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We have updated our ZOOM schedule.
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Please join us for our next Sunday service on
October 18 at 10:30 a.m.

"The Waters of Life:
Water Communion Service 2020"
An Encore Broadcast
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Led by:
Rev. Tim, Dani, Lorenzo,
Eliana Wise and Floyd Sanchez
Special Guest Appearance:
Eva Wissner

Music By:
Jenny Lewis, Merina Thomas, Chris Eacock,
Don Gaede, Jeremiah Henry, Mike Reilly,
Chris Toth, Marc Wise & Joel Wissner

***Please join us for Social Hour on ZOOM*** immediately after the Worship service
 Meeting ID: 967 8591 4824
PHONE: 669-900-6833 (then enter Meeting ID: 967 8591 4824, followed by #. When prompted for User ID, just hit # again)

Rev. Tim, Dani, and the Spirit School team invite you to join them for Taco Fiesta next Friday, October 23rd from 5-7 pm!!

Taco Fiesta will be a socially distanced, masked, outdoor shindig featuring the return of Mariachi Universàl, the Mariachi Band that played at our Día de los Muertos Service two years ago. There will be a Taco Truck and time spent with one another in safe, wholesome fun! This is a church event that you won’t want to miss! Space is limited, registration required REGISTER HERE. Once you register a link will be sent to you so you can purchase your tacos! Tacos are $2.5o each.


HURRAH! SMALL GROUPS OF UP TO TEN ADULTS CAN MEET OUTSIDE IN PERSON ON CHURCH CAMPUS. Get connection and community in person at the UU Church of Fresno. Social Distancing, masks, and a Team Leader responsible for enforcement of safety protocols are required. Team Leader must have orientation from staff. Contact Violette at 322-6146 ext. 10 or aa@uufresno.org for copy of protocol and Team Leader responsibilities or CLICK HERE.  
UU Humanists – Sunday, October 18, 1-3 p.m. Personal Story Day. Share a personal story about your life, related to Humanism or something else meaningful to you. Learn about your fellow Humanists. Join us at https://zoom.us/j/94339993291Contact Devin Carroll, devinc@sbcglobal.net, 559-240-5127

Ikiru Discussion Group Wednesday Oct. 21st or Sunday Oct. 25th Facilitated by Robert Mitchell. One of the great films of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, Ikiru tells the story of an aging bureaucrat, Kanji Watanabe, who learns that he has terminal cancer and determines that his final days will have meaning. Kurosawa’s film is a thoughtful meditation on life and death. Participants will receive a link to the film and will view it at their leisure before the meeting. Registration Required. https://forms.gle/5CoV6fHfedATDCuz8

Faith and Film Series with Rev. Tim Kutzmark (Second Sunday of Every Month at 6:30 pm). Registration is Requested https://forms.gle/5CoV6fHfedATDCuz8
Sunday, November 8 at 6:30 pm
“The Apple Pushers”
This documentary follows the inspiring stories of five immigrant pushcart vendors who are rolling fresh fruits and vegetables into the poorer neighborhoods of New York – neighborhoods where finding a ripe, red apple is a serious challenge and where obesity rates are skyrocketing. Through the lens of their powerful and deeply personal stories, the film examines such hot-button issues as the obesity crisis, immigration, entrepreneurship, and what it really takes to achieve the American Dream.

