May 2016
What's new in the CRM?

BICE (Best Interests Contract Exemption) Date now available in Written Agreements Review area. Added to help advisors track their adherence to this component of the new DOL fiduciary rule . Learn more about the Written Agreements Review area here.
Written Agreements Review Dates searchable via Advanced Search. You can now search your entire database for clients with data entered for any of the available written agreements.    Learn more about Advanced Search in Redtail here.

Automation Email Notification enhancements. These now include a lot more information in order to save you clicks and time.  Learn more about Automations here.

Updates to Contact Overview Timeline. These updates include new UI elements and color coding to indicate between new, updated and deleted data. Learn more about this Timeline here.

Advanced Search on fields with date values now offers date picker. This eliminates any issues that could arise from formatting the date one's self.  Learn more about Advanced Search here.

Updates to Activities on Contact Overview and Contact Activities pages. These updates include changes to available Filters and Filter Dates and other changes to improve performance and speed.  Learn more about Contact Activities here.

Added support for team-based activity privacy settings. This is in addition to privacy setting options for yourself, all database users or activity attendees. Learn more about Activity privacy options here.

Retriever for Tailwag updated to v1.3.6. Bug fixes including syncing employer to Outlook, syncing activity location to Redtail and other fixes involving multi-day, all day activities.  Learn more about Retriever for Tailwag here .

And remember, you can always keep track of updates via our Release Notes, available here
What's new in Integration?

Redtail CRM is now available publicly in Zapier's App Directory. If you're unfamiliar with Zapier, what it allows you to do is automate tasks between over 500 leading web applications (including Redtail CRM, Slack, Gmail, Evernote, Google Sheets, Constant Contact, Twitter, and Dropbox) through the use of Triggers and Actions. These automations are called Zaps and are very easy to set up (and they also offer "Popular Zaps" for many applications that are even easier to get up and running). Learn how to enable Zapier within Redtail CRM and begin using the service today.
Upcoming Webinars

Redtail Overview Demos:  every Tuesday at 11:00am Pacific
30 Minute Quick Starts:  every Wednesday at 11:00am Pacific
Topical Webinars: 
For the entire month of May, Redtail is devoting its Thursday Continuing Education  series to making our users experts on Workflows. We want to take a detailed, balanced approach to every facet of Workflows, starting with whiteboarding, mov ing on to building and application, and wrapping it up with further advanced tools to combine with them.

Thursday, May 5: The Wonderful 
World of Workflows Part 1: Conceptualizing & Whiteboarding 
Thursday, May 12:  The Wonderful World of Workflows Part 2:
Building Workflows in Redtail CRM  
Thursday, May 19: The Wonderful World of Workflows Part 3:
Live Application of Workflows!
Thursday, May 26: The Wonderful World of Workflows Part 4:
Using Automations & Workflows Together! 

Our webinars are free to users. You can see the full schedule for upcoming webinars here or use our Social links at the bottom of this newsletter to follow us for updates!

Also, if you missed it, make sure you check out 
The Redtail Technology  and Practice Management Online Conference Webinar replays - the conference had three webinars with timely strategies concerning Business and F inancial Planning, Streamlining Communications, and Practice Branding. Each webinar included a technology solution, Redtail implementation ideas, and the templates to get started. The replays and templates are available RIGHT HERE .
Redtail Universities

Join our Redtail experts to learn how Redtail CRM can help your office manage your time more effectively and grow your client base!

Seattle, WA
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
8:30am - 4:30pm (Pacific Time)
Seattle Airport Marriott

Representatives from Redtail Technology spend a lot of time on the road at both Broker Dealer Conferences and other industry events. Below is a list of those at which Redtail will be in attendance in the coming month:
SFA Annual Conference:  
May 2-6,  Paradise Valley, AZ
TradePMR Synergy Conference:  May 4-6, Palm Beach, FL
RBC Connect Conference:  May 15-17, Minneapolis, MN
AIC Forum (Ameritas Regionals):  May 17-19, Las Vegas, NV
Capital Investment Companies Conference:  May 19-21, Myrtle Beach, SC
SEI SAC National Meeting:  May 22-24, San Diego, CA
Geneos National Partners Conference:  May 22-26, Minneapolis, MN
Mid Atlantic Conference:  May 23-25, Atlanta, GA
Cetera Financial Specialists: 
 May 24-26, Orlando, FL
Peak Excell Spring Conference:  May 25-27, Scottsdale, AZ
Calton Annual Conference:  June 2-4, Tampa, FL
United Planners Conference:  June 2-5, Scottsdale, AZ
SSN Discover Conference:  June 5-8, Amelia Island, FL
Concorde Conference:  June 5-8, Detroit, MI
LFS Summer Camp: 
 June 6-8, Manchester, NH

Redtail Technology  800.206.5030