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“Proudly giving to those who give” is the theme of the Give Camp weekend held annually since 2009 during the month of November. This year Give Camp collaborated with Code for Good and the American Institute of Graphic Artists to host the "Weekend for Good." More than 200 volunteers spent a marathon weekend downtown at Start Garden offering their technical and design services to 18 local non-profits. The estimated value of this weekend to area non-profits is $378,000.

The Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council was excited and grateful to be one of the recipients of this benefit.
Our Give Camp Team
This team was excited to work with the Women's History Council and gamely posed with our suffrage sashes and signs.
Left to right: Jason Russo, Lawrence Blackledge, Chris Hamm, Emily Gunderson, Carl Dunker, Tim Bright, Maria Roelofs, and Shandon Cardosa
On November 9,10, and 11, several board members spent long days working with the people assigned to our team, offering non-technical information, advice, and commentary. President Melissa Fox, who applied for this opportunity for GGRWHC, along with former president, Jo Ellyn Clarey, and board members Julia Bouwkamp and Ruth Stevens were on hand at various times throughout the weekend.   
Thanks to Give Camp / Weekend for Good, we just launched our new website! See the results--visit the website.   While we are still working on a few details and tweaking things, editing the site will be so much easier and will not require the expertise of our current webmistress, Deirdre Toeller-Novak, for every little item added. 

Along with all of the hard work our project team accomplished that weekend there was a rethinking, and ultimately, a redesigning and updating of the colors of our logo on our website, social media, and newsletters. This was accomplished by designer Maria Roelofs, a graduate of Ferris State University’s Graphic Design Program and a graphic designer at designvox.
Roelof’s explanation of the logo: The icons in the logo and other branded materials are abstract versions of people with distinctive and geometric features to represent different kinds of women/people.
They are incorporated into squares and rectangles to symbolize building blocks. This illustrates the idea that the historic women who the GGRWHC showcases are the building blocks that link today’s women to their past.
Many thanks to Maria and the rest of our project team!
The work of these volunteers truly is a “gift that keeps on giving.”
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Hats off to the historical women who've shaped West Michigan!
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