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By Design: A Publication by GSB Architects

Sept. 2022

What's Happening at GSB...

GSB Architects & Interiors proud to showcase film studio design

As an award-winning, Atlanta-based architectural and interior design firm, GSB has decades of experience working with some of the country’s and world’s top film studios. Our team consists of highly qualified architects and interior designers that provide services on all phases of projects from the inception of ideas to the built environment. 

The firm worked on Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, which is among the largest in the county. The studio is situated on 330 acres of historic land on the decommissioned Fort McPherson Army base with 37 houses and buildings along with 200 acres of greenspace with golf course fairways, woodlands and ponds. It features 14 sound stages, backlots and major practical sets.

In addition, GSB has created four other film and television studios with our keen ability to easily visualize a project from start to finish. 

Recently, GSB designed a $200 million movie studio project for Grandave Studios at Banning. Current plans for the project include eight purpose-built sound states, two energy-efficient, “dome structure” sound stages, a possible water stage and a backlot. 

Rome PAM Studios

Tyler Perry Studios

An earlier concept of Grandave Studios at Banning that continues to evolve.

Evolving-previous concepts of Grandave Studios at Banning.

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Looking to update your home office?

One of our favorite magazines, Homes & Gardens, recently wrote an article titled “Home office design tips – 11 rules interiors experts follow for beautiful spaces” and we thought it would be a good idea to share them with you. 

1. Focus on the desk first, 

2. Pick lighting for looks. 

3. Mix the old with the new

4. Create a view. 

5. Dress office shelves. 

6. Add points of interest. 

7. Don’t be afraid to go dark. 

8. Minimize the paperwork. 

9. Accessorize with intention. 

10. Showcase your personality.

11. Take your time - like you would in other rooms.

Pet Projects

Max sure enjoyed the dog days of summer, enjoying themselves. Now, he's ready for football season and lots of cuddles on the couch!

We love animals at GSB and hope you and your furry friends are blessed with good health. 

Cocktail of the Season

Apple Sangria

You autumn know...

Don’t let fall get you down. One of our favorite ways to cap off a hard week’s work is with a cocktail that reflects the weather and mood of the season. Nothing says fall more than apple and cinnamon paired with a dry red wine. Cheers to Spain and Portugal for the idea! 

Get the recipe

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