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June 2022
What's Happening at GSB...
GSB Architects & Interiors is Growing!
GSB is proud to announce the hiring of two new team members: Jillian Weir-Reeves as a project coordinator and Nadia Alexander as an architect intern focused on design production. 

Weir-Reeves comes to GSB Architects from New York, where she served as an assistant project manager for William Vitacco Associates. In addition to her experience at William Vitacco working with the City of New York, she has experience working in operations at CBS Sports Network and web communications at NBC News. Weir-Reeves will be responsible for coordinating life safety reviews, code requirements and customer communications in her new role at GSB Architects.

Alexander is a Kennesaw State University architecture student and has experience working in various roles for The Home Depot, rue21 and Chick-fil-A. In her new role as an architect intern at GSB Architects, Alexander will be responsible for supporting project needs focused on BIM modeling and renderings. 
Jillian Weir-Reeves
Nadia Alexander
Wooden Skyscrapers Are on the Rise
Mass timber is an emerging trend for architects, developers and builders. This wood is glued and pressed in special ways to make it similar in strength to concrete and steel allowing it to be capable of replacing previous building materials, even for skyscrapers. Advocates of mass-timber maintain that it can be more environmentally friendly than conventional construction.

Here are some reasons mass timber is currently trending:

Sustainably Harvested
The carbon footprint of a building constructed with sustainably harvested mass timber, which is made from trees that are selectively cut rather than clear-cut, can be half that of a similar building made of concrete and steel, according to an assessment published recently.

Cost Effective
In addition to potential environmental benefits, construction experts believe mass-timber buildings can cost less than concrete-and-steel structures—especially if they’re sited near a manufacturing plant where pieces of the building are cut to order. With mass timber, for example, builders don’t have to pour concrete and wait for it to set.

Requires Less Man-Power
Because wood is lighter, what might normally take 200 support piles for a similar concrete-and-steel building now only requires 100 support piles. Typically, pouring concrete floors requires 30 to 40 workers. Only 10 workers are needed to install the cross-laminated timber, or CLT, panels.

Built with Safety in Mind
To minimize the risk of fire, builders and architects are incorporating precautions into mass timber buildings, leading to more precautions than usual. Tests of a two-story mass timber apartment showed that it took longer to catch fire and retained its structural integrity longer than a similar wood-frame structure.
Pet Projects

Max and Duke were made fur summer days.
We hope you have a great time soaking up some summer sun and snuggles this upcoming month!
Cocktail of the Season
Peach Margarita
Summer is officially here! What better way to soak up the summer sun in Georgia than with a peach margarita? There are many ways to infuse a drink, like steeping some fruit in the alcohol itself or making a syrup out of berries or fruit juice. In this case we have packed peachy goodness into this margarita with two ingredients: peach schnapps and peach puree. Blend your schnapps, lime juice and tequila with a peach slice on top for a cool, fruity twist to a summer favorite!
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