Happy 4th of July

What's It To Ya?

Staying Centered in a Very Uncentered World

Yes, the world is crazy right now. That is undeniable. But J.T. does have some ideas for you to not only stay centered, but enjoy the journey along the way. In his own words:

Are we having fun yet? YES! This is a crazy time, and we understand you are concerned about what is happening, regardless of your limited perspective. And that is the key! You do have a limited perspective! This is by design. You requested to forget everything when you incarnated, just so you could challenge yourself to remember everything again! So, what does that say about who you are? It says you are a highly advanced soul who wanted a great adventure! So, the adventure is in full swing, and we have some tips for you to enjoy the journey even more!

  1. Stay clear. You will not be able to see a thing if you are not clear. By "clear" we mean your energy. Keep the static out of your space. Meditation is the easiest way to do this, and my mom offers free meditations each month, and there's a connecting meditation mp3 at this link you can use to get you more connected to who you are. If you are not clear, you cannot see anything! Your view is full of static and making decisions in that static space can lead you into directions that are not on your path. Don't be that person!
  2. Focus inwardly, not outwardly. The world around you is not a true indication of reality. It is an illusion. You create your reality by what you focus on. You can choose to let other choose your reality by focusing on what other people say and do (and believe) or choose your own reality that comes from your soul. By focusing on what is in your heart and soul, you can discern what is true for you. You may be surprised at what is true for your soul, as this may be in contradiction to your world around you, or what you thought was reality. Remember, do not believe what you see and hear, unless it is coming from within. You can do this by completing step 1 first, then sit quietly and ask your soul self to assist you in understanding what is true for you. Stay in a meditative state and allow!
  3. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Regardless of your physical circumstances, you have infinite support in this very interesting time on your planet. Call on us - on me - to help! We would love to help you! You can use the meditation link above to connect with us, or just ask us to be present. The World around you is an illusion! We can help you discern illusion from reality!
  4. What's it to ya? What do you want in your life? Are you ready to take back your life and change your circumstances? Are you ready to create what you want, and not what everyone else says is real? This last step is so important! DREAM BIG! You are the creator! Let go of the illusion around you. Write down what you DO want in your life, and then tell us you are ready for it! We will move heaven and earth to bring it to you! You must believe you deserve this, and you must let go of the "reality" everyone else is accepting in their life. Again, if you need help, ask us how to do this, and we will give you instructions.

You are at a critical phase on your planet, as if you didn't know this already. Where we go from here is up to you (no pressure). We ask that you open your heart and mind to new possibilities, to the idea that you can change the world around you.

It is so important that you look at this world from the higher perspective. It is not about the physical issues the world around you is saying is the problem because these come from that limited perspective. Stay centered. Stay clear. Ask for help. Connect with your soul self. See beyond what is being presented to you!

We know this can seem overwhelming but remember who you are: a highly advanced soul who wanted a great adventure! And that is exactly what you have created!


Still Plenty of Mini-Sessions Available!

15 Minutes? Are you nuts?

There is a myth that you need to have an hour or more to get messages from loved ones, angels and guides. I suppose it does depend on the medium, but I can say from experience, so much information comes through in 15 minutes that sometimes, that really is all you need.

Because of my move and travel schedule, my 30-minute sessions are booked into September. However, I do still have plenty of 15-minute sessions available. Use the button below to schedule!


We are working on adding classes to the Psychic Learning Center website! There are currently four classes available, so check it out! We will be adding more and more classes in the upcoming months!

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July Zoom Classes

Usui Reiki Levels 1&2

Mondays, July 11th & 25th 4p Pacific, 5p Mountain, 6p Central, 7p Eastern

Become a Reiki healer! Learn to heal yourself and others!

Class fee:  $430 $333

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Crystalline Reiki Master Practitioner Class

Thursday, July 7th 4p Pacific, 5p Mountain, 6p Central, 7p Eastern

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Take your Reiki healing to the next level! Become a Master!

Class fee:  $425 $350

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J.T.’s Dragonfly Club Q&A

Tuesday, July 12th 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

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Ask J.T. any question about your life, the Universe, your direction...or anything else you need to know!

This is exclusively for J.T. Dragonfly Club Members! Join today! Special membership rate for email list subscribers!

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Free Full Moon Meditation

Wednesday, July 13th 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

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Join us for this free monthly meditation! Each month we use meditation to connect. Meditation is the key to connecting!

We hope you will join us and expand your connection!


Enjoy the 4th!

For those in the US, have a safe holiday!

Happy Independence Day! 

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