Here we are in January of 2022, having had only a few weeks of life begin to feel “normal" again. Now, as we start a new year, we’re still wondering where we're headed as the pandemic continues. 

At JFCS, our services continue, no matter what. Our older adults receive their Kosher Meals on Wheels (KMOW). Children and adults receive essential psychotherapy both in-person and virtually. Corner Market Food Pantry recipients continue to meet our staff outside in order to receive much needed food and household supplies. Our case managers are in constant communication with all of our seniors and families. And our intake line is open to the hundreds of new calls for help that we receive each month. 

So, for all if us at JFCS, 2022 represents a new year of opportunity - a chance to have a positive impact on those around us. It is a new year of helping and supporting thousands of people who depend on us for life's most basic needs.

Today is Tu B’shvat (15th of Shevat), the new year for trees. As the trees begin to sprout, grow, and gain strength in the new year, so to do we here at JFCS strive to emulate this by providing new growth opportunities and strength to those around us in our community. 
From my heart to all of you, 

I wish you a 2022 filled with health, happiness and hope. 

Upcoming Re-Launch Event Features a Special Guest with Impressive Credentials
“The stigma of long-term unemployment can be profound and long-lasting,” says Ofer Sharone, PhD, Professor of Sociology at UMass Amherst and founder of the non-profit, Institute for Career Transitions. 
Professor Sharone has been studying the effects of unemployment, specifically long-term unemployment (LTU), on jobseekers for more than 15 years. LTU, defined as 27+ weeks unemployed, can feel debilitating. Although far easier said than done, unemployed job seekers could benefit from remaining resilient in the face of rejection. Thinking of oneself as "lesser than" can impact self-confidence and create a negative cycle, preventing others from seeing your value.  
On Tuesday, January 18th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, our Re-Launch program will be hosting a Zoom workshop presented by Professor Sharone and Amy Mazur. Attendees will take part in interactive reflexive exercises and peer-to-peer discussions about LTU, to help them move toward greater clarity about their life and work plans.
To register for this free Zoom event or to learn more about it, please visit:  
JFCS Partners with NCJW's TINK Group with Great Success
We cherish our collaboration with all our community partners and our excited about a new relationship with National Council of Jewish Women of Jersey Hills (NCJW). NCJW’s goal is to give women and children a better life by empowering them to tackle the obstacles they face - something we also strives to do with everyone who steps through our doors. 
NCJW has a knitting and crocheting group called TINK (which is “Knit” spelled backwards). TINK partakes in community projects where they knit and crochet hats, scarves, and mittens and donate them to local public schools. This year, TINK has donated these essential winter garments to JFCS clients. It is a match made in heaven as we have seen our Corner Market Food Pantry demand skyrocket in recent months, showing a demand for these sorts of services throughout our neighborhoods. 

We thank the NCJW TINK Group for their generous donation!
Mugs of Love for Seniors in Our Community
Another generous donation to JFCS this holiday season was made by Jewish Federation of Northern NJ. These Mugs of Love for our Kosher Meals on Wheels recipients were well received and greatly appreciated.
Thank you as always for your continued support!
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Are You Looking to Volunteer Your Time?
Our amazing volunteers are the lifeblood of all of our social services! Without them, we would not be able to serve nearly as many people or offer such high-quality support. If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at or (201) 837-9090 x238. 
Contact us at: