New Products
We are always looking for new ways and in new areas to provide unique, quality trophies for our customers.  The new golf and bowling trophies are fun new ways to make any event a bit more festive and give everyone a good laugh.

The new Gamer trophy was inspired by a particular teenager and friends 'enthusiastic' LAN parties!

Find the perfect beasty for any event!
IDEAL Golf Tournament Award for the club challenged
Recognize the completely defeated in your next golf outing or just acknowledge any embarrassing or "less than stellar" performances with this Frustrated Monster Golfer Trophy! This 6.5" monster trophy is an excellent choice for your worst participants! The male hulk that HAS LOST his mind and is breaking his driver over his knee.

MONSTROUSLY Perfect Bowling League Award 
VICTORY!  Is there anything sweeter?  Not to this 6.5" monster bowler!  Standing exultant over a cracked bowling ball announcing his it any surprise that the bowling pins lay shattered on the ground around him?!

Perfect tournament award for any gaming enthusiast!  This Monster proudly stands victorious with his console; controller in hand and headset in place. 

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