come join us for our 12th Blue Boat Coffeehouse and our second time dedicating our efforts to this worthy and important cause.

This event will highlight the incredible local talent of both adults and youth while raising funds for a local non-profit organization. Through hundreds of concerts in towns (just like ours!) and cities across the country, we can reach millions of people this fall--all to raise awareness and save lives from gun violence.

This alcohol-free, substance-free, family-friendly evening is open to the public and any donations or proceeds will go to the South Shore Women's Resource and Advocacy Center to support victims of domestic violence. You can learn more about SSWRC at  http://www.thesswrc.org .

Suggested Donation is $5. Baked goods and other refreshments will be available for purchase with all proceeds going to SSWRC.

For information and the latest line-up of performers for the Blue Boat Coffee House  on 9/28/19 , please visit “The Blue Boat Coffeehouse” Facebook page.

 The Scituate Food Pantry Needs....

Holiday Dinner List
Stuffing mix
Mashed potatoes box
Turkey gravy
Cranberry sauce
Yams can
Corn can
Fruit cocktail
Quick breads or muffin mix
Brownie or cake mix

Please bring items to church on September 22nd.
Are You Concerned About Diversity in Scituate?
Come learn about the work of Scituate's Unity Council and how to get involved on Thursday, September 26 6:30-8 p.m., in the Gates Middle School Dining Commons. The Unity Council has been meeting for a few years, offering opportunities for conversation about issues arising in town and in the world, and is looking to refocus those efforts as it also begins to work with the Unity Councils of Cohasset and Hingham. For more information, speak with Pamela Barz.
Calendar for September 18- September 29

10:30 am Fididdlers
7:00 pm Parish Committee

Sat. 21st
8:30 am Minister's Community Coffee Hour
5:30 pm Middle School Pizza Party

Sun. 22nd
9:00 am Choir Practice
10:30 am Worship and RE

Mon. 23rd
7:00 Meditation

Wed. 25th
10:30 am Fididdlers

Fri. 27th
6:30 pm Censorship/Diversity Issues Meeting

Sat. 28th
6:00 pm Blue Boat Coffeehouse

Sun. 29th
9:00 am Choir Practice
10:30 am Worship and RE
11:45 am Synergy Sunday
Save the Date

October 9th
Unity Club Supper

October 13th
Animal Blessing Service

October 19th
Potluck Supper

November 2nd
Silent Movie Night - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Our Mission
Liberal Faith: We commit to participate side-by-side across generations  in worship, religious education, social activities, environmental protection,
and social justice work—learning, sharing, and growing together. 

Strong Community : We commit to care for one another, nurture the light that shines within each of us, and support each other’s individual search for truth and meaning.
Transformative Service: We commit to pursue diversity, justice, equality, reason, and discourse;
provide inspiration through music, creativity, and the arts;
and work cooperatively to affect positive change in our community and beyond.