Dear Branch Friends and Supporters,
I hope you are all faring well through the shutdown. At The Branch, we are working from home on our online content. I have a small way that you can help The Branch – and it’s really simple – subscribe to our YouTube channel!
Here is the link to the YouTube channel:

YouTube will let us customize the channel link so that we can get rid of all of the random letters and numbers (and replace it with something simple like “branchmuseum”), but not for at least 30 days and not before we have 100 or more subscribers. So please subscribe, encourage other people to subscribe, and enjoy!
We have a few things posted already – an engineering exercise to do at home with kids who are out of school (with new Education Manager Stephanie Burr) and the virtual tour of the Inner Lives ceramic exhibition. Over the past few weeks, we have also shared some great content on our Facebook ( @MuseumofArchitectureandDesign ) and Instagram ( @branchmuseum ) pages, including some tidbits about the Branch House and some free resources for engaging children in the design process through Minecraft and Lego.
So please enjoy, and subscribe now so that when the 30 day period is up in April we will have our own Branch Museum YouTube channel. And encourage others to subscribe!! And stay tuned for more content!

Stay well,
Penelope C. Fletcher
Executive Director
The Branch Museum of
Architecture and Design
2501 Monument Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 655-6055