Investing in Water

Recently, the Pinecrest Village Council voted to invest in critical water infrastructure for the health and safety of its residents to connect 720 homes still on well water to the Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer system.
This is a historic moment for Pinecrest and I applaud the leadership of its Council. As sea level rise continues to impact our neighborhoods, protecting our clean drinking water is absolutely vital to the health of our residents.

The $11.3 million project will be funded using a combination of federal funds from the American Rescue Plan, bond funding provided by Miami-Dade County, state funding and a special assessment on properties hooking up to water lines. The assessment will cost most property owners less than a dollar a day for 25 years, in return for safe drinking water that is constantly monitored and tested.

I'm proud to have helped them connect the dots working with our teams at WASD, DERM and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue to answer all the environmental and logistical questions posed by council members and Pinecrest residents as well as identifying funding sources to bring it all together.