June News 2020
UCSF Innovation Ventures and
COVID-19 Technologies
With the elevated danger of COVID-19, UCSF Innovation Ventures’ approach to engagement reflects the University’s position on doing our best to share our technology far and wide, for maximum public benefit. Our team is prioritizing all COVID-19 technologies. We are directing our resources to the projects identified by our leadership as those of greatest importance. UCSF has many assets and we will do all we can to help marshal them, including our active search for the best opportunities our team can find to advance the University’s healthcare discoveries. This requires we keep an open mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. Where we are assured of our faculty’s support – and that it is in the best interest of our funders and the technology – we will adopt an ‘open access’ approach to help distribute our technologies as widely as possible. Where we can we will direct our energies in the most practical manner to support our researchers as they work to make an impact.
At this momentous time let us call this commitment our “best practices” in the struggle. May our efforts be rewarded with a technology that will benefit all of us.
Anthony Francis
Executive Director
Office of Technology Management
UCSF Innovation Ventures.
New COVID-19 Test Could Give
Results in Under 1 Hour
According to a recent interview with US News, UCSF professor of Laboratory Medicine, Charles Chiu, MD, PhD, new CRISPR technologies are critical to the next generation of COVID-19 testing. At UCSF Innovation ventures, we are honored to work with Dr. Chiu and his lab in commercializing the inventions that are impacting the lives of so many.
Join Our Study
World-wide Citizen Science Study
to Help Fight COVID-19
Mark Pletcher , MD, PhD, Gregory Marcus , MD, MAS, and Jeffrey Olgin MD are using their Eureka Mobile Research Platform—a UCSF digital research platform funded by the NIH—to launch a world-wide study called COVID-19 Citizen Science Study in partnership with The American Lung Association, and Northwestern Medicine, to track COVID-19 symptoms, infections, risk factors and behaviors that might impact spread. 
UCSF Innovation Ventures
Supports Commercialization
As part of our Office of Technology Management, a focused Engagement and Opportunity Development team (EOD) was started early last year. This team engages faculty, and performs market and commercial assessments for new technologies. EOD takes a market first approach by identifying a product or products and defining potential commercial opportunities upfront, helping the principal researcher and their team, work better with UCSF Innovation Ventures various Commercialization tools. With our support, we hope to ensure the public have greater access to life-changing healthcare, which is UCSF’s mission.

Because not all scientific discoveries are immediately ready to advance to commercialization, we constructed a process to help them mature:

  • Identifying innovations that are best positioned to increase value by further developing a business model 
  • Help develop business model that best fits each discovery.
  • Map out the best approach that gets our technology to market most effectively.
  • Connect UCSF inventors to the right funding sources.
  • When applicable, our office will assist with the actual launch of the new business.
Pliant Therapeutics Goes Public
Raising $144.0 million
UCSF Innovation Ventures congratulates Pliant Therapeutics – a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company founded on UCSF technology developed by Dean Sheppard, MD and William DeGrado, PhD, which focuses on discovering and developing novel therapies for the treatment of fibrosis – as they announce their initial public offering of 9,000,000 shares of its common stock to the FDC.
Research Alliance
Recombinant Antibody Network (RAN) Partners with Bristol Myers Squibb
UCSF Innovation Ventures congratulates Peter Kotsonis and the Strategic Alliances team for successfully negotiating an extended agreement with the Recombinant Antibody Network (RAN). The recently announced extension for the consortium, including UCSF, the University of Chicago, and the University of Toronto , along with Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), has resulted in one of the largest academic-industry partnerships of its kind. They aim to create and develop high-performance recombinant antibodies against diverse targets in human cells.  The new agreement is called RAN 2.0.
Digital Health Awards Again
to Honor Digital Healthcare
UCSF Innovation Ventures and Health Hub have announced the second annual  UCSF Digital Health Awards . These awards will honor outstanding new digital technologies that not only dramatically improve healthcare but do so by means that reduce costs and improve access to medical innovations. This year the award show will be live-streamed to ensure our participants good health.

There are two special award categories for digital technologies that originated at UCSF: Best of UCSF and UCSF Hall of Fame.

Applications are being accepted now.
Entrepreneurship for Life Science/Healthcare Startups: 

Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley

September-November, 2020
Preregister for UCSF’s Global Online Entrepreneurship Class
The UCSF Entrepreneurship Center is offering an online, global Master Class for scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, technology transfer offices, incubators, governments and others to learn about starting a new life science/healthcare venture. It will be led by Stephanie Marrus, Managing Director of the Center. The course will be conducted online starting in September 2020, and will last for 10 weeks at a price of $750 USD. The course includes lectures by Silicon Valley investors, entrepreneurs and experts, live Peer Forums and drop-ins by mentors.
List of Recently Issued Patents
Lead Inventor
U.S. Patent No.
Methods and compositions for RNA-directed target DNA modification and for RNA-directed modulation of transcription.
Thiosaccharid mucolytic agents.
Macropinocytosing human anti-CD46 antibodies and targeted caner therapeutics.
Beta-lactamase inhibitors, formulations, and uses thereof.
Retinal cellscope apparatus
Micro fenestrated
contact lens
Tumor selective macropinocytosis-dependent rapidly internalizing antibodies
Medium chain fatty acid esters of β-hydroxybutyrate and butanediol and compositions and methods for using same
Anti-cancer compounds
Binding-triggered transcriptional switches and methods of use thereof
Nanowire-coated microdevice and method of making and using the same
Methods and compositions for treating and preventing disease associated with alpha-v beta-8 integrin
CFTR regulators and methods of use thereof
Christopher Voigt, PhD
Synthetic biology tools
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
Jeffrey Venstrom, MD
Methods for treating multiple myeloma
Selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) systems and methods
Selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) systems and methods
Methods and compositions for improved cognition
Chimeric antigen receptor and methods of use thereof
Optimal dosages for low energy shock wave treatment of vital organs
Medium chain fatty acid esters of beta-hydroxybutyrate and butanediol and compositions and methods for using same
mTORC1 inhibitors
Activatable membrane-interacting peptides and methods of use
Compositions and methods for the treatment of neuromyelitis optica
Christopher Voigt, PhD
Synthetic gene clusters
Sinusitis diagnostics and treatments
VoiceXML and rule engine based switchboard for interactive voice response (IVR) services
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