February 2014
Looking for ways to differentiate your business in 2014?   Part Two of our Best Practice series on using Redtail to assist with differentiating your business is now available! Read it here
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Redtail Technology and T3 are joining forces to present some awesome Advanced Studies.


Join our Redtail Subject Matter Experts in Anaheim for a special Advanced Studies session to learn the ins and outs of some of Redtail's more cutting-edge tools including customization, implementation, advanced searching, checklists, workflows, and much more!


Redtail has partnered with leadership at the Technology Tools for Today Conference to offer you complimentary access to this two day event when you register for Redtail Advanced Studies! It's an opportunity for independent advisors and their staff to learn from tech industry thought leaders and to interact with the technology wizards who are creating the solutions they need to build a more profitable business.


Signing up for the event not only gets you admission to our Advanced Studies session, but also includes admission to the Technology Tools for Today conference.


Registration is now open - you can register for this event here and see the T3 schedule and further information here.


We look forward to seeing you at T3!


Redtail Overview Demos - every Tuesday at 11:00 AM Pacific  
30 Minute Quick Starts
- every Wednesday at 11:00 AM Pacific 


Topical Webinars - Thursdays at 11 AM Pacific (note we do have a Tuesday, 10 am Pacific webinar on the 4th this month as well as a 10 am Pacific webinar on the 20th):


Advisor Websites & Redtail CRM Integration 101 
Registration Web Link - 10 a.m. Pacific
Registration Web Link - 11 a.m. Pacific
Advanced Searching 
Registration Web Link - 11 a.m. Pacific
How to Win Prospective Business through Customized Proposals: Redtail and AdvisoryWorld  
Registration Web Link - 10 a.m. Pacific
Registration Web Link - 11 a.m. Pacific
Seminar Management 
Registration Web Link - 11 a.m. Pacific


You can see the full schedule for upcoming webinars here or use our Social links at the bottom of this newsletter to follow us for updates!

Representatives from Redtail Technology spend a lot of time on the road at both Broker Dealer Conferences and other industry events.  Below is a list of those at which Redtail will be in attendance in the coming month:


February 3-5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

TFA Exchange
February 5-8, 2014
Orlando, FL

The Planners

February 9-12, 2014
Los Angeles, CA

T3 Conference
February 10-12, 2014
Anaheim, CA

Lincoln Premier
Partners Symposium 

February 12-13, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

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