This Sunday's Offertory Anthem, Be Thou My Vision , was arranged by American organist and sacred composer Gordon Young (1919-1998) using the Irish ballade Slane, and incorporating the ancient Irish text which dates to around the year 700. Our hymns and musical traditions which have been passed down to us from across the millennia continue to provide solace, spiritual guidance, and inspiration. I find great comfort in knowing that a text and/or hymn tune that we may sing or hear on any given Sunday could've provided that same solace, spiritual guidance, and inspiration to a congregation 100, 500, or 1500 years ago. Our traditions, our music, and our liturgy provide a continuity through the ages which help ground us in the deep knowledge and faith of Christ. How fortunate we are as Episcopalians to be part of something larger than ourselves from which we draw upon week after week, month after month, and year after year.

I'll see you in Church,