Ideas, bad and good ...
When it comes to the "milk crate challenge" we say, don't participate, it's a bad idea.

Apparently, youngsters are climbing on pyramids of milk crates with the upper-most tier being wobbly enough to nearly ensure a fall and a broken bone or three.

A good idea, if you're able, is to donate your under-used machine.

(pictured at left are the 2 dozen machines YOU purchased to donate!)
Another good idea ...
Is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Your rotary blades can be turned in at the front desk. Jeremi will resharpen them and we'll put them back out, better than new.

Packs of recycled/sharpened sets of 5 are just $18.54. If you prefer new, we still sell them for just a dollar over wholesale. There's one that's taped shut -- used for the photo at left. Jeremi's resharpened blade is on the left -- note the higher polish versus the "new" blade.

Sharper than new. Watch for upcoming video on the process.
Kimberbell Kits!

This pillow kit is complete with all you need to create this keepsake pillow.

Part of the "Fill in the Blank" program.

We're pleased to offer more than just the blank. -- we've got the best supply of Kimberbell in all of New Mexico!

It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

Get in the spirit with Full Moon.

It's finally HERE!
(and some bolts gone!)
Pin cushion of the month
A fresh pin cushion!

August brings you a ripe choice for yourself or a friend. (hey, it's STILL August!)

This geometric blender is available in 108s and running yardage.

Cactus Fabrics
Many to choose from ... new and old favorites, too.


Blanket Print
Water colors
National Parks
(some new ones, too!)

Our Lady of Guadalupe
It seems like it's been since 1531 since we've seen this.
Try before you buy

Of course we'll let you try them. Just ask, we're glad to get them out of the wrapping so you can feel how smoothly they do their work.

Classes - we're keeping 'em small for now, as we feel this is best.
Learn to crochet, knit, hand quilt, garment sew and more!
Pepper Cory's Shot Cottons
Contrasting threads in the warp and the weft make these fabrics something special.

Ginny used Kaffe Fassett fabrics to make this dazzling version of a 3 yard quilt. Based on the Corner Play pattern, we'll kit it for you. See it in store now.

Catherine used Alison Glass fabrics for this variation of Flying Geese called "Lazy Goose". Kits available now!

A subtle palette ...
... and a fine hand.

You owe it to yourself to discover Painter's Palette Solids, a selection of superb quilting cottons. Combine them with the Peppered Cottons for an impactful color statement.
In-store NOW!
Hot Air Balloon
New from Elizabeth's Studios, this photo-realistic depiction of hot air balloons will make up a quick quilt. Shown here against the Weave by Running Doe quilt of Alison Glass fabrics.

What you hear
is not a test
Originally for embroidery designs for Kimberbell classes, we bought a big batch to bring the price down. If you youngsters need a place to store your infernal bippity boppity music, this will work.

The original "Bippity Boppity" music was from Cinderella. Whether Hip Hop resembles that is up to the listener. The song that purports to give Hip Hop its name is Rapper's Delight by Sugar Hill Gang. (A snip here done by the great Ellen Albertini Dow).

Botanicals is in, featuring birds and plants and more. A muted palette that will lend itself to a project for a nature lover or gardener.

A pressing matter, a hot item
The much-loved felt pressing pads are back in stock. They help speed your pressing. A couple of sizes to choose from. Because of the wool's insulating properties, it's almost like ironing both sides at once.

Fabrics for Pre-order
From Jeremi's Workshop:
Everything old is new again

This yellow machine features the scroll face plate, chrome handwheel, non-indexed tension assembly and schoolbell bobbin winder.

And, a near incandescent yellow paint. Pick your color from our current inventory or have one done custom to match ... you name it.

Sunday Super Saver

Look for the big question mark at the bottom of our website homepage. Every Sunday, we'll have something on offer that is a MINIMUM of 33 percent off.

The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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Make sure you have received your notification that your order is ready if you're coming by for curbside pick-up. If you place several orders, please know that the notifications are automatic and the notice that your first order is ready doesn't mean your second or third is ready.
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