A Prosperous Year for the Shotcrete Industry

ASA President John (Lihe) Zhang discusses how ASA is keeping pace with the rapid growth of the shotcrete industry in the latest issue of Shotcrete magazine, click here .

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ASA 2018 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
 Less than two weeks to deadline to submit projects

ASA invites project entries for its 2018 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Program. The ASA Awards Program recognizes excellence and innovation in shotcrete projects. Projects submitted for consideration must be completed between January 1, 2016, and September 1, 2018. Award categories will include Architecture & New Construction, Infrastructure, International Projects, Pool & Recreational, Rehabilitation & Repair, and Underground. The deadline for project entries is October 1, 2018 , 5:00 pm Eastern Time.
2019 Shotcrete Convention and Technology Conference

Save the date for the 2019 Shotcrete Convention and Technology Conference to be held at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Fernandina Beach, FL. The convention program will take place February 25-26, 2019, with fun social and networking activities on February 24. Convention registration will open next month!
Contractor Qualification Seminar at PSP 2018

 Join ASA at the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo this year in Las Vegas, NV, October 31-November 2, 2018, where the Contractor Qualification Seminar will be offered to pool builders tailored to meet the needs of this market segment. Come see how beneficial an ASA Contractor Qualification could be for your business!
ASA Fall 2018 Committee Meetings | October 13, 2018

The ASA Fall 2018 Committee Meetings will take place at the ACI Fall Convention and Exposition in Las Vegas, NV. Registration to the ACI Convention is not required to attend ASA Committee meetings. All are invited to participate in the work of the Association to advance the use of shotcrete in the industry.
Formless: How shotcrete is changing timelines, concrete crews
and the jobsite
This article discusses the increasing use of shotcrete in the construction industry. ASA President Zhang highlights the importance of skilled nozzlemen. With a wider pool of skilled nozzlemen and improved machinery and technology, shotcrete is speeding up projects timelines and reducing overall cost.
Boulderscape’s Columnar Basalt Shotcrete Finish Saved Owners $100,000.00 and Also Met Cabela’s Visual Demands
The retaining wall system consisted of several multi-tiered retaining walls of this boulderscape project. A gray 4500 PSI shotcrete was used to increase durability and resist freeze thaw. The wall face was carved and stained by Boulderscape artisans. The freshly placed concrete was carefully carved and textured by them to resemble columnar basalt.
Centerpiece of Zoo’s new African Forest Rises Toward Sky
A towering replica of a 48 ft. tropical Kapok tree is being constructed at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The signature centerpiece of the new African Forest exhibit is being built from steel, woven cable mesh, and shotcrete.
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