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BlueCap's New Address

You may have heard the rumors and now we're here to tell you that they're true.

BlueCap Productions has moved their main production house from Marina Del Rey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii!!!

This is the fulfillment of a 6-year dream my wife and I had of raising our kids in Hawaii - the same place my wife was brought up.

Well, after many years of planning and waiting, it finally happened!!!

How does this affect you? Not at all. We'll still be keeping our offices in Marina Del Rey for now AND we will still have our Distribution Center in Tucson, Arizona.

We'll still be traveling the globe covering the major mineral shows and hunting out new mineral-related stories to share with you.

Our new mailing address is:
BlueCap Productions
1670 Makaloa St.
Suite #204-343
Honolulu, HI 96814

So thank you for your continued support and a big ALOHA to all of you.



What's Hot In Tucson: 2013  is now shipping!!!!


The time has finally come. The 2013 edition of What's Hot In Tucson is now shipping!!!!
It's been a long road to get this DVD out the door - full of fun activities like moving BlueCap Productions to Hawaii - but we're proud to say it's finally finished - and not a moment too soon.
This two-DVD program is full of the great interviews and specimens that you've come to expect. We filmed 44 segments over five different shows during our three week stay in Tucson and put it all together for you in this four-hour mineral marathon.
Many of these segments are interviews with some of today's top mineral dealers who bring the hottest new mineral finds to Tucson every year. And beyond just showing us their specimens on display, these dealers close their doors and share their bathroom rocks with us - those are the rocks that are hidden away for only their elite customers.
In fact, some of the specimens we film are so sensitive that we have to get approval from the dealers to show them on the DVD - even after we've filmed them.
This guarantees that you, our loyal viewers, really are getting to see the hottest and newest minerals brought to Tucson every year.
And as if that weren't enough (and by gosh shouldn't it be?) we've also included in the 2013 edition:
  • Jeff Scovil's Top Ten Tucson Photos for 2013
  • An exclusive interview with The Westward Look Mineral Show's Featured Collector - Kevin Brown - as he talks about his fantastic collection that was on display
  • A special segment on one of the most significant changes to the mineral world in ages - The Heritage Auction - where we feature mineral prices for the first time in What's Hot history
  • Many of the wonderful TGMS cases showing off the variety of the world's fluorites - the 2013 show theme
  • An in-depth look at the greatest change in mineral cases the hobby has ever seen
  • AND - a surprise ending that has the mineral world in stitches
This is a What's Hot In Tucson that you do not want to miss. We're taking orders NOW and have already begun shipping.
So a big Mahalo (Hawaiian for "thank you") to all of you for being so patient for our first official BlueCap Productions DVD to come out of our new production office.
Enjoy the show and keep checking back for more exciting programs.