January 2015


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February 11th
"Ocean of Souls," Art Gallery Reception for Diana Valdez- Wickline
New Donors

With sincere gratitude,

we welcome our new donors.  Without our generous donors, it would be impossible for Hospice of Santa Barbara to continue fulfilling our mission of caring for those experiencing the impact of  a life-threatening illness or grieving the loss of a 
loved one.
(12/1/14 - 12/31/14)
Jan Adelson
Norma Aldana-Lucero
Celina Andrade
Armand Hammer Foundation
Pat Ary
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Heidi Bautista
Linda Benet
Bruce Bivans
William Brown
Alex Campos
Cindy Carrillo
Danuta Chartwat-Mccall
Chunhao Chen
Edgar Correa
Rosanne Crawford
K. Crosby
Jan Cross
Jeffrey T. Crute
Michael A. Dale
Ginny Davis
Valerie Davis
Terry DeMaria
Gail Elnicky
Jim & Kent Englent
Michael Ensign
Kim Favors
Don French
Jazmine Gallegos
Joshua Geffon
Mandy Gocong
Rebecca & Brian Goebel
Maris & Don Goldberg
Granite Peak Partners, Inc.
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Carolyn Groth-Marnat
Austin Harrick
Theresa Harris
Nicole & Karissa Herrera
Athena Hofman
Charmie Holehouse
Billy Holmes
Cyndi Hookstra
Greg & Monica Hoon
Ann Hutchins
Gery Illner
Megan Illner
Joan & Robert Jacobs
Esther Jaimes
Denise & Charles Judd
Seth Kaplan
Kathleen M. Kelly
Jacquelyn Kerner
Karen Kester
Lambert D & H Foundation
Peggy Larned
Monica Lenches
Cynthia Leon
Felicia Less
Dana Longo
Carmelita Lopez
Pamela Magenheimer
Amara Maliszewski
Zubeida K. Marc
Sean Marshall
Brooke McCabe
Debra McCarty
Margo McClure
Lynn McLaren
Carmen Medel
Julie Mendoza
Nancy Miller
Ellicott Million
Anna Mize
Mel Mobley
Kathleen Modugno
Roxanne M. Moore
Liz Negrete
Jeanne Nichols
Lynda Nuernberg-Smith
Ray H. Olmstead
JoEllen Orosco
Maria Ortega
Lori Pearce
Barb Petronis
Pool Tech
Price Family
Suzanne Raplet
Julie Ratelle
Karen Ribben
Geri Riehl
Helen Rivera
Kimberly Roberson
Angelica B. Rodriguez
Janet & Carlos Rodriguez
Ray Romeo
Tommie Romeo
Renee & Gabe Saglie
Rio Salazar
Josue Sanchez
Violeta Saucier
Lee Schenermann
Carol Shambler
Andy Shapiro
James Slater
Kimberley Snow
Herbierto Soto
Justin Stapleton
Sylvia & Ronn Sturgis
Marietta S. Syers
Constance Tafelski
Taffys Pizza
Rev. Bart Tarman
Robert Taylor
David Thever, D
Mrs. Cameron Thompson
Sara Tidd
William Tingle
Graham Tomczik
Craig & Brenda Toms
Jan & Pete Tornquist
Suzanne Van Duinwyk
Frank Van Wingerden
Slyvea Viot
Pamela Voehl
Leslie Westbrook
William P. Neil Foundation
Debra Williford
Dolores Woodson
Mr. Robert Zahuta
Mark Zimmerman
K. Zuniga

We would also like 
to acknowledge our new and renewed Heart of Hospice 
supporters (annually renewable gifts of $1,000 
or more) 
(12/1/14 - 12/31/14)
Ann Gilman
Bruce McRoy
Sarah Stewart

If you wish to become a new
Heart of Hospice member or renew your membership, please contact us at 805-563-8820 
What's Happening at HSB

Warren Bennis once said, "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."  When the late hospice visionary Alice Heath championed our founding in 1974, she could not have imagined the reality of Hospice of Santa Barbara over forty years later.  For the last four decades, the exceptional leaders of HSB have worked to translate the vision of compassionate end-of-life care into reality by delivering innovative and critical services to those in need in our community.   

Our tradition of exceptional leadership continues as we are pleased to announce our new Chief Executive Officer, David Selberg.


Meet the Staff


David Selberg, new Chief Executive Officer at 

Hospice of Santa Barbara


Hospice of Santa Barbara (HSB) is pleased to announce the appointment of David Selberg as Chief Executive Officer. Selberg will assume his duties on January 20th. David comes to HSB with over 25 years of nonprofit experience in Santa Barbara County.

In early 2014, HSB began a nationwide search for a new CEO. HSB's Board of Directors engaged Morris & Berger, a renowned executive search firm with a specialty practice that reaches across the nonprofit sector. For over seven months, HSB's Board of Directors and Santa Barbara community philanthropic leaders narrowed a pool of over 300 qualified candidates to one candidate who possesses the experience and expertise in leadership, strategy development, financial management and community relationships needed to support HSB's mission.


