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Update from the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation
For those of you who are new to this newsletter, WELCOME! We are the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation, a 501.c.3 non-profit organization created many years ago to supplement the financial challenges created by the state funding crisis within the Fair Industry. We exist today because of our community's passion and dedication to supporting our great community asset, the Nevada County Fairgrounds. 

If you’re not already a member, we are hopeful you will consider joining us today! With your help, we can ensure the Nevada County Fairgrounds will continue to thrive and one day, hold a tender place in our grandchildren’s hearts.

Click below for a link to our membership application. It's quick and easy, and your membership will benefit many!

The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation has raised significant funds for the fairgrounds because of its membership drives and annual fundraisers which include the Foundation Station which sells beer and wine during the annual Nevada County Fair, the Draft Horse Classic, and Country Christmas Faire. Other high-value revenue streams include the annual Cioppino Feed and Drive-thru dinner events. Of course, monetary donations are always welcomed!
What’s New?

Welcome Dale Chasse, our NEW CEO!
The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation joins with the fair’s directors and staff in welcoming Dale Chasse as the new Chief Executive Officer of the fairgrounds. Dale assumed the CEO leadership at the beginning of February after an extensive executive search by the fairground’s directors.

Dale’s career includes serving as the Bureau Chief of the Department of Consumer Affairs, working with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and avidly working at Cal Expo in entertainment and event production.

Fair Board President, Andrew Trygg, introduced Dale to the community by saying, “We are excited that Dale shares the same passion for our beloved fairgrounds as the board and staff. Dale saw the opportunity to come back to his roots, the entertainment, and fairgrounds industry, and is excited to join the fair family."

To read more about Dale, click the link below:
What else is NEW?
The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation logo!

Tall Pines, Marigolds, Ferris Wheel, Happy, Beautiful and Fun!

Thanks to our logo designer - Syndy Harris!
Annual Membership Drive
The stated mission of the Fairgrounds Foundation is to build a better Nevada County Fairgrounds through fundraising and contribution to the fairgrounds. During the past two years we’ve come to realize that our mission is far more than that – our mission is to provide financial resources to save our wonderful fairgrounds and ensure that it will continue to thrive and remain a valuable community asset for future generations.  

Your membership is critical to protect and enhance our great community asset, the Nevada County Fairgrounds. 

Take it a step further – Do you have a friend, relative, or neighbor who loves the Fair? Please encourage them to join the foundation and protect the fair! We greatly appreciate your support!

On the website you’ll see that there are great benefits available for your membership! 
Looking Back
It was quite a year for all of us, wasn’t it? Last year, at this time, the fairgrounds continued to be challenged with Covid cancellations and a significant revenue loss. Concurrently, the foundation was focusing on how we could alter our fundraising strategy to benefit the fairgrounds. As a result, we engaged in a strong partnership with the Foothill Lions Club and produced a wonderful Drive-thru Italian dinner in April, serving close to 200 family meals. Our partnership with the Lions recognizes that they’re talented chefs with a passion for Italian cuisine and, the foundation team is great at organizing, packaging, and distributing delicious meals. Working together is always a success! 

This year, both organizations were looking forward to producing our annual Cioppino Feed in March however the Covid-19 Omicron variation dampened our ambitions. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to produce another Drive-thru Italian dinner soon. 

Last year we were pleased when the fairgrounds decided to produce the annual Nevada County Fair with a theme of “The Fair is Back in Town!” While it was a modified event, being cautious of public health safety, it was a wonderful fair and deemed a great success. Foundation Station, our beer concession, was exceedingly busy and financially lucrative. Our post fair critique suggests that we could really use more hands, helping pour “the suds.” Please think about volunteering for this year’s Foundation Station – it’s fun, heartwarming, and a great way to meet new friends!

Following the fair, we looked forward to the Draft Horse Classic and the foundation’s membership appreciation party however, the Covid surge escalated and both events were canceled. We were able to operate the foundation’s Country Christmas Faire Holiday Bar which was exceedingly successful and pushed our volunteer staff into speed pouring delicious specialty drinks. Again, we sure could use more volunteer support and enthusiasm!     
Moving Forward
With the recent recruitment of CEO Dale Chasse and the more encouraging forecasts of diminishing Covid infections, the fairgrounds are quickly booking interim events. 

We’re delighted that the Strawberry Music Festival will be returning and celebrating their 40th Anniversary on May 25 – 30. Strawberry graciously invited the foundation to operate Foundation Station during the festival. It’s a great foundation volunteer experience at a fabulous music festival. Check out their amazing line up here:
Coming Events
See the fairground’s calendar of events to view other favorite music festivals and events. The foundation needs volunteers for the Strawberry Music Festival, the annual Nevada County Fair, the Draft Horse Classic, the Country Christmas Faire, Drive-thru dinners, and various other functions.

This year’s Fair theme has been selected by the Fair directors from many creative community entries. It’s another delightful theme that should spark lots of creative ideas for posters and decorations!

2022 Fair Theme - Who Let the Hogs Out?
Member Suggestions and Inquiries
We’re open to your suggestion and inquiries. Please email us at

The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation’s Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4 pm in Ponderosa Hall at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Foundation members are always invited – so feel free to join us!  

Are you interested in being a Foundation director or volunteering? We like to think of ourselves as passionate about the fair, dedicated, fun-loving, creative, and warm hearted. Come join us!

As always - your support of the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation is greatly appreciated!