April 2016
What's new in the CRM?

Email Templates now available. You can now create Email Templates to use from within Redtail for individual or Broadcast Emails Read about Email Templates here or watch a tutorial that includes information on them here.
New Merge fields available for Broadcast Emails. It's now possible to include spouses' names in the salutation or body of your Broadcast Emails with the addition of merge fields for their First Name or Nickname.   Learn more about Broadcast Emails, including a list of available merge fields, here.

Update to Recently Added Notes area of Dashboard. Last 10 Notes option replaced with Last 3 Days option, in order to improve load times (significantly so for heavily permissioned databases).  Learn more about the Recently Added Notes area here.

New icon to represent repeating activities on Calendar. You can now use this visual cue to quickly identify repeating activities on the main Calendar. Learn more about repeating activities here.

Updates to Manage Your Integrations page. This area is now divided into two tabs, Enabled and Disabled, allowing you to easily see which integrations are active within your database and which you aren't currently using.  Learn more about managing your integrations here.

Updates to Opportunity Tracker. Updates include ability to apply permissions on initial Add modal, default view change to Active Opportunities, Revenue field additions to Opportunity exports, performance updates and more.  Learn more about Opportunity Tracker here.

Performance Updates. Tons of performance updates this past month, including but not limited to the Account Details page, Opportunity Tracker, Seminar Management, Standard Reports and Bulk Reports available from your Search page.
What's new in Mobile?

New Mobile App for Tailwag.
A Tailwag-specific mobile version of Redtail CRM is now available for iOS and Android. You can read more about usage of the iOS version here. Similar documentation for Android users will be available soon.
Upcoming Webinars

Redtail Overview Demos:  every Tuesday at 11:00am Pacific
30 Minute Quick Starts:  every Wednesday at 11:00am Pacific
Topical Webinars:

Thursday, April 7:  Managing Your Account in Redtail  Registration  
Thursday, April 14:  Ask the Redtail Subject Matter Expert!   Registration
Thursday, April 21: Permissions and Privacy Options 
Thursday, April 28: The Latest and Greatest: What's New in Redtail! 

Our webinars are free to users. You can see the full schedule for upcoming webinars here or use our Social links at the bottom of this newsletter to follow us for updates!

Also, if you missed it, make sure you check out 
The Redtail Technology  and Practice Management 
Online Conference Webinar replays - the conference had three webinars with timely strategies concerning Business and Financial Planning, Streamlining Communications, and Practice Branding. Each webinar included a technology solution, Redtail implementation ideas, and the templates to get started. The replays and templates are available RIGHT HERE .
Redtail Universities

Join our Redtail experts to learn how Redtail CRM can help your office manage your time more effectively and grow your client base!

Seattle, WA
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
8:30am - 4:30pm (Pacific Time)
Seattle Airport Marriott

Representatives from Redtail Technology spend a lot of time on the road at both Broker Dealer Conferences and other industry events. Below is a list of those at which Redtail will be in attendance in the coming month:
Investment Center National Conference:  
April 19-21,  Boston, MA
TechLeaders Conference:  April 18-19, Dallas, TX
SSG Conference:  April 20-22, San Diego, CA
Openstack Summit:  April 25-29, Austin, TX
Financial West Group:  April 27-30, Las Vegas, NV
ICA Conference:  April 27-30, Boca Raton, FL
NEXT Financial Conference:  April 27-May 1, Chicago, IL
CFD Spring Conference:  April 28-29, Indianapolis, IN
SFA Annual Conference: 
 May 2-6, Paradise Valley, AZ

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