April 2021
Working Together to Grow a Vibrant Economy

Major Changes Planned for Sun Theater Lobby

Construction has started on a renovation project inside the Holdrege Sun Theater. Find out what changes are planned in this story.

PCDC Offers Digital Marketing Grants

Attention Business Owners! Is there a training that you want to attend but it’s too expensive? Or, maybe you want to buy a new point-of-sale system, but it’s more than your budget allows. Or, you hope to someday start selling your products online but haven’t had the time. PCDC is here to help with the Digital Marketing Support Program.

Local Retail Sales Finish Strong Despite Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting in early 2020, sales looked gloomy for local retailers. But, recently released sales tax figures show Phelps County finished 2020 on a high note with higher sales than expected.