"We are pleased to announce David Selberg as our new CEO," said Sam Capra, 2014 HSB Board President and Evie Vesper, 2015 HSB Board President. "David, a seasoned, successful and highly sought after professional, brings a wealth of philanthropic and health care leadership to HSB. David's proven community collaborations and visionary focus assures HSB the skills essential to strengthen patient care services and growth. The board of HSB welcomes David with grace and support."


For the last decade, David has served as Executive Director of Pacific Pride Foundation, the Central Coast's LGBT and HIV/AIDS organization. While serving in this capacity, he led strategic development planning and donor engagement resulting in raising over $900,000 annually, and he demonstrated commitment to building collaborative, community relationship and partnerships.


"David leaves our organization with an outstanding record of service," said Marco Silva, Pacific Pride Foundation Board Chair. "As the largest LGBT/HIV organization between Los Angeles and San Francisco, we are beginning this next chapter of our 35-year history in strong standing and reputation on the Central Coast and statewide. We wish David the best and will be calling upon him for input and wisdom as we find our next leader."


David is not new to Hospice of Santa Barbara. During his early years at Pacific Pride Foundation, he worked closely with HSB on delivery of care to those dying of AIDS.

"I am humbled to be transitioning from the powerful work at Pacific Pride to Hospice of Santa Barbara where truly miraculous programs serve those impacted by a life-threatening illness of grieving the death of a loved one," said David. "The mission of Hospice of Santa Barbara has touched my life profoundly over the years, both professionally and personally."


David is a graduate of UCSB with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts. With his many years of nonprofit human service experience, he has built partnerships with schools, law enforcement, businesses, government and nonprofits. He currently serves on the Santa Barbara County HIV Care Council and the California Planning Group in Sacramento representing mid-size counties with human service funding priorities across the state. Selberg also volunteers for a variety of organizations in the community, with a commitment since 2000 as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) working with high needs children in the foster care system.

We're here with you, and you are not alone...


Jeanne's daughter Christie was a mother of four and was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer.  Years after the death of Christie, here's what Jeanne has to say.  "We were scared just of the idea of having to face that we were going to lose Christie.  The Cancer Center told us to call Hospice of Santa Barbara."


HSB not only helped Jeanne, but also Christie and Christie's children, to better understand the condition and deal with their struggle.  "At one point, we kept Christie's illness from her children, but Hospice of Santa Barbara helped guide us to prep the children and ourselves to understand that she was sick.  They gave us the tools to help the kids and ourselves to do this," says Jeanne.   She feels they were all better prepared after her daughter 's death because of the work of HSB. 


HSB taught her to bring out the hurt and pain, and how to go on in life.  Jeanne says that she's happy once again, and that her grandchildren have smiles on their faces.  She encourages people going through a loss to take the step and seek help from HSB and receive the guidance she received.  "It's a beautiful way to heal."




Would you like to help families like Jeanne's?, please click here.
Alternate Ways to Support HSB 


All services at Hospice of Santa Barbara are provided free of charge.  We rely on the generous support of the community to continue our work.  You can support our programs at Hospice of Santa Barbara by:

  • Sending us a personal story about how Hospice of Santa Barbara has affected your life to info@hospiceofsb.org for possible inclusion in future newsletters.
  • Forwarding this newsletter to your friends and family.
  • Following us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Adding us as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile.

In-kind gifts have as much impact as a gift of cash.  Some items currently needed are:

  • Gift certificates for Community Supported Agriculture produce boxes to support healthy nutrition
  • Gift certificates to "wash and fold" laundry services and/or dry cleaning
  • Gas cards for transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Drug store gift cards for personal and medical care items
  • Petco gift cards to support a pet companion of those facing a life-threatening illness
  • Grocery store gift cards for those experiencing financial hardship due to illness or death in the family 

A gift in memory of the ones you love


There are many ways for you to make a gift in remembrance of someone special that will have meaningful significance for years to come.  Here are a few options to consider:


A memorial gift of cash or property - A gift of cash is one of the simplest ways to remember your loved one.  You receive a tax deduction for the value of your gift to us.


Gift Annuity - With a memorial gift annuity, you make a gift of cash or appreciated property in honor of your loved one, and you receive a fixed income for life.  You also receive a charitable deduction for the value of your gift.


Unitrust - If your memorial gift is made to fund a charitable remainder trust, you can receive income monthly, quarterly or annually.  You benefit from a charitable deduction for your gift this year and avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated assets.


To learn more about the benefits of making a charitable gift, call 

805-563-8820 or visit www.hospiceofsantabarbara.org.


Have you already included Hospice of Santa Barbara in your estate plans?  Let us know.  You are a qualifying member of our Legacy Society.  


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