November 11, 2015
Bet You Didn't Know: Veterans Day
Bet You Didn't Know: Veterans Day
Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all of our veterans for serving our country and protecting our freedom.

"Home of the FREE because of the BRAVE"

Developments in Florida's Transportation 

A great deal of news has taken place in the Florida transportation community this week. Especially in Miami-Dade, where "All Aboard Florida" revealed on Monday that the new express inter-city train travel service will be called the Brightline. Brightline trains will connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. The trip from Miami to Orlando will last 3 hours and the express service will have the capability to go up to 125 mph!

In addition, Miami-Dade expanded its bus fleet with almost four dozen articulated (60-foot) hybrid buses. The buses are nicknamed "accordion buses" because their great length requires an internal swivel to be able to make turns. This type of bus can hold up to 100 passengers at a time, which will greatly impact the overcrowding that has been plaguing MDT.  Each articulated bus costs about $980,000 and they are funded for up to 60, while they've currently purchased 45. An analysis done by the Miami Harold revealed nearly 27,000 complaints from passengers regarding late or no show buses and overcrowding. The primary failure stemming from aging, unreliable bus fleet. The decision to buy these buses had abundant support, but did not come without controversy. Some critics believe the size of the buses will add to traffic congestion or they would just rather see rail development.

In support of the decision, Mayor Carlos Gimenez stated " I want to remind everybody there is no magic bullet for our transportation problems here in Miami-Dade county. Only time will tell how effective the accordion buses are in the cities. To learn more about Florida's transportation news visit our website at

A: South - because of the effects of the sun.
A: Isetta - Made by BMW

Issue: 53

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Q: In North America, road signs facing this direction usually wear out first?

Q:This bubble shaped car was nicknamed the 'rolling egg'. 

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TN: Vets and Military Members Ride MATA Free on Veterans Day 


IN: South Bend to Adopt 'Complete Streets' Policy

FL: St.Pete Close to Offering Rental Bicycles Downtown


DE: Transit Police Officer Buys Shoes for Shoeless Passenger

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