An Autumn Spiritual Retreat with Rev. Tim Saturday, Nov. 14 10 am – 2:30 pm Led by Rev. Tim Kutzmark.
Do you wish you felt more connected to your spirituality, but aren’t exactly sure what that means? Would you like to have a slow, gentle day to think about your life, but your schedule is just too full to do that on your own? Do you wish you had a chance to spend time with other people looking for the same things? Then join Tim for this nurturing day of renewal. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, bring TWO cozy blankets for relaxation periods, and plan to sit in a comfy chair or on floor with pillows and/or meditation bench. Please plan a simple bag lunch for our food break. We’ll be creating simple personal altars during this retreat, and suggestions will be sent in advance. Registration is required. https://forms.gle/5CoV6fHfedATDCuz8 

Faith Like A River Themes from Unitarian Universalist History Workshop Series Facilitated by Dani Livesey Registration Requested https://forms.gle/5CoV6fHfedATDCuz8
Faith Like a River explores the dynamic course of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist (UU) history—the people, ideas, and movements that have shaped our faith heritage. It invites participants to place themselves into our history and consider its legacies. What lessons do the stories of our history teach that can help us live more faithfully in the present? What lessons do they offer to be lived into the future?
Nov. 18th at 7pm or Nov. 22nd at 1pm Swimming in the Stream Together. "For I say—whether you ever heard, directly, of this little event in Dedham or not—to understand in any depth our liberal free church tradition, or to make much sense of deeply rooted everyday realities of Unitarian Universalist churches now, today, you must understand in your bones the historical importance of the spirit of love manifest in the doctrine of covenantal organization, as this little group of people in Dedham understood it in New England in 1637." — Alice Blair Wesley This workshop considers the history and meaning of covenant in our religious tradition. It explores the difference between a covenant and a statement of belief and examines the importance of covenant in the Free Church tradition as it pertains to both freedom of thought and freedom of governance.

Yoga classes continue! Hatha Yoga, Monday nights 6-7:30 pm, Chair Yoga Wednesday from 12-1 pm and Friday 1-2 pm. Zoom link is the same for all classes: VIDEO: https://zoom.us/j/97768989369, Meeting ID: 977-6898-9369.
PHONE: 669-900-6833 (then enter Meeting ID: 961-31-5683, followed by #, When prompted for User ID, just hit # again)
All are welcome. Questions or concerns refer to Jenny Rohan
559-281-7972 or sarayuyoga@gmail.com.

Spend quality time with Rev. Tim. Spiritual Reflection twice weekly. Tuesdays at 7 pm and Thursdays at
11 am. VIDEO https://zoom.us/j/94599824478   Meeting ID: 945 9982 4478 PHONE: 669-900-6833 (then enter Meeting ID: 945 9982 4478, followed by #. When prompted for User ID, just hit # again) 
Creative Graphics Person Needed – The Worship Arts Team is seeking two people to join the team to help create graphics for the Sunday Worship Services, streamed live on Facebook. You will select images to complement the lyrics slides, choose other images to visually enhance aspects of the service, create the slides that identify each speaker or singer, and find timely photos on the web, as needed, for our Joys and Sorrows section of the service. If you are interested or have questions, contact Violette in the church office at aa@uufresno.org, 559-322-6146 and she’ll have the Worship Arts chair, Linda Tolladay, get in touch with you.
UU Justice Ministry of CA’s 2020 Ballot Recommendations. More organizations have shared/expanded their recommendations, and we want you to make the most informed, faith-rooted choice you can. In the coming days, we'll include more narrative guides on key & challenging propositions. https://uujmca.org/.../economic/2020-ballot-recommendations/

Fresno County needs volunteers for a variety of election related services, such as Polling Center Volunteers, Polling Center Set-Up Volunteers, Ballot Openers, etc. Rev. Tim is signed up to be a Polling Center Volunteer on Nov. 2 and Nov 3 wherever help is needed most. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Fresno County at volunteer2020fc@yahoo.com.   Yes, we sued Fresno County when they made a racist decision regarding our BLM Banners, but now Fresno County needs our help to make sure all people have access to the democratic process.

