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Understanding What Can Cause Problems with Concrete and Shotcrete—Part 1
This is Part One of a two-part series on potential causes of problems in concrete and shotcrete. This series also has a companion Spanish version. Author Raul Bracamontes includes an introduction, then leads into an investigation into potential problems due to insufficient design or project specifications, and then issues with the planning process in Part One. Part Two will be published in a subsequent issue. To view the full article, click here .
ASA Underground Committee Released Two Position Statements
ASA produces position statements on the best practices for shotcrete placement. To date, nine position statements have been issued by the ASA Board of Directors, Underground Committee, and Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Committee. ASA is pleased to announce that the ASA Underground Committee has released two new position statements:
ASA Underground Committee Position Statement #1
This position statement discusses the basic elements of the adhesion and cohesion of overhead shotcrete, proper application techniques, and a discussion about so ­called “re­entry criteria” under freshly installed shotcrete. The position statement provides recommendations for contractors and owners from ASA’s perspective on not only how to properly apply shotcrete, but also on how to specify and inspect overhead shotcrete in underground projects, providing a practicable summary for this topic. To view the full Position Statement #1, click here .
ASA Underground Committee Position Statement #2
This position statement discusses the basic elements behind the adhesion of overhead and vertical shotcrete on a waterproofing membrane, the proper application techniques, and emphasizes the use of mockups. This position statement also provides recommendations for contractors and owners, from ASA’s perspective, on how to properly apply, specify, and inspect shotcrete applied against waterproofing membranes. To view the full Position Statement #2, click here .
2019 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Program Call for Entries
ASA is accepting applications for its 2019 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards program. These awards confirm and demonstrate the exceptional advantages of shotcrete placement of concrete. Awards are bestowed in the following six categories: architecture/new construction, infrastructure, international projects, pool & recreational, rehabilitation & repair, and underground. Take pictures during and after construction and submit your project for consideration!
ASA will be hosting the “ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Program – Tips for Winning” webinar on August 8, 2019, at 11:00 AM EST. This webinar will detail the application process to successfully submit projects for consideration.
The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2019 . For more information about the Outstanding Shotcrete Projects Awards and to view past award-winning projects, click here .
Shotcrete Directly Referenced in ACI 318-19
ASA is pleased to announce that shotcrete is directly included in the newly released digital version of ACI 318-19: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary. ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete is THE reference for structural concrete designers around the world. This is a major achievement for shotcrete in the structural concrete industry. Shotcrete’s direct inclusion in ACI 318 will lead many more engineers to routinely accept shotcrete on their projects. For more information and purchasing information, click here .
Upcoming ASA Education Opportunities
ASA Shotcrete Contractor Education
September 28, 2019 | ASA Headquarters, Farmington Hills, MI

The Shotcrete Contractor Education program covers best practices by the contractor for quality shotcrete construction. The Shotcrete Contractor Education will be presented by Charles Hanskat, P.E., FACI, FASCE. He is the Executive Director and Technical Director for the ASA and has been involved in the design, construction, evaluation and repair of environmental concrete, marine, building and shotcrete structures for 40 years. Topics of this seminar will include materials, equipment, personnel, application, QC/QA, curing, protection, and project management. A required first step in the ASA Contractor Qualification Program, this seminar will provide an opportunity to take the required written exam. This is a valuable course for contractors to learn more about the details and requirements for quality shotcrete placement, regardless of their intent to pursue qualification. For more information and registration, click here .
ASA Shotcrete Inspector
October 23, 2019 | ACI Convention,
Cincinnati, OH,

The Shotcrete Inspector program covers critical elements of shotcrete applications that on-site inspectors must know to evaluate and sign-off on acceptance documents for shotcrete. The Shotcrete Inspector Education will be co-presented by Hanskat and Oscar Duckworth. An ASA member with over 25,000 hours of nozzle time, Duckworth is an ASA/ACI Examiner for the wet- and dry-mix processes. He serves on the ASA Board of Directors and as Chair of ASA’s Education Committee. Topics in this seminar includes material selections, equipment, placement techniques, finishing, curing, protection, testing, and safety as it relates to the building official or inspector. This seminar is the recommended educational component to ACI’s new Shotcrete Inspector Certification Program that is expected to be launched in 2019. The seminar will count as a portion of the work experience required for the ACI certification and review the reference materials required for the ACI certification examination. For more information and registration, click here .

For more information about upcoming ASA Education opportunities, click here .
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