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Thank you for all that you do to support our work! 

It is a remarkable privilege to witness the difference we make for those we serve on a daily basis. It is only through your generosity that we can accomplish all that we do and will do in the future. 

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Understanding Anticipatory Grief

"I thought I could handle anything. But I was completely unprepared for the last two years of my husband's life," writes Joan Agress in her blog post about anticipatory grief. Through her counseling, she learned that to experience symptoms such as grief before the death of a loved one is normal. Read more about her experience.
Happy Mother's Day to all of Our Moms

"On this Mother's Day may we remember and honor all our mothers. They gave us this precious gift of life. They are our maternal lineage and become our ancestors. Our grandmothers and mothers continue giving us guidance and protection on our path."  - Deborah Sullivan

HSB Counselor Nelson Hayashida wrote a poem in tribute to his mother, who was born 89 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. Read his piece. 

  Happy Mother's Day to all our moms, both those who are with us and those who have died. 
Discussion on grief and death came into the spotlight recently when two high-profile and respected personalities - Prince Harry and Sheryl Sandberg - remarked on their struggles with loss and seeking professional counseling to navigate those difficult times. We applaud them for their bravery because their openness helps bring the conversation to so many who have experienced death. Read more.

While Harry lost his mom at just 12 years old, it's important to remember that losing a parent is a defining life event no matter your age or theirs. Read why the death of a parent can be one of the most difficult losses of all.

HSB is currently working with children who are dealing with the loss of a parent or family member.
HSB Announces Planned Giving Advisory Committee

On April 26, an elite group of estate and financial planning professionals in Santa Barbara met for the inauguration of the Planned Giving Advisory Committee, chaired by Lori Lewis of Mullen & Henzell, LLP. The members of this committee have made the commitment to guide HSB staff toward the goal of providing meaningful estate and financial planning services to people who are in need of those services.
Read more about the Planned Giving Advisory Committee here.
For more information please contact HSB's Planned Giving Officer, Judy Goodbody, CFRE, CRTP at (805) 563-8820 ext. 124 or email jgoodbody@hospiceofsb.org or visit our website at www.hsbgift.org

Upcoming Events

 HSB Office will be closed 
 in honor of Memorial Day
 May 29th, 2017

 Learn at Lunch
 Maria Long and Father Jon from  Santa Barbara Street Medicine  will present Rx for Compassion:  Serving Santa Barbara's most  vulnerable citizens.
 June 16 | 12-1 p.m.

 Death and Cupcakes
 Hospice of Santa Barbara  welcomes you to join a  discussion about death and  the celebration of life in a  comfortable and welcoming  setting.
 June 20 | 1-2 p.m.
 Support Groups

Mindfulness for Healing
Wednesday Mornings | Aug. 2-30
M editation group in which members will use awareness techniques to address painful feelings around loss. This group is open to anyone experiencing the impact of a life-threatening illness or grieving the loss of a loved one. 
Teen Support Group
Tuesday Evenings | Jun. 13 - Aug. 8
For people ages 14-18 facing the loss of a loved one. This group will provide a safe, supportive environment for teenagers to express grief.
Young Adults Grieving Support Group
Wednesday Evenings |
Aug. 16 - Sept. 6
For people ages 19 to 30 facing the loss of a loved one. This group will provide a safe, supportive environment for young adults to express grief.

Time limited groups require registration prior to first session. No drop-ins please. To register, please contact the intake coordinator at (805) 563-3320 ext. 110. All groups are free of charge with donations gratefully accepted.

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Contribute to our library by purchasing a book from our Amazon wish list.
We are also seeking two laptops - one in the Treatment Room and one in the Group Room for counselors to take their notes. Call (805) 563-8820 if you would like to donate a laptop.
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Hospice of Santa Barbara thanks the following people for supporting our work:

"The entire Children and Family Services team for always working so diligently and flexibly to accommodate the needs of families with multiple children so that all the children can be seen in a way that reduces the number of trips that the family has to make to Hospice in any given week." - Kay Sommer
" My co-facilitator Terri Bailey.  She is a terrific co-facilitator and mom." - Suzanne Retzinger
" My mom (Debbie) and wife (Anna) - Watching my wife become a mom this year has magnified my appreciation for mothers. I hadn't realized just all the ways that go into loving a child and want to thank you mom for all those things I now know you must have also done for me as a baby. Your love is my love. Happy Mother's Day!" - Stephen Jones
Thank you to Lexi Molloy and Nancy Alverado for their dedication to HSB. Both are social work students who have completed their nine-month internship at HSB.

To Luciana Mitzkun, Director of Family Services at Friendship Center, for her insightful presentation at Learn at Lunch on her new book  Ahead of Dementia: A Real-World, Upfront, Straightforward, Step-by-Step Guide for Family Caregivers.  Watch her presentation here.

To our Children and Family Services team - Virginia, Lexi, Alejandro, and Eliana. They facilitated our PAL (Parenting After Loss) evening groups.
Thank you to Chaplains and other spiritual care providers for accompanying patients and their families on their spiritual journeys, compassionately helping them find the wings to fly even in their darkest hours.   
Congrats to all the students who are graduating!