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March 2022
What's Happening at GSB...
GSB Project Spotlight: Rome PAM Studios
Upon its construction completion, Rome PAM Studios is now one of Georgia's leading film locations. The architectural plans from GSB were used to repurpose a beautiful, historic building in downtown Rome to serve as PAM's Northwest Georgia branch. There are two sound stages (one upstairs and one downstairs), three rental office spaces, three meeting areas with conference tables and a bank of office cubes/desks. The city of Rome serves as a natural backlot with its Southern Charm, mountain scenery and a historic downtown. The studios will be having a grand opening with the local Chamber of Commerce on April 21.

Check out the news story from WRGA where GSB's COO Billy Barker was interviewed at the Groundbreaking last year.
Architecture & Design Trends for Spring
Exteriors and interiors are increasingly becoming less about what’s trendy and more about personal expression. The lines between minimalism and maximalism are blurring, as they are in many industries at the moment. However, spring is opening up the time for soft curves in architecture, nature inspired design, and landscape palettes.

Here are some architecture and design trends to look out for:

Earth Tones
Consumers’ love for soothing greens and blues and earthy tones continues, but it’s not necessarily simply a case of aesthetic preferences. Research has shown these natural schemes found in nature lower stress and increase productivity in both home and corporate design. After the pandemic it is understandable as to why consumers are drifting to these shades.

Sensory Spotlight
One thing’s clear about the future of interiors: They need to feel as good as they look. All of our experts agree that consumers are paying much more attention to the sensory experiences of their homes. Whether that is smell, touch, or hearing, this typically impacts design choices in the areas of tech or furniture choices. There is a focus on what is natural and sustainable as well as high-tech like voice-activated appliances.

Comfort & Curves
Sharp edges and harsh lines are seeing less of a focus in 2022, especially in the coming warm months where there is a desire by consumers for inviting design that includes radiuses and waterfall corners, and simple, soft to the eye design and architecture in the home and commercially.
Pet Projects

Max and Duke are excited for the warm days ahead. We hope you have a 'pawsome' time celebrating Easter this upcoming month and enjoy some sunny, spring days!
Cocktail of the Season
Cherry Blossom
It's getting warmer outside which means outdoor gatherings paired with a refreshing, spring-inspired cocktail! Try a Cherry Blossom this spring that is made simply by pouring all your ingredients into a shaker, making for the ideal drink for any occasion. Served with grapefruit or cherry garnishes, this cocktail is fresh and invigorating, just like the warmth of spring after the winter blues!
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