August 2016
What's new in Integration?

FMeX & Redtail: Driving Engagement Together
Financial Media Exchange (FMeX) has partnered with Redtail Technology to leverage your favorite CRM with the world's largest content library, built exclusively for the financial services industry. FMeX's mission is simple; They help financial professionals provide personalized marketing content to their clients in order to enhance those relationships and increase sales. Learn More and Start a Free Trial or register for one of FMeX's upcoming webinars. You can also see our help documentation on this new integration here.

Upcoming Webinars

Redtail Overview Demos:  every Tuesday at 11:00am Pacific
30 Minute Quick Starts:  every Wednesday at 11:00am Pacific

Topical Webinars: 
Thursday, August 4: Marketing and Redtail: Dos and Don'ts   Registration  
Tuesday, August 9:  Redtail Partner Spotlight: Turning Good Intentions into Action - presented by Everplans  Registration
Thursday, August 11:  Workflows: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices  Registration
Thursday, August 18: Reports in Redtail: The Power Behind Your CRM 
Thursday, August 25: 'Til Death Do Us Part - The Client Lifecycle! 
Thursday, September 1: Mine Your Data with Advanced Searching in Redtail 

Our webinars are free to users. You can see the full schedule for upcoming webinars here or use our Social links at the bottom of this newsletter to follow us for updates!
Redtail Universities

Join our Redtail experts to learn how Redtail CRM can help your office manage your time more effectively and grow your client base!

Denver, CO
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
8:30am - 5:00pm (Mountain Time)
Embassy Suites Denver Downtown

Representatives from Redtail Technology spend a lot of time on the road at both Broker Dealer Conferences and other industry events. Below is a list of those at which Redtail will be in attendance in the coming month:

IFG National Conference:  August 3-7, Carlsbad, CA
LaserApp Financial Services Conference:  August 9-12, San Diego, CA
SII National Conference: 
August 10-12, Chicago, IL
Cambridge Conference
August 10-13, Chicago, IL
Fidelity Inside Track:  August 16-17, Dana Point, CA
LPL Focus National Conference:  August 21-24, San Diego, CA
Advicent Conference: August 24-25 , Toronto, ON
Western International Securities: 
August 28-31, Palo Verdes, CA
Redtail Technology  800.206.5030