May/June 2015

             Help Today. Independence Tomorrow.

 7th Annual 
Hot Hatch Chile 
Run, Walk & Roll 
August 22, 2015
5K & 1 Mile

Central Market Southlake will once again be our presenting sponsor for this popular event. 
Have you heard about the post-run Hatch Breakfast in the Central Market Cafe? It's a FULL hot breakfast and it's FREE for all participants!

Hatch Chile Breakfast Tacos
Hatch Chile Quiche
Roasted Potatoes
Fruit * Coffee * Juice

New this year!! We will have beer and music on the patio after our event and 
the first beer is on us!

Central Market will be hosting a health fair following the run!

Registration is now openRegister early to guarantee your Dry-Fit race t-shirt and the
early bird discount!

Handcyclists are free!
Come run, walk or roll, visit our sponsor tents and tables, eat some amazing breakfast, enjoy the music, have a beer and stay for the awards!

For more information or to register click  HERE
We're so grateful to the sponsors already committed to this year's event. Please choose their services whenever possible and visit with them at the event!!
C & R Medical, Ameriprise Financial, United Access, Shops of Southlake, Spine Team Texas, Springfree Trampoline, Fantastic Sams,
 Sleep Number Store, Dallas Stars, Playtri, Baylor Sports Care, Regus 
and Powered 2 Move.    
Managing and Preventing Shoulder Pain

We cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your shoulders now that you are in a wheelchair. It is so important to exercise the shoulder muscles in order to prevent and decrease shoulder pain. This simple exercise
can be done using dumbbells. Starting with  your arm outstretched and grasping the dumbbell, pull back at the elbow while squeezing your shoulder blade back. Keep your shoulders down! You can do this using one arm at a time, or both if you have the balance. 

Taken from: 

PVA Magazine 7 June 2015. 

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Meet Just A Few of Our 2015 Clients!

The first picture is of Mike Stine and Bev Olson doing some mentoring of a new client, Kirby, who woke up from back 
surgery with paralysis. Mike, a NAF board member, was a client 2 years ago and Bev is our well-known co-founder of NAF. They are both certified by the Christopher Reeve Foundation as mentors in the Peer & Family Support Program. They have been trained to provide critical emotional support, as well as, local and national information and resources to people living with paralysis, and their families and caregivers. Visiting clients in the hospital and in their homes is a critical part of the Outreach program at NAF.

The second photo is of Aracely. She is 37 years old and was the victim of a crime several years ago which left her with a T-5 spinal cord injury. Aracely is living with paraplegia and needed a new wheelchair as her last one was broken. NAF provided her with a new chair and cushion. She was so excited to get the chair and told us, "Now I can go to my daughter's graduation". 

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This photo is of Bev Olson (front) with other recipients of grants from the Greater Keller Women's Club dinner this month. Nine local non-profits were selected to receive funds from the GKWC and NAF was proud to be among such a wonderful crowd. Thanks to all the women who work so hard to provide assistance to our community. 

Thanks to the Southlake Women's Club for making NAF a beneficiary of their annual Art in the Square event. This event helps so many local non-profits and we are proud to be among those chosen this year.

The funds received from both organizations will be used to purchase clean catheters for children with spina bifida when their families are unable to afford them. Heartfelt thanks from all of us!


It's hard to believe that June is coming to a close and we're halfway through 2015! Here are some interesting statistics as we move into the 2nd half.
  • 59 Clients have been helped to date
  • We estimate helping 125-130 clients in 2015
  • We are 33% ahead of 2014
  • The majority of our clients (52%) needed mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, specialized shower chairs, etc.
  • Eleven of our clients were under the age of 17 with the youngest being 4 year old Ulises and the oldest being 16 year old Doaa




A New Home for a New You- What You Need for Accessibility!  

Transitioning into a wheelchair bound life requires a few modifications to most current living situations. Are you wondering what it will take to make your home a little more accommodating to your new needs? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Wheelchairs require room; Make things spacious. Don't overcrowd your rooms with furniture and pieces that make maneuvering about challenging or impossible. 
  2. Passages and Entry Ways: Wheelchairs require wide doorways in order to get into rooms and be able to turn around. All doors should be not less than 28 inches wide, but professionals would recommend 32-34 inch wide doors for scrape-free and easy access. 
  3. Sinks and Countertops: When thinking of the kitchen and bathrooms consider the difficulty in washing hands, rinsing dishes, or doing cooking with your knees sitting a foot out in front of you, acting as a blocking mechanism. Where possible, have roll under sinks, stoves, and maybe one roll under counter top. 
  4. Getting a shower: The type of shower an individual will need depends entirely upon the level of injury of the individual. A lower spinal cord injury patient will likely have the strength to transfer him/herself onto a shower bench over a standard bathtub edge to shower. A higher injury patient may (most likely) need a roll in shower with a rolling shower chair. 
  5. The Kitchen: All too often kitchens are marked by their cabinetry. Cabinets are often over countertops- making them nearly and often entirely inaccessible to a individual bound to a sitting position. If possible, have some cabinets under counters and make use of shelving for easy access to foods and utensils. Check out stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond for neat tools to increase cabinetry accessibility. 


A Wish List for Neuro Assistance Foundation




  • Cargo/Commercial Van to pick up equipment
  • Used Wheelchair Vans/Vehicles


Meeting Dick Hoyt

Every year a group of 400 female Dallas attorney's come together to form a group known as Attorney's Serving the Community. ASC picks a charity or non-profit to support for one year in hopes of raising money and awareness to further the goals and opportunities that agency will provide to the community. For the 2014-2015 year ASC chose Helping Restore Ability, a non-profit located in Arlington, Texas. Helping Restore Ability provides personal care attendants to the disabled population throughout the state of Texas in hopes of allowing them to live independently in their homes. 

Every year Helping Restore Ability hosts the Hand-In-Hand Luncheon as their largest fund raising event. This year ASC partnered with HRA and raised more than a  $100,000.00 for the agency from the luncheon alone. 

The key-note speaker this year was Dick Hoyt, part of Team Hoyt. Team Hoyt is a father-son duo that champions marathons and tri-athalons, raising awareness of disabilities and inspiring the world to encourage, care for, and support their disabled friends, families, and neighbors. They use the motto "Yes you can". There is nothing than can defeat this team from conquering their goals. Below you can see a picture of Dick Hoyt with his son Richard. 



Support Our Sponsors
NAF has some of the most amazing sponsors in the world. Because of their generosity, we are able to help so many people with life changing injuries. Please remember them when you're shopping or choosing services.

We Need Your Help

Donate ~ Sponsor ~ Volunteer

Change lives; make a difference.

Your $25 donation will help provide clean catheters to a paralyzed child for one month when their insurance won't cover the expense.


Your $100 donation will help build a wheelchair ramp so we can get our clients out of rehab and through their front door at home.


Your $200 donation will help widen the doorways in their homes so their wheelchair can fit through the bathroom door. Insurance doesn't covers home modifications.


Your $500 donation will help provide life-changing medical equipment: wheelchairs and specialized shower chairs, etc. Most insurance only covers a small part of wheelchairs, if any, and no "bathing aids" are covered. 




 No donation is too small. Click here for information.

Contact: Cindi Cooperman


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