The Wesley Food Pantry is back up and running! They can use tuna, canned chicken, canned beans and canned fruit. Food drop off is every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-11:00 at Wesley 1343 E. Barstow (just west of CSUF). Go east into the parking lot and the last building; last door would be the food drop off. They continue to take checks made out to Wesley Methodist Church Food Pantry. Contact Steve Sacks at johnsonsacks@comcast.net  with questions.   
Share your pride in our congregation and our continuing social justice work in the community with a blue Chalice face mask and one of our yellow baseball caps. CLICK HERE or find SHOP UU on our website www.uufresno.org. View and order on-line! All purchases include a donation to help fund future social justice activities. Additional items may be available in the future. 

Long-Time Member Pat Pickford is in declining health. Perhaps you could send a note or card letting her know you are thinking of her? Please send to: Pat Pickford, 5555 N. Fresno St.
Apt. 234, Fresno, CA 93710.

New Income Source for the Church. A church member, who is a realtor, is offering to donate to the church 30% of any sales commission they make on the sale or purchase of a home. If interested in more information, please contact Rev. Tim at tkutzmark@uufresno.org

New Church Member and Friend Directory. Our Church Directory has been updated and is now available. Electronic copies have been emailed to those who have requested to be on our email list. If you would like to be on our email list or if you need a printed copy, please contact Violette to make arrangements at aa@uufresno.org or 559-322-6146 ex 10. If you have updated information for our next directory, please provide Violette with the details.
Preorder books through the Bookstore. All our profits go to the church. Continuing the focus on voting with another recommendation from Jeanine King: The Women’s Hour by Elaine Weiss tells of the fight to gain women’s suffrage so excitingly that you won’t be able to put it down. Soon to be a TV series on the CW, produced by Steven Spielberg and Hillary Clinton. Contact to order: 62wendy@gmail.com 

YouTube! Have you seen our new and improved YouTube channel? CLICK HERE to subscribe.
Food Source! If you need to find food, Central California Food Bank is a wonderful source. You can click on this link and find out locations and calendar for a distribution location near you https://www.facebook.com/1526876815/posts/10223103017753626/
Reminder: Member and Friend Directory Policy. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno Member and Friend Directory is a publication that is intended to assist members and friends in identifying necessary contact information to be used solely for the purpose of communicating church-related matters. Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno encourages open communication; however, endeavors without the expressed consent of the recipients are strictly prohibited unless authorized by the Board of Trustees. You may opt out of having your information published in the Member and Friend Directory by contacting the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno
559-322-6146 or aa@uufresno.org  
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Special thanks to:

Non-Pledge Donations:
Irene Buchannan * Marcelle Pratt * Colby Morrow & Evan Shipp * Sydney Story *Micheline & Jim Curnyn * Carry Gordon * John Livesey * Lynn Kimbark * Redena & Ken Mah * Helen Gigliotti * Chris Johnson * Jenny & Don Gaede

We Care Fund:
Linda Smith * Valerie Johnson & Steve Sacks * Sally Carroll & Paul Hanff * Sydney Story * Carolyn Nolan

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Pat and George Looney Burman * Lynette Bassman * Leslie Hoyt * David Lockling * * Calvin Fleming * Jason Bernardi and Edward Tamashiro (Jay) * Tess & Greg Seay * Alicia Contreras & Steve Ordiano * Erica Howland * Vicki Gavel * Karen & Troy Polnitz * Harold Wood * Connie Jones * Reid and Laura Gromis * Emily & Tristan Kuizenga * Angelique Duvet-Tovar * Betty & Ken Cornelisen * Laura Radinoff * Jennifer & Hugh Williamson * Betty Scruggs * Irene Buchannan

Minister’s Discretionary:
Denise Goldman * Donna & Sam Zutler

In Appreciation for Yoga Class:
Denise Goldman * Maureen & John Hayes

Endowment Fund:
Sydney Story

In Honor of and In Memoriam:
Building Fund:
Sydney Story * Shirley Valett * Nancy Tholen & Robert Wilkinson * Louise Richardson * Redena & Ken Mah * Anne Betancourt

Endowment Fund:
Louise Richardson

Social Justice:
Ruth Jenkins & John Moses
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