Vol 14
July 2019
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THE BORDERLINE…The summer intern program is one of the best things that BCA does. It fits with our mission. To quote Alex La Pierre, “BCA is about cultivating the next generation in Borderlands leadership.” Well said, Alex! Pictured above are this summer’s students, coming from five different institutions of higher education: Beloit (WI), Maryville (TN), Science Po (Paris, France), Wesleyan (CT) and Yale (CT). They have different gifts and goals, and they will have different take-aways at the end of their six-week immersion experience. If they came with simple answers to the complex reality of the US-Mexico border, their views will be challenged by conversations with people on all sides of the issues. Matters of security, economics, civil rights, racism, culture and politics are not simple! My hope is that instead of simple answers, they will think for themselves, ask questions and help us all to come together to find solutions. NOTE: Mark your calendars now for their closing presentations at the Tubac Center for the Arts on Thursday, August 1 (5:00 – 7:00 pm).           Jerry Haas
Rio Sonora Dia de San Lorenzo
This Special Summer Tour has two spots left
August 8-10, 2019
Border Community Alliance is pleased to offer a special tour for those of you who still reside in Southern Arizona over these beautiful monsoon summer months. This tour is set for August 8 - 10 and we will be travelling to the Rio Sonora region for a special cultural festivity known as Dia de San Lorenzo.
Nogales, Cross
Border Tour

Beautiful Rio Sonora

Gastronomic Tour

Hermosillo VIDEO

Here & Now Tour VIDEO

February 12-19, 2020
There are spots still available!
For more information visit our website or contact Shauna at
shauna.bcatubac@gmail.com or (520)398-3229
A Look Back at the
2019 BCA Spain Trip  
Gateway to a New World Extremadura and Andalucia
By Alex La Pierre
Border Community Alliance’s nonprofit mission is bridging the border and fostering community through education, collaboration and cultural exchange. With this mission, there is an important question to ask: is there a geographical limit to accomplishing the act of ‘bridging the border and fostering community’? Understandably, given both our location and work, this idea tends to be framed by the local Mexican-American border community. I would advocate, however, that expanding this mission to the global scale, as a means of considering other international borders, their significance and legacy is also a part of our mission to participate in and learn from, if only for comparison with our own border region. Now more than ever, it is abundantly clear that contemporary society exists in a globalized world due to incredible advances in communication technology alongside our increasing interdependence upon one another via complex global-scale interlinked economies. Grasping the dynamic of modern transnational concerns is vital to furthering cross border diplomacy locally and with the merging of different cultures over the centuries of this process of globalization, also is understanding our complex interlinked heritages forged across the globe is just as crucial to comprehend our origins and how we got here. Full Article by Alex
The new BCA season will be starting soon again in the Fall and we cannot accomplish our work without the dedication of volunteers. Consider filling out a BCA volunteer application and email to Board President Cecilia Quade. OR mail it to PO Box 1863 Tubac, AZ 86846

BCA is pleased to announce that last month’s Spanish Survey was an outstanding success, with nearly 120 members submitting responses. In addition, over 80 members submitted their email addresses, indicating their interest in participating in any potential BCA-sponsored initiatives.

The results of the survey suggest that not only is the Spanish language an important topic for our membership, but there appear to be several opportunities for BCA to provide a unique contribution to Spanish learning in the Santa Cruz Valley. These opportunities include:
  • Establishment of Small Learning Groups with BCA volunteer facilitators
  • Service as an Informational Resource for all Spanish learning opportunities currently available in the greater Santa Cruz valley
  • Sponsorship of Immersive Learning opportunities in Mexico, either as part of BCA Cross-Border Tours or with designated host families
Without a doubt the most important role for BCA will be the establishment of small learning groups. This is especially relevant because several BCA members who have experience in the teaching or facilitation of Spanish also have expressed an interest in starting small conversation groups. Given this enthusiastic interest in and support of small group learning, this type of program should not directly conflict with current classroom-style programs in Tubac, Green Valley, and Sahuarita. In fact, it is very possible that some of the participants in a BCA small group program also may participate in other programs to augment their overall learning experience.

But to get this program started, we first need to get some more information from the group we previously surveyed. Because it appears that a large overall number of people may be interested in participating, it is likely that we may need to start with multiple groups to meet the initial demand. The establishment of multiple groups would also provide a benefit in that the groups could be organized by skill level, which would help provide a comfortable experience for all involved. 

To gain this information and to get a better idea of when and how these small groups could be established, we have crafted an additional survey - BCA Spanish Survey 2 - which is available via the following web link: 

This survey has already been announced via email to the 80+ interested members who provided their email address, but if you were not able to participate in the original survey and would like to be included in the program, we encourage you to go directly to the new survey link below:

To everyone who participated in our initial survey, thanks so much for your interest and support. We look forward to receiving the results of the second survey and starting the planning for an exciting new BCA program.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about the BCA Spanish initiative, please do not hesitate to contact our office or email BCA’s program chairman, Jim Hoff, at jhoff@tegnos.org   

Center for the Integral Treatment of Behavior
ABOVE- In group therapy, the boys worked on making their own t-shirts using different colors and designs.
Sensory integration therapy.
Sensory therapy today at ATIC (Center for the Integral Treatment of Behavior) of Nogales, Sonora.
ATIC is a young and innovative civil association, focused on training parents for the behavioral management of their children, including autism. Their mission is to provide services with comprehensive treatment for the development of different skills in children with behavioral difficulties.
Visiting this incredible organization of dedicated psychologists and young families with children is a regular feature of BCA's Nogales Cross Border Tour in order to bring awareness to their accomplishments and the good news of the borderlands.
ATIC is also part of the BCA-FESAC network and one of the greatest examples of borderlands civil society projects. As a part of our network, BCA supports ATIC through proceeds from cross border tour programming and direct donations from people like you who believe in crafting an understanding, compassionate and inclusive world for all.
You can donate directly to ATIC through BCA's IRS approved pass-through program here: DONATE to ATIC
Another group therapy session.
 2019 BCA Interns visit ATIC.
FDR New Deal 1930s history in Tubac?
Did you know that there was (and hopefully still is) a piece of FDR New Deal 1930s history in Tubac?

It was a shrine and grotto to Father Juan de San Martin who was the first priest to staff the first mission built in what is now Arizona - Guevavi at the beginning of the 18th century. It was built in the late 30s by the Federal Art Project and National Youth Administration and part of a series of shrines "Camino de los Padres" - 12 in total that were commissioned. 

As you can see in the picture of the dedication, the Santa Rita's give a good indication of a general location. It has been said that the grotto was removed and dismantled when the highway - today's I-19 was put in. The general consensus is that the grotto was re-assembled behind St. Ann's. The only thing is that the statue inside the grotto is not the original of Father San Martin but a more recent of the Virgin Mary.

Does anyone have any details on the whereabouts of Padre Juan de San Martin statue? Or recall the original grotto and statue? Write an email to alex@bordercommunityalliance.org
Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission recognizes BCA with the
"Historical Preservation Award"
The Border Community Alliance was one of ten organizations recognized for its outstanding work in preserving and promoting our historical and cultural heritage by the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission. Others receiving recognition included the new Mexican-American Cultural Heritage Museum in Tucson; the Chuck Huckleby Loop project team; and the organizers who successfully lobbied for the National Heritage designation for Santa Cruz Valley. Awards were presented on Saturday, May 25 at the Lander Auditorium, Dunbar Pavilon, Tucson
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