Art Walk

August 11, 2023

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join the Emerson for another fabulous Art Walk. Pick up some dinner, shop Galleria Hall, stroll through our 2nd floor studios, experience our new exhibits, and MEET THE ARTISTS.

As a special treat Shari Chandler herself will be hosting a special painting demo throughout the evening.

The Artists Gallery

Studio #106

One of the 1st and longest running businesses in the Emerson, The Artists Gallery has been around for 31 years. We feature a collective gallery that features work from over 17 local artists/members.

Come visit the Artists Gallery and find that perfect gift or take a piece of Montana home with you.

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Caroline Price

Studio #205

Caroline paints watercolor fly fishing flies, trout, and wildflowers. She sells her originals, prints, and notecards and other items from her studio.

Stop by and say hello.

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The Coin Laundry

Studio #108

Visit The Coin Laundry for sweet treats, mini margaritas, and tons of new gifts in the shop. Check out the cute new tote bag style! 

Plus if you do a silly dance for us you’ll get 10% off your purchase!!

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Constructive Solutions INC

Studio #223

Stop by CSI during Art Walk and meet, Sally Breck

Sally uses backcountry adventures as inspiration to create ooak nature themed hand embroidery wearable pieces. On these adventures Sally picks up rocks that are sometimes turned into cabochons and display specimens.

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LeeAnn Ramey Art

Studio #110

Stop by and meet emerging Bozeman artist, Cheri Dyk! A native Montanan, Cheri is a contemporary oil painter showcasing her paintings in the gallery this month.

Refreshments will be served.

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Mr. Personality by Cheri Dyk

Susan Burrows Dabney

Studio #220

Susan Burrows Dabney is a contemporary landscape painter based in Bozeman, Montana and Charlottesville, Virginia. She has painted for more than 50 years. Her work is in private collections around the world.

Susan will be open for Art Walk with may gilded frames of all sizes and paintings (mostly of Montana) available for purchase.

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Tripp Studio

Studio #111

TRIPP Studio features Palette knife Oil paintings by local artist Kara Tripp as well as ceramics, jewelry, and glass by Montana artisans. 

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New Exhibits

Jessie Wilber Gallery

Matthew Hamon | by Matthew Hamon

The photographs here are from an ongoing project that includes landscapes, portraits, and architectural images of the rural American West, that contemplate the dross cape between industry and wildlands, progress and stasis. I’m interested in the legacy of the myths of the West, and the associated nostalgia, longing and melancholy in tension with the unknowable power of nature and the clumsy legacy of man that seems ongoing.

Jessica, Clearwater River, MT by Matthew Hamon

Lobby Gallery

Barns, Bovine, and Botanicals

by Shari Chandler

My whole world is a series of paintings. Daily, in the beauty around me; trees, clouds, snow, light, color, I am inspired, and already imagining the scene as a painting. I can't view the world any other way, and painting is my way of saying, "this scene, this is how I see it, this is the world I live in.

Mona Lisa Smile by Shari Chandler

Weaver Room Gallery

Flat Lens | by Jennifer Combe

My research and artistic work explore cultural constructs around gender and mothering, ability, and schooling. Drawing from autobiography, I locate the essence of an experience and then distill my understanding of that experience into simplified, often geometric, forms. This process helps deconstruct cultural paradigms that complicate interpretation and meaning—ultimately how we perceive ourselves.

Circus II by Jennifer Combe

Upcoming Events

The Humans

August 11 - 13 | Friday at 8:00 PM | Saturday 7:00 PM | Sunday at 3:30 PM | Suggested Price $35

Verge Theater Presents: The Humans

Three generations of the Blake family gather for Thanksgiving in the youngest daughter's Chinatown apartment. As darkness falls and the building groans, the group's deepest fears are laid bare. Filled with equal parts humor and hurt, The Humans is a Tony-award winning play from playwright Stephen Karam.

Tickets & Information

Ship Of Fools; A Giant Puppet Odyssey

August 11 & 12 | 6:30 PM | FREE

Random Acts of Silliness hosts the Washington based String and Shadow production of: A Ship of Fools; A Giant Puppet Odyssey

Three mimes set sail from the Port of Styx across the mythical boundary waters connecting the world of the living to the underworld. Aboard a mysteriously sentient ship, they encounter a world of beautiful and strange creatures: hermit crabs carrying houses on their backs, a ghostly humpback whale, and much more. Under layers of colorful fabric and dancing cardboard, Ship of Fools deals with themes of loss and acceptance, depicting a wondrous unknown and speaking to the power of friendship and love. It is brought to life by 3 mimes, 3 musicians, and 6 puppeteers.

More Information

Photo Credit: Jo Arlow

Photo Credit: Jo Arlow

Constructive Solutions Inc.

August 17 | 5:00 - 6:30 PM | Emerson Parking Lot

DIY Garden Bed

Learn to make a raised garden bed. Take your garden bed home for $20 or donate to a local non-profit

  • Individual and Groups Welcome
  • Help Out The Community
  • Learn New Skills

Call 406-404-1560 for more information.

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We have wrapped Wednesdays at The Emerson for 2023

A huge THANK YOU to our amazing community for another fabulous summer season of Wednesdays at the Emerson. We were joined by 8 of our favorite local bands, 4 delicious food trucks, 11 incredible fellow non profits, 3 brilliant art vendors and over 500 fabulous members of our community. New friendships were foraged, connections made and incredible dance moves invented.

At The Emerson we feel lucky to serve such a magnificent community and we are already excited to see you at the Emerson again very soon.


Thank you in advance for supporting the Emerson and our mission to make art & culture accessible to all!
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