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Virgin Valley Pioneer Park
On Thursday, Sept 9 @ 2 p.m., there will be a Development Signing at City Hall for a new project being developed by the Dixie and Anne Leavitt Family Foundation. Buildings will include store fronts with apartments on top and kiosks throughout the park that will show the history of the Virgin Valley. There will also be a recycling stream and a 125-seat amphitheater. This will be a fabulous addition to a downtown area across from Mesquite City Hall. Groundbreaking will be soon thereafter. 
Love Is In The Air
At last .... marriage licenses will be issued at Mesquite City Hall by the Clark County Clerk's Office. Residents and visitors will not need to trek to Las Vegas to obtain a license to get married. This allows our city to develop Mesquite as a place to get married – a convenient alternative to Las Vegas, which will boost our economy through services which support weddings such as florists, spas, hair dressers and restaurants. Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, Eureka, Casablanca, Wolf Creek and Conestoga golf courses have participated in discussions on how to promote Mesquite as a wedding destination.

The full-service office will be open on Wednesday, Thursday and a half-day on Friday. County Clerk Lynn Goya will be in Mesquite next week to finalize arrangements and work on the technical infrastructure. We expect the office to open sometime in October.

Clark County is about to issue its 5 millionth wedding license since the county was founded. We want Mesquite to take part in celebrating that milestone by encouraging businesses to create special offers for the bride and groom which will be included in the Clerk's Events Promotion.

I want to thank Lynn Goya and Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick for helping me to make this happen. 
League of Cities
I recently attended the Nevada League of Cities Conference in Sparks. This year's theme was "Strength in Unity" and how we can work together to accomplish our goals. Representatives from all over the state were there to learn about the American Rescue Plan, broadband expansion, as well as cybersecurity and ransomware threats. We participated in a test on the Power of Understanding People. My result was "warrior" -- someone who is logical and driven to get things done. I agree -- that's me!
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