As shelters are closing, we are immediately moving numerous rescue animals into our foster homes

We are currently slammed as animals continue to arrive each day, and we are working around the clock to support shelters in need. 

Our foster program is the backbone of Hopalong, and what started as our base of 620 foster homes last week is now climbing with over 100 new fosters currently signing up each day.

 Our offices are closed and our adoptions are currently suspended, but animals are pouring in from shelters around Northern California, and we are placing them immediately into our homes. We are currently operating with a no-contact foster pick-up outside of our office.

These times are exceedingly tough for all, and we send everyone out there our very best. People are experiencing a variety of losses, and our hearts go out to them. 

We have had to place 2/3 of our staff out on unpaid leave in the last 48 hours because we operate within such tight margins, and it is killing us as they are our family. In addition, the timing is hard as animals continue to arrive as we are the largest, all -foster animal rescue group in the Bay Area who can significantly step up our foster intake during emergencies.  

On Monday, staff moved ALL of our animals out of every adoption site around the Bay Area, and cleared our entire office placing everyone into foster care. Our foster homes are simply amazing, and we can't thank them enough. 

Our partners at Happy Hound Play & Daycare Inc. who gifted us the emergency relief wing are offering private and group adventure walks for those dealing with cabin fever while trying to work from home. 

Let your cutie pies go from this...

@Happy Hound
To this... Read more about their program HERE! They are operating within the guidelines of "shelter in place," and offer a no-contact hand-off.

We wanted to feature this amazing mama  who just came to us after giving birth in a creek. A passing couple found her in distress and rescued her mid-labor. It's a great reminder of all the lovely people out there in the world. She is currently tucked into her foster home with her three surviving pups.

We have held off on seeking donations until now because the Coronavirus is a humanitarian crisis, and everyone is being impacted in serious ways. We are now reaching out for help to get through this temporary time so that we can bring our staff back on board full-time and continue to take in animals from all of the shelters that are closing down. We are well-poised to cover these animals given the strength of our foster program, and we are operating at full intake speed.


If anyone has any contacts with  foundations, corporations or emergency grantors who may be able to help us with tax-deductible donations during this COVID response time, we would be exceedingly grateful. Please email our Director Juliet Boyd - Thank you!

It's nice knowing our goofballs have no idea what's happening out there in the outside world, and we will share pictures of them often to brighten up your day. 




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We foster hope.



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Thank you!!

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