January 2018
What's new in the CRM?

You can check out some of our latest work and updates to the CRM via the Release Note Bulletin below:

Also, if you missed our announcement about Redtail Speak, a compliance-approved, real-time communication platform for financial advisors, you can see that announcement here.

And remember, you can always keep track of updates via our Release Notes, available here

W hat's new in Integration?

From one extension to 1,000, Intulse VOIP business phone solutions provide you with a flexible, feature-rich communications system that can grow and change with your business - now and into the future. You can learn more about the setup and functionality of their new integration with Redtail  here .

AdvisorStream is the only Publication Powered client communication tool built specifically for financial advisors. AdvisorStream works in partnership with the world's most trusted publishing sources such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes, The Economist and many more premium news sources. Learn more about the setup and functionality of their new integration with Redtail  here .

Upcoming Webinars

Redtail Overview Demos:  every Tuesday at 11:00am Pacific
30 Minute Quick Starts:  every Wednesday at 11:00am Pacific

Topical Webinars:
Thursday, January 4: What Do I Do with My Meeting Notes?
Thursday, January 11: 
Contact Here, Contact There, Contacts can be Added Anywhere! Registration
Thursday, January 18:  I Added! Where Did it Go?  Registration
Thursday, January 25:  All in the Family Registration 
Sponsored Webinars:
Tuesday, January 16: Redtail + Mobile Assistant: Handling the Elephant in the Room with Client Notes and Dictation Registration
Tuesday, January 30: Practice Management Spotlight: Double Production with Memorable Client Experiences 

Our webinars are free to users. You can see the  full schedule for upcoming webinars here   or use our Social links at the bottom of this newsletter to follow us for updates!

Redtail Universities

Join our Redtail experts to learn how Redtail CRM can help your office manage your time more effectively and grow your client base! Check the web site to learn about RTU and see our schedule for 2018.

San Diego, CA
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
8:30am - 5:00pm Pacific
The Westin San Diego

Also, you can check out and subscribe to our Redtail University YouTube channel here.

Representatives from Redtail Technology spend a lot of time on the road at both Broker Dealer Conferences and other industry events. Below is a list of those at which Redtail will be in attendance in the coming months:

FSI OneVoice:  January 29-31, Dallas, TX
TD National LINC:  January 31-February 2, Orlando, FL
Cetera Exemplar Mid-Winter Conference:  February 1-2,
Chicago, IL
Kestra Ascend:  February 5-7, Dallas, TX
T3 Technology Tools for Today:  February 6-9, Fort Lauderdale, FL
LFN Spring Forum:  February 10-13, Austin, TX
Ameritas Forum:  February 21-23, New Orleans, LA
Redtail Technology  800.206.5030  redtailtechnology.com