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End of Christmas 2020

Last weekend, with the celebration of the Baptism of Jesus, the church officially ended the Christmas season for 2020. It ended Sunday at sundown at 4:37 p.m. We now begin a period of time (before Lent) that we call “Ordinary Time.” Ordinary time is not so much ordinary as it is a way to count the weeks within the church year. This weekend, we already begin week two. Jesus’ baptism marks the end of what we call His “hidden life” in Nazareth and the beginning of his public ministry.
“Repent for the Kingdom of God is in our midst.” These were the first public words recorded by Jesus. Some say it was His first homily. The annual celebration of this feast is also an invitation for us to recommit ourselves to living out our own baptism.
At each baptism, we are washed clean of the original stain of sin. We are anointed to be members of the Body of Christ, made new in the sight of God, and we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is the power of the Spirit that makes it possible for us to know Jesus. As we grow in knowing Jesus, we will want to follow Him and listen to Him more and more.
Knowing and following Jesus is called “Discipleship.” We more easily learn discipleship with the help of scripture and the authors of the gospels. This year, our main guide and gospel author is Mark. We will hear primarily from this gospel throughout the year (except during Easter when we hear from the Gospel according to John). Mark will teach us how to love Jesus and how to know Him.
24-Hour Perpetual Adoration

St. John’s is fortunate to have 24-hour Perpetual Adoration. Please take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to stay close to God in these difficult times. Hand sanitizer is available in the Adoration entrance (south side of Church), and we ask that you practice social distancing and stay at least six feet from others while in Church.
The Woman at the Well &
The Love of Christ
Presented by Dr. Brant Pitre
Saturday, January 16, 2021,
at 6:30 p.m. in the Hall
Cost: Free-Will Offering
Have you ever felt like there is no way God could ever love you? Do you know people with a troubled past and a broken life who just can’t believe that Jesus loves them?
This Bible Study will focus on the love of Christ and Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness for sinners through the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well.
For more information, call or text:
Laura Lee (414) 840-0261, or
Chris (414) 507-7660, or
Austin (414) 530-5770.
Bipolar Ionization System
A Continuation

As I recently mentioned, the Bipolar Air Cleaner has been installed in the Church, which also covers the Church Hall. Since we collected $6,000 more than needed, we decided to move ahead and do the entire property.
This will include each school classroom at a cost of $13,900, the Rectory and Parish Office space at a cost of $3,000, and the Gym at a cost of $4,300. The total cost for the rest of the property is $21,200. Minus the $6,000 that has already been donated, we need to collect an additional $15,200.

Again, on behalf of the entire parish, which is currently benefitting, and the parish school and office that will benefit from our new air cleaner, a warm thank you for your generosity.

Fr. Michael
Your donations are needed and will help us
continue to operate during these unsettling times.
Second Sunday
in Ordinary Time
January 16/17, 2021

Our readings today focus on the vital attributes of being a disciple of Christ. 

The Gospel of John portrays these attributes as he bears witness to Jesus’ first disciples. Upon seeing Jesus, John proclaims, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” The lamb is a reference to the Jewish sacrificial offering at Passover and reveals Jesus as Savior. Once the two that were with John heard this, they immediately followed Jesus. Jesus turned to them and asked, “What are you looking for?” They responded with, “Rabbi, where are you staying?” 

Imagine Jesus asking you, “What are you looking for?" We might respond with answers like a better job, more kids, retirement, or any number of things that we think will make our lives better. The things we seek may be righteous, but as disciples of Christ, we should first and foremost seek the Kingdom of God. If we strive to respond to Jesus’ question in the same way the first disciples responded, essentially asking, “Where are you, Lord?” then we will not be disappointed with the outcome. 

Our story of Jesus’ first disciples concludes with Andrew intentionally sharing the Good News of Christ to his brother Simon Peter. Andrew had the gift of meeting the Lord and did not hoard it to himself. Instead, he sought his brother and proclaimed what he had experienced, which serves as a reminder for us. Our calling is to be missionary disciples — to seek the Lord and share what we have found. Our faith is a gift! We should strive to share this gift with others.
School News
Last Monday, we held our first-ever student induction into the National Junior Honor Society. Students in seventh and eighth grade are invited to participate in this organization based upon their academic performance. Once a student receives an invitation, it is up to them to complete the application process. Their applications are reviewed by their advisor, Miss Wendy Dunning, and then approved by a team of teachers. Although last year was our first year participating in NJHS, our activities were cut short when the school closed for Covid-19. 
These NJHS students meet during the school day. They help to plan spirit-building activities throughout the year, including out-of-uniform days, service projects, and activities for Catholic Schools Week. Although our activities will look considerably different this year, they are already hard at work thinking about Google Meet competitions and other socially distanced fun. I am so proud of these exemplary students. They are a fine example of why our school is such an important part of the community. 
We will be celebrating National Catholic Schools Week beginning January 31. This is the beginning of our open enrollment period for the 2021-2022 school year. Have you considered our parish school for your children? Although our celebration will look significantly different, we will be holding an in-person, by appointment only, Open House on Saturday, January 30. To make an appointment, just visit our school website: www.sje.k12.wi.us. The link to sign up is on the landing page. You can also make an appointment by calling our school office at 414-321-8540. We participate in both the Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Parental Choice programs, ensuring that all children have access to an exemplary Catholic education. I invite you to stop by and see what we have to offer for your child. I guarantee you will be glad you took the time to get to know us!
...Together in God’s Name

Mary Laidlaw-Otto, Principal
Two Upcoming Restaurant Fundraisers
Cousins Sub Day
Thursday, January 21

Do you have the winter blues and don't know what to eat for lunch or dinner? We have the answer! Cousins Subs at 7495 W. Layton Ave. will donate a portion of all sales to SJE School on Thursday, January 21. Just by stopping in and having lunch or dinner, you can help our excellent school.

Scrip cards are available in the Parish Office during regular business hours or after all weekend Masses.
Live-streaming: Mass and Adoration
We are live-streaming daily and Sunday Masses as well as Adoration for those who are unable to attend:

Daily Masses are:
Monday thru Saturday 8:00 a.m.

Weekend Masses are:
Saturday at 4:30 p.m.
Sunday at 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Our YouTube channel is SJE-Greenfield.

If you miss the livestream, you can watch the upload of each Mass on our YouTube channel.
CDs from Augustine Institute

Did you know we have CDs (and other items) located in the narthex? Each week we will highlight one of the available CDs.

Cost is $4 each.
Depression and guilt. Sadness and anger. Drug and alcohol abuse. Feeling unforgivable. As Shawna Arnold explains, these symptoms of post-abortion trauma can be overwhelming—but they cannot withstand the love and mercy of God, who makes all things new. In this moving talk, Shawna describes her life experiences and how she found her way back to the Church and the Father's loving embrace.
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You can also click here to view a how-to video from Scrip on how to open an account.

To protect the program from fraud, please contact the Parish or School offices for the enrollment code. Once you have an online account you can pay by direct debit from your checking account (Presto Pay), by credit card, or by check here in the parish office. If we do not have the item in stock, we will order on Monday and have the cards by Thursday. Once you have the physical card you can enroll it in your "wallet" and reload it as needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the parish office at 414-321-1965.
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