Notes on the rest of Senior Year activities
Hi Class of 2020,
This is a crazy time and we all feel bad for our Seniors. What a let down. We are writing to let you know what we know and what we don't know. (The latter is the larger category!) We are consulting with the with the C 2020 SGA Officers, Admin and PTSA to determine how the already raised funds will be distributed should be cancelled.We will certainly keep everyone posted!
Questions? email at
We are in this together!!!
Beeda Lee-Pawlak
Liz Margiaotta
Rachel Stott

Things cancelled for sure :
*Senior Breakfast on April 16th.
*Prom on April 18th.
*Senior "what to expect dinner" on April 28th

Things that are still "on "
* Senior Wall . We will try to find a way to share the photos collected. Information about how to turn them in is below. Please email the pictures to: .

* End of year video Send pictures here! This is the video we would show at ANGC and if it does not happen, we will make a link for seniors and families to enjoy.

*Lawn Signs . They should be done this week. If you ordered one, stay tuned for delivery.

* College Tuition Raffle. If you bought a Five Star Statesmen Celebration Package that included 2 tickets for the April 28th dinner, we will swap them out and enter you into the raffle!
If you purchased the Superstar Statesman Package, you will receive one entry into the College Tuition Raffle as a swap. Yay!

You can still buy more tickets!
See below for more info. On April 28th, we will video the drawing and announce the winner.

Things that we don't know about:
*Graduation how? where? when?
*The Auction for ANGC. We are not firm on how to proceed but are working on it! It will not be an event in person.
*The actual All Night Grad party. We haven't been told it is cancelled as of yet. We are waiting to hear more information and then will proceed with refunds if need be. More to come!
Got expenses? Feeling lucky?
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