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  What's new in the CRM?


Context-sensitive help now available within CRM!  Stuck trying to figure out how to utilize a particular area within Redtail CRM? Related help is now a click away! 

Store client social addresses in CRM.
Managing your clients' social profile addresses just got a whole lot easier! Learn More
Upload to CRM document storage in bulk.
If you use this area of the contact record, this should prove a great timesaver! Learn More

Display client review dates on calendar. 
Now you have another method for staying on top of upcoming client reviews, using the Actions widget on your Calendar! Learn More

Improved navigation of search results. 
Next Record, Return to Search and Previous Record option now available with groups of contacts sent to Search. 

Rollover all past due items. 
Two clicks and you're done! Learn More

Updated mobile app for iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry. New functionalities to make things easier for you when you're on-the-go! Learn More 
New advanced search fields.
We've added the ability to search by Family Relationship, Input By, Estimated Net Worth and Professional Contacts. 
  What's new in Integration?

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Advisor Websites Resources:

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Advisor Websites' stated mission is to "assist financial advisors in creating effective, user-friendly, customized web sites." The integration with Redtail allows our common subscribers to set up a lead capture form page on their website that, once completed by one of their website visitors, will automatically create a contact record for the visitor within Redtail CRM, with a Status and Source predefined by the advisor. You can learn more about Advisor Websites here.



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Blueleaf Resources: 

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Blueleaf provides comprehensive data, including custodial, held-away and offline/manual assets via direct custodian integrations and included account aggregation. All this client data is delivered through a single connection to Blueleaf's industry leading data API, dramatically simplifying your data management. The new integration with Redtail establishes a feed to pull in all of this account data to contact records within your CRM. More information on Blueleaf for advisors is here.

Portfolio Pathway Resources:

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Portfolio Pathway provides web-based portfolio management reporting and back office tools for financial advisors, wealth managers and broker dealers. This next generation system encompasses performance reporting, account aggregation, a flexible billing and payout module, composite reporting and portfolio rebalancing. The new integration with Redtail establishes a feed to pull in account data to contact records within your CRM. More information on Portfolio Pathway is here.

PreciseFP Resources: 

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PreciseFP™ is a non-proprietary data gathering tool that uses industry-standard communication methods (e.g. XML, PDF), so that client data can be collected, processed, and stored in the most efficient manner. The enhanced integration with Redtail provides for bi-directional data exchange, more FP related fields to tighten the integration and the availability of a before and after preview prior to exporting. Find out more about PreciseFP for advisors here.

ShareFile Resources:

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Citrix ShareFile is an enterprise follow-me data solution that enables IT to deliver a robust data sharing and sync service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements of the enterprise.  This new integration with Redtail allows ShareFile users to link client ShareFile folders to a ShareFile Documents area within Redtail CRM contact records, thus making access to any files within those folders directly accessible from within the CRM. More information on ShareFile is here.

TD Ameritrade Institutional Veo� Resources:

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With Redtail and TD Ameritrade Institutional's Veo� integration, everything is centrally located, streamlining the financial professional's office for greater efficiencies. Integration features that can help you work smarter include: 1) Access Veo� alerts and TD Ameritrade Institutional communications in your Redtail CRM, 2) Account feeds from Veo� allowing quick and easy access within Redtail CRM and 3) Single Sign-On (SSO) directly from Redtail CRM to Veo� for access to vital trade and account level information held at TD Ameritrade. More information on Veo� for advisors is here